Real World Couples - Celeb Edition

Chapter 1

* At the airport*

Kass: Where did they say the baggage claim was?

TC: Ground floor, I think, yeah the ground floor.

While walking to the elevator to TC notices a very familiar face

TC: David!

David: Hey TC, good to see you, this will be good to be reunited since

The wedding.

TC: I know its been a while, but you look well.

*gets on elevator*

** SN: VFC took a little break since David just got married **

Rosa; Hey TC

Kass: Ahem!

TC: hey, I want you all to meet my girlfriend Kass

David: Last time we talked you didn't mention anything about

A girlfriend

TC: Well I am now

David: Ok man, I'm David and this is Rosa nice to meet you

Kass: Nice to meet you Rosa and I've met you before David you just don't remember.

David: Oh wait I remember you won that contest to meet us backstage at our concert in Chicago, but TC didn't you know that we aren't supposed to date contest winner?

TC: What! Where did you hear that from anyway you're married Rosa and she was a contest winner.

David: Just playing with you

Rosa: TC me and David met on vacation I didn't win anything but David's heart.

TC: Awww so sweet ha-ha that's right

Kass: TC our bags have arrived at the baggage claim

*TC and David picks up the bags*

Rosa: Ok so they said that a white hummer will be picking us up do you see it?

Kass: Yeah there its, TC , David our ride is here.

* In the Car*

David: so MTV didn't mention whose going to be with us in the house, but man I can say I'm loving Miami already!