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Ch.1 "Lovely Dolls"

"Where am I?" Thirteen year old Uzumaki Naruto blinked as he found himself in some kind of darkness. He was wondering how he got in this darkness… He could at least remember his age and name, but everything else was missing… But, he didn't want to remember except there was something he had to do.

"Mother! Father! Sensei! Anybody? Where are you?" Naruto looked up to see an six year old boy running around, looking around frantically. He had dark hair growing out that hanged down so there were no spikes coming off his head, pales skin, and dark charcoal eyes.

'… He reminds me… Of myself?' Naruto didn't know where emotions of fear, loneliness, and pain came from, but for some reason he could remember where the emotions came from.

"Please! Anyone!" Naruto frowned as the boy collapsed to the ground, crying. Naruto began moving towards the boy. He just couldn't let the boy suffer. He suffered already and even though he couldn't remember what caused him to suffer from loneliness, he felt an undying need to not let anyone be in the darkness… At least, not alone.

"Ack…" Naruto grunted as he hit some kind of barrier that zapped him before he kept going through the barrier, feeling his body changed, but he didn't care as he walked up to the crying boy. "Hey…" Naruto mentally noticed his voice was strange. Maybe it went up higher? Stupid puberty! Had to hit now!

"Huh?" The boy looked up to Naruto.

"Are you alright?" Naruto kneeled down to the boy's eye level, noticing somehow now he got taller, though he wasn't complaining. He at least remembered hating his short height.

"W-Who are you?" The boy asked though sobs.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto chimed, grinning at the boy.

"N-Naruto? But, you're a girl?" Naruto looked down and noticed the two melons on his chest as he noticed he was wearing an orange kimono with black sash and clearly a girl of late teens with long blond hair.

'Nani? Oh, well. Don't have any memory, so not like I'm losing something really.' Naruto let out a sigh and rolled her eyes. "So, what? What's your name?"

"U-Uchiha Itachi." The boy stuttered. Naruto felt the name was familiar, but couldn't understand why.

"Come here."Itachi's eyes widen when the blond hugged him and put him in her lap while sitting down. "You're not alone anymore. You don't have to cry anymore."


"Huh?" Naruto blinked as the boy's eyes watered even more. "What's wrong?"

"WAAAAH!" Naruto flinched as the boy known as Itachi hugged her back and cried.

"I thought I said you don't have to cry from being alone anymore?" Naruto shouted in panic at the six year old.

"I-I'm crying b-because I-I'm happy." Itachi smiled as tears went down his cheeks. "N-No one e-ever hugged m-me l-like that o-or r-really cared about m-me! I have someone to talk to!" Itachi chimed.

"Oh, boy… You really are the Number One Surprise Ninja, are you?" Itachi and Naruto looked up to see a boy in a white kimono and all white appearance like a ghost with a knife in his mouth. He had chibi red horns on his head and yellow irises with black whites.

"G-G-GHOST!" Naruto screamed, recoiling back as the boy, holding onto Itachi tightly in fear.

"Wow… I take on this form when reaping children souls so they don't wet their pants, but you are really making me wonder if I should take in account those people who fear ghosts." The boy sighed as both Itachi and Naruto blinked.

"Reaping?..." Naruto's eyes widen in fear. "You're the Shinigami!"

"Wow. You're not as stupid as you look when you were still in your body." Both Naruto and Itachi now had tears in their eyes. Neither of them wanted to die. "But, now I have a problem with you. How the heck you cross the border of dimension, I will never know!"

"What are you talking about? Plus, what happen to my memories?" Naruto shouted. He wanted to at least know who she was before she died, even if painful or not enough that she unconsciously didn't want to know herself.

"…Wow… Problems pile up." The Shinigami sighed while pinching the bridge of his nose. "Plus, calm down, neither of you are dying. You just ended up out of your bodies in the void and I'm here to take you two back to your bodies… till blondie here managed to break the laws of nature!"

"Nani?" Itachi looked at Naruto with shock. 'She's bad?'

"What are you talking about? All I did was seen him crying and went some kind of zapping thingie to comfort him." Naruto said as the Shinigami managed to pale even more than the white he currently was.

"You really are something… Well, there is no way I can return you to your old reality now as it seems your body also crossed the borders of space and time as well." The Shinigami sighed. "Maybe it's a good thing you don't remember. At least I can give you a better life this way as your father's wish was never granted."

"Y-You knew my father?" Naruto shouted, a strange pain feeling her body. As if she never knew about her father even before losing her memories.

"He summoned me to seal a powerful demon in you. Don't hate him for it. The naïve man thought you would be accepted as a hero. He deeply loved you like your mother." Naruto blinked, the pain going away. "They both died and now their souls are within the seal within you. You might meet them one day when you really need their help, but till then, they are asleep. Yet even if you are being given a second chance in life, I have to punish you for what you done, even if you broke the laws of nature by mistake."

