*in front of the house*

Zach : I feel so weird coming here so late

Katelyn: Me too

*knocks on the door*

*cameron opens the door*

Cameron: Zach? I didn't know you were coming

Zach: Yeah our plane was delayed but we're here

Katelyn: Hey Zach , so whats going on

Cameron: We just finished eating breakfast, we may have some food left

Katelyn: oh no we ate at the airport

*Hannah walks up*

Zach: hey Hannah

Hannah: Hey, new girlfriend I see

Zach: Yess Hannah this is Katelyn

Katelyn: Hi

Cameron: You guys room is on the lower level, that's the only one that's left

Zach: ok

*in the kitchen*

Britney: I'm always the one stuck cleaning the dishes, I think Jayk should wash them he messed them up

Jayk: Nuh uh, my hands are tired youre doing just fine

Britney: oh thanks ( sarcastically)

Laura: Leave my jaykey alone (pouts mouth)

Britney: haha oh dear

*nessa and amber walk in8

Nessa: (breathing deeply) why is he here, I must call the producers to see if can leave

Laura: Who?

Amber: Eric

Laura: Oh, why is he here, wait why is that a problem?

*all the girls look at jayk*

Jayk: ok, I'll leave

Nessa: can you tell them amber

Amber: Ok, so nessa and eric have a lil something going on, on the side

Britney- what, drama already?

Nessa: yes and if logan finds out whats going on im screwed and all of america will know what I did

Amber: I just think we need to keep a low profile Nessa don't talk to him much but don't ignore them cuz it will seem suspicious just a casual hello

Laura: Good idea

Nessa: can you girls promise not to mention this to your guys I can't deal with it