Barron could only watch in horror as Warren destroyed the city beyond recognition, Jason's still form cradled in his arms. He saw the other Foenixes run after him, but so far there was no sine of success. "Shield Wren with ice, Jay, not with your head." Barron whispered as an ice bender took his son from his arms. "Watch him closely." He stood; Warren was lost in a rage, and Barron was one of the few that could get him out of it.


The Dragon had become the bane from hell. It had no hesitation in over kill. Paid no heed to orders, or pleas. It didn't care who it hurt as long as it hurt someone.


The Dragon ignored the shout till a ball or flame struck it in the eye, howling it reared, taking to the sky, hunting down it's aggressor once it's vision cleared.

It didn't have far to look. Barron's hands were still alive with flame.

"Warren, stand down!"

The Dragon roared and dove down, fangs bared at it's aggressor. Barron dropped to his knees, hands above his head, open palmed, waiting till the Dragon was just overhead. Flame exploded out of his hands striking the Dragon in the back of the throught. It didn't burn him but from the way the Dragon jerked back and crashed, shifting back to his own son in a confused stumble, coughing, it had to have felt like a sledgehammer.

"Warren, stand down!" Barron ordered, never once letting his guard down even as Warren crouched on his knees gasping. "Stay on your knees." Warren could still be in rage.

"D-dad?" Warren blinked up at him between gasps. "Wh-where's Jay?"

"Hands where I can see them." Barron relaxed his voice a bit, but still not all the way. "His Nation has him, you on the other hand have just destroyed an entire city trying to eliminate the threat."

Warren frowned, trying to remember what had happened, as he raised his hands slowly. "I what?"

Barron looked him over, "Stand up, come back with me. Let's see how your brother's doing."

Warren stood slowly, dropping his hands, "Doing? Dad what happened to Jay?"

Barron sighed, "Hand over your guns," He paused watching as Warren hesitated and then disarmed handing over his firearms. "Jason took a bullet for you….in the temple." Barron lead the way back, turned when he felt the heat coming of Warren spike. "Cool down or stay away from him."

Warren blinked taken back, "…Stay away?"

"Jay dose better in cold, I left him with his Nation, and they probably have his core tempracher below that of Antarctica. For his sake he needs to stay that way."

"He-He's alright?"

Barron sighed and shook his head, "He's alive, but we don't know the amount of brain damage done, or how long it'll take to heal." He stepped around the corner and gasped. His body felt like it had been dunked in liquid nitrogen, behind him he heard Warren do the same. "Don't light up." He warned.

Jason was breathing, soft shaky shallow breaths, but at least he was breathing. Frost covered his skin and clumped in his hair, lashes and wings.

"H-h-ow is-s-s h-he-e-e." Barron shivered, rubbing his arms, he glanced back to find Warren curled squatting close to the ground, teeth chattering.

The icebender who lap served as a pillow for Jason's head smiled, "He'll pull through, I'd bet he'll sleep though the trip home but he'll make it. The adrenalin spiked his invincibility, bullet's already out." She paused listening over her headset. "The Dragon did a number on the city. They want to surrender."

Warren managed a nod before backing up out of the Arctic Circle they had created, as soon as he felt warmth touch his skin he light up, letting flames run along his body melting the frost that had clung to him. Jason would be fine, the war was over, Omega would have them cycle out so reconstruction would begin, and he could go home.

Just as soon as the paper work for the surrender was done.


Will blinked watching as Warren, with the grace of a practiced diplomat, and cunning of a palation, worked out the surrender, then walk back out to where Jason was being tended to. Well more like half controlled sprint half fly, some how making it look like he wasn't at all worried sick over his twin to the untrained eye. And what every one was calling him. How many tittles did Warren have? Prince. Fire Lord. Foenix King. Foenix Lord. Foenix Prince.

Some how Will knew that he hadn't even heard them all.


"My Prince?" a fire bended looked up as Warren landed next to him, "I wouldn't go to much closer, hell has frozen over, over there."

"I know." Warren sighed, "I just need to check on Jay." He paused watching as frost crept twords them along the streets. "And warn them not to freeze the city." He pinched the bridge of his nose; besides Jason there were any ice benders that could 'jump though' fozens the way he and Jumper could though anything that burned. Tecnicly he or Jumper could take Jason back but they'd most likely colaps into saver hypothermia as soon as they toched down on the other end.

Jason's power control was shaky at best six and a half days out of the week, now that he wasn't awake to even try his body was relesing the second ice age. They couldn't risk that on a plane unless they found away to containe it so it didn't freeze the engen.

"We'll have theird degree coffie waiting for you." The fire bender stodd backing up as the frost crept up the rubble.

"Thanks," Warren gave a small smile before spreding his wings and taking off again. The cold hit him like a physical blow as soon as he got overt the frost. "Good God Jay!" Warren shivered. Some of the ice Nation were even walking out to find a place to warm up. This had gone beyond not lighting up for Jason's health.

This had frozen over to where it was ether light up or freeze to death.

Jason lay still as ever, his breathing had gotten slightly more relaxed.

"Theta can put a clamp on his powers," Warren mumbled though chattering teeth. "We just have to get him out so he can be treated and the second ice age doesn't happen."

"How?" The ice benders frowned, "He'll freeze a plane and any telaporter that comes and get him."

Warren light up crouching in a small ball. Good Lord Almighty it was cold. "Radio in to home, tell them to have Theta waiting in the hospital wing. Now."

And before he could second geuss himself or relize what a bad idea this was, Warren reached out and grabed Jason, pulling him and his twin through the flame.


Warren wanted to scream. It was never supposed to feel this mind numbingly cold. He was jumping through fire and he was freezeing. He felt his back slam against the floor of the medical wing, Jason literally frozen into his arms. He thought he called for his uncle, but he wasn't sure he was forming words.

'Wren, wake up.'

Warren moaned rubbing his head. "Jay?"

"Resting." Theta's voice echoed in and outside of his mind.

Warren blinked, "How long have I been asleep?"

Theta helped him sit up, "An hour, long enough to thaw you out."

"Will Jay be okay?"

Theta nodded, passing Warren a warm mug with out really touching it. "He'll be fine. I've clamped down on him, the most he can do right now is frost a windowpane. The adrenalin still hasn't worn off and it's boosting his healing."

Warren gulped down the mug, smiling, third degree coffee. Would have sent anyone outside of his nation to the hospital for burns, but it warmed him up better than a warm blanket and a campfire ever would. "Can I see him before I head back?"

Theta smiled, "Look to your left."

Warren vaulted over his bed, Theta must have put a clamp on him, Jason had never felt so…cool. He wasn't cold, but he wasn't warm ether. He was just inside that blind spot of Warren's tempracher sensitivity.

Jason's hair was pulled back in to a louse ponytail, and his work uniform had been changed out, thou Warren couldn't se what to under all the tepra sheets keeping the air around his body arctic. He was clean and everything to the tiniest scratches had been tended to.

"He'll be alright."

Warren nodded, giving Jason's hand a soft squeeze, before stepping back he hated to go before he saw his twines eyes open and look at him but he had business that couldn't be ignored…and Theta was with him. "I'll be back as soon as I can."


Hay…sorry for taking so long but it's just been hell in my life right now, nothing's going right and just meh. Hopefully the next post time will be better.