"Don't punish here because of me!" Itachi shouted, scared he was going to be separated from his friend and it was his fault! "Punish me as she broke the laws because of me!"

"Hey!" Itachi flinched as he got sandwich noogied by Naruto. "Don't listen to him. I broke the laws, so I got to pay. Hurry up." Naruto closed her eyes, expecting great pain.

"Naruto!" Itachi looked at Naruto, tears in his eyes.

"…Yesh…" Both looked at the Shinigami who was chuckling. "Well, I guess you will have to take care of Naruto, Uchiha."

"Huh?" Itachi blinked before noticing a black string tied around his wrist and found it went to Naruto's neck and was tied there was well.

"It's kind of like that red string of love you humans call it. I'll be giving you a special ability Uchiha as you're current condition is thanks to things you could not control… In fact, I'll make it abilities as you are now in a condition for those 'rare' abilities."

"…" Itachi frowned at the Shinigami, looking at him with suspicion.

The Shinigami let out a sigh while his head dropped. "I will also give Naruto the same abilities, but the original ability the blond will already have as I am giving you the ability so you can take care of Naruto. Naruto can only become the form you see before you only when you allow her."

"What do you mean?" Itachi asked as Naruto had a feeling she got what was going on… She was going to be sealed in something or like that.

"Even though Naruto's body is now in your world, it does not fit in. So I will make it fit in. Naruto, you are going to become a very special toy for this boy. If you fail to protect him, you will experience the same pain as he does and if he dies, so will you. You two are also to help with a problem of mine that has been happening in Itachi's reality I had been too busy with human souls to deal with."

"What problem?" Both asked in unison while the death god sweated.

"You'll figure out soon." The Shinigami growled in annoyance. "Uchiha here almost ended up dead by my problems and since he survive, those problems will go after him. So, protect him well, Naruto."

"Huh?" Itachi panicked as he saw Naruto and he was fading.

"Well, enjoyyour new life, Naruto. I'll inform your few friends of your second chance. At least, hopefully, this time you won't just stay in the darkness alone trying to save others from it." The Shinigami waved before both were engulfed in a bright light. "But, boy, are the other gods are going to be laughing about this for a while… But, then again, strange things happen once and a while, even to gods!" The Shinigami chuckled as he disappeared in darkness.

"Huh?" Itachi blinked, his vision blurring for a few second before he found himself staring at a white roof. He looked to his side to see machines that were found in the hospital before he remembered how he ended up there. 'Oh, yeah… I was passing a construction site with my parents when I saw a doll on the ground and picked up, planning to have father take it to the police station when some snapped above and these large bars hit me.' Itachi grumbled as he managed to sit up, flinching at how sore his body was. 'Wait! Naruto!' Itachi's eyes widen in shock that he forgot about Naruto! "Naruto!"

"You don't have to shout…" Itachi blinked as he looked around, but didn't see Naruto even though he couldn't see her.

"Naruto?" Itachi asked, his eyes watering in fear. 'W-W-What if s-she's a ghost?'

"Five more minutes…" Itachi raised an eyebrow when he heard light snoring and found he coming from his other side, actually in his arm and looked down at his side near the window to see a very beautiful doll with blond hair, sapphire like eyes, lightly tanned skin that was flawless except for three whisker like marks on each cheeks, though they looked perfect, and pump pink lips hanging from his right arm. The doll was wearing an orange kimono with a black obi that had nine ribbons coming off of the bow each with a bell like on the hanging part of her sleeves which had black lace like inside her collar, black kimono pants, and strange orange tabi socks with black wooden geta clogs that were well tied to her feet, making her looking like a lacy miko. On the back of the dolls head was a red kitsune mask with yellow eyes and black whites. Itachi picked up the doll and could easily tell it was Naruto.

"Huh?" Itachi blinked as now he was sure he was hearing Naruto's voice coming from the doll. "Woah. When did you get a growth spurt?"

"I didn't… You're a doll." Itachi said, kind of shocked at how life like Naruto look. Almost exactly when she was human in his dream in the void. At least he knew the dream was real, though still technically a dream as he didn't know what to call being out of your body in a dark place.

"…Ha ha ha!" Itachi sweated as laughter came from the doll. "There's no way I am a doll! I'm alive and looking… at… you…." Itachi had Naruto face the window to see her reflection as it was early morning and silence filled the room. "N-N-NANI? What the heck? How am I a doll? I mean, sure, I wouldn't mind being a stuff animal or something a bit more boyish, but why am I a girly looking doll?"

"But, you are a girl." Itachi stated, not knowing talking to a doll was weird.

"But, you're a boy! Hello, boys aren't supposed to play with dolls!" Naruto growled in anger. When she meets the Shinigami again, she was going to kick its rear all the way to the underworld before letting it take her soul. She was allowed to at least do that for making her a doll!

"Like I care…" Itachi sighed, hugging Naruto as he heard the door to the single bed hospital room opened and he saw a doctor coming in with his parents.

"Itachi! You awake!" Uchiha Mikoto cried out as she ran to her son. Itachi, however, noticed the grave look on his father's face. Fugaku rarely showed his emotions on his face.

'Did someone die?' Itachi thought as his mother sat next to the bed. "What's going on?"

"Do you remember what happened to you?" The doctor asked.

"Yeah… A bunch of metal hit me…" Everyone sweated as it was kind of true that meta hit Itachi, but it was several metal beams for construction!

"Well, do you also know how you are?"

"Yeah! I'm Uchiha Itachi." Itachi glared at the doctor. "But, why are you asking me these questions? Why are my parents so worked up for?"

The doctor let out a sigh. "It seems picking up that doll in your arms saved you." Itaci's eyes widen. He remembers picking up a rag doll, not Naruto.

"Even though Naruto's body is now in your world, it does not fit in. So I will make it fit in."

'Oh! I get it! The Shinigami replaced the doll I picked up with Naruto!' Itachi thought, holding tightly onto Naruto.

"If he hadn't bent over for the doll, those beams would have hit him directly head on to his head and died in a very painful and… messy way." The doctor sighed, looking at his clipboard as Itachi and his parents paled. "You have been in a coma for almost a week, so we didn't know how much damaged your brain gotten thanks to the accident as the scans we did didn't show much. Luckily, you seem to have none from the fact your memory seems alright, so you probably amazingly didn't suffer any brain injuries. Though, we though possibly of some nerve damage as you wouldn't let go of that doll, but it seems the upper body nerves are alright."

"My upper body? Don't you mean my whole body?" Itachi asked as the room suddenly filled with a tense aura and silence.

"…You did get spinal cord damage from the beams… In a sense, you will have to learn to walk again, but I don't know if you will be ever to be a ninja." The doctor sighed. "You're legs will be weak as they were badly damaged and it took almost a full day for our best medic ninja to heal up your bones in your legs enough as they were almost completely splintered and your hip also suffered similar damage, but not as bad as your legs. You'll be probably wheelchair bound or, at best, living with braces on your legs."

"So… I can still be a ninja." Itachi frowned with a sigh.

"True! As long as you got the will, there is a way!" Naruto chimed while everyone looked at Itachi with shock.

"Weren't you listening to me? You're legs are a wreck!"

"So, then I will get over it!" Itachi glared at the doctor. "So, my legs will be my weakness as a ninja, then I be careful about it. Everyone has weaknesses, heck, I know of some ninja missing limps."

"…This is different. Most of them lost an arm and learned how to do one hand seals." The doctor groaned as Mikoto and Fugaku wondered if Itachi was in denial or really determined to become a ninja.

"Yeah… But I still have my legs." Itachi smirked. "It just means I have to work a lot more to become one."

"I agree! If you don't try, you never know what you can do!" Naruto added her two cents in, though the adults were too busy looking at each other.

"…" The doctor let out a sigh. "Uchiha-san, you have a very determined son. Since he clearly wanting to become a ninja, then that means he wants to go through therapy. And, he will probably want to go to the academy while going through therapy. I suggest you have Itachi stay in the hospital care while during the therapy as we are close to the academy and it will be less stressful on his body than going back and forth from the academy, hospital, and Uchiha compound. We'll put him in one of the long-term care rooms and we will keep him here still he either changes his mind or he actually becomes a ninja."

"So, there is a possibility our son could still be a ninja?" Fugaku asked, his face filled with some hope.

"Yes. But, it will be a hard road of recovery and even then, he might not still be able to become a ninja. You're son is determined, so he could pull it off. However, the time and services might be expensive." The doctor pointed out.

"We don't care. Fugaku and I don't spend much anyways, so we have a lot saved up for emergencies. Also, Fugaku can still take on missions if we need extra money. Even I can come out of retirement if we need to." Mikoto sighed in relief. Even if her son didn't become a ninja, hopefully he will be able to live a normal life.

"I see… Well, we'll try to keep it manageable for you, Uchiha-san. I'll discuss with you both more on a plan of payment. You can bring stuff from his room for the room here as he will at least be staying here for a year with the amount of therapy he will need."

"Good…" Fugaku sighed. At least his first son was not a complete lost to the ninja path. However, there was one small problem. "Itachi, why are you holding onto that doll so tightly?"

"…" Itachi looked at Naruto. "Well, she saved my life… And I like her. Did someone report her missing?" Mikoto and Fugaku recoiled at the sadness in Itachi's eyes and need in those eyes.

"No… Which, I am surprised as it is a pretty well crafted doll." Fugaku sighed, looking at the doll. In fact, he was surprise no one possibly reported the doll in his son's arms as possibly stolen from what the Uchiha clan head and head of the Konoha Military Police saw with the details of the doll, it was probably crafted by a master doll craftsman. "I guess you want to keep it?" Fugaku pinched the bridge of his nose. Personally, he did not want his son to be even holding such a girly thing in his hands… But, if his son hadn't had saw the doll and picked it, he would have died.

"Yeah." Mikoto and Fugaku felt a pain in their chests when they saw Itachi smiling, his face full of joy. Never had either parent seen such a reaction in their son for something material like.

"Well, I'll see if someone is looking for the doll and see if they don't mind us buying it from them." Fugaku sighed. Sure, people were going to tease him about his son having a doll, but then again, the boy was six and with the problems Konoha was having Itachi had been forced to be pushing himself to be a ninja by the clan and grow up without a childhood… So, one little child thing like a simple toy could be the one little joy Itachi needed in his life. Especially with what Itachi had ahead of him just to become a ninja… That, and it was better than some other latches shinobi would grab onto to keep their sanity and such like Icha Icha Paradise like Uchiha Shisui and other ninja Fugaku knew. Fugaku, in fact, instantly thought dolls were better than the porn. There was no way he was going to let his son become a pervert.

"Well, I need to go get the nurses to move him to his new room." The doctor said as Mikoto and Fugaku followed him out.

"Naruto… Do you think anyone will be looking for you?" Itachi asked, smiling as he got his friend. The only person who had hugged him so lovelingly! Not even his family hugged or smiled at him like Naruto did!

"No… I don't think so…" Naruto let out a sigh, a pang of hurt coming from her heart… As if she knew for sure no one was going to look for her… Probably because she had a demon inside her.


"Did you hear? The Uchiha heir was in an accident, but he's coming to the academy!" Inuzuka Hina sighed as she hears her class murmuring on the first day. Everyone knew of the accident one month ago that an accident happened to the Uchiha heir. Though, there were rumors going around that someone set it up to try and kill Uchiha Itachi and some rumors even pointed the culprits as the Uchiha clan as Itachi's little brother was made the clan heir.

'At least the guy survived.' Hana thought that was enough for the clan to keep the title of heir on the older boy as she didn't know Uchiha Itachi. Just because he ended in the hospital for a small accident, doesn't mean a guy couldn't be a ninja.

"Huh? Who is that kid in the wheelchair?" Hana looked up in confusion. There was no way there would be someone in a wheelchair coming into a classroom for future shinobi to learn deadly arts of the trade. However, Hana as well as the rest of the class were shocked to see a dark hair six year old in a wheelchair coming into the room. The six year old had pale skin and dark eyes along with a black shirt with gray pants and on the raven hair child's lap was a beautiful doll.

'Holy… Is that a living doll?' Hana thought the child in the chair was an idiot civilian. How can someone in a wheelchair become a ninja?

"Hey, there, cutesy? Are you lost?" Hana instantly paled as two of the boys in the class went up to the wheelchair ninja wanna-be.

"…You know I'm a guy, right?" Hana as well as the rest of the class gapped as the "doll boy" went around the two shocked boy and went to one of the first rows with a side seat free and used the desk to help himself up and get in the seat with the doll sitting in his lap.

"But, dude, playing with dolls?" One of the boys chuckled. "Who are you?"

"Uchiha Itachi." Everyone looked at the boy with shock.

'N-No way. He's Uchiha Itachi?' Hana looked at the boy and the wheel chair with shock.

"Woah? Why are you in a wheel chair?" A girl shouted in shock.

"I'm still going though therapy as I had my legs crushed and my hip broken in several places and that includes nerve damage which makes it so I'm learning to walk and run again." Hana just looked at the Uchiha with shock. She wondered if the Uchiha was in denial, but then again, he was probably just wanting to get his title of heir back and doing the best he could to become a ninja. Either way, Hana only thought one thing.

'Foolish.' Hana shook her head.

"What a cute doll? So the great Uchiha likes dolls." Hana glared at the boys near Itachi teasing him. The guy already is in a freaking wheelchair and already has a lot of problems on his plate, so they should leave the Uchiha alone. But, no, kids have to be kids and bully the one person with problems.

"I like dolls, so what?" Hana sweated at the Uchiha who glared at the boys. "But, insult Naruto-kun, and I will hurt you." The boy's backed off as a very heated aura of fury came off the Uchiha. However, Hana could have sworn the expression on the dolls face had changed for a slight second to make the annoyed Uchiha's…

'Nah… Must be my imagination.' Hana thought, deciding to drop the weirdo Uchiha out of her head as the teachers came in and began the first day of learning for all of the room's students in the arts of assassination.

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