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Luke's pov

"…ke. Luke. Wake up you dreck!" Someone shouted and before I knew it I was punched in the face.

"Gah!" I sat up my nose was bleeding, "Ah what the hell," I whined grabbing a cloth from my pocket.

"Good you're awake, about freaking time," the voice I heard wasn't Tear's, Jade's or anyone I had traveled with. As I turned to my left it was Asch standing over me.

"Asch?" I just stared, this was impossible I killed Asch myself, what was going on?

"You're probably wondering why I'm alive, well I'm not, neither are you. We're in the afterlife it seems you were passed out on the ground next to me so I decided you needed to wake up," Asch said.

"You could've done it a little nicer," I said massaging the brim of my nose.

"Just follow me," he said, I did so.

We were walking through a foresty area, Asch walking in front of me with his hands behind his back. I was walking with my arms swinging at my sides.

"So how long have we been here for?" I asked Asch.

"A couple hours, perhaps a day or two, no telling how long I was out for. I know I woke you up only after I found some information."

"What kind of information?" I asked.

"Basically we're in some form of Afterlife called the Soul Society. Our souls are apparently of high quality, even yours despite the fact that you're my replica, because we're in the most noble and rich area of what's called the Rukongai."

"I don't really get it, but we're amongst other nobles right?" I asked.

"That's what I've learned, I've also learned that we need to find a place to stay," I followed Asch through the woods and we eventually wandered into a town, "You should be able to mingle on your own from here." As he turned to leave I grabbed his arm, "I'm giving you to the count of five to let go of me dreck."

"We're sticking together," I told him, "I don't care if this is the afterlife or not, I made a promise to Tear, I promise I would go back to her. And if there's a way back to our world I'm going to find it."

"There isn't a way back to our world, we're dead Luke!" Asch shouted, "There is no going back!"

"Excuse me," an old man voiced approaching us, he was bald, hunched over and reminded me of the gardener at the manner, "Did I just here you two wanting to go to the living world?"

"He did, I didn't," Asch said avoiding looking at him.

"Is there?" I asked.

"There is, but to do so you have to become Shinigami by going to the Seireitai."

"The Seireitai?" I asked confused.

"It's a place for higher esteemed souls," Asch said, "But there's no caravan's here in this village, Junrinan that pass by it, and it's too dangerous to randomly trek through the woods in between villages without an escort."

"Huh, but we're…"

"Our fonic artes are all but gone Luke, plus we're unarmed, the best we can do is find some place to live and wait until a Shinigami patrol group passes through here."

"Your look alike makes a valid point youngster, whatever training you may have had in the past will do you no good against the monsters that roam the forest."

"Come on we can handle any…"

"Don't you dare finish the end of that sentence," Asch said and lifted up his shirt revealing a fresh wound in the shape of a claw mark raked across his stomach, "This is what happened when I tried to fight those things out there, I had to run like a fucking coward, I couldn't use my fonic artes and the creature was overpowering, as much as I don't like it we're grounded here."

"Well you've chosen no better place to be grounded than Junrinan," the old man said, "I run an inn across the street, I'd be happy to rent out a room to you two boys in exchange for helping run the place."

"You mean I have to work," I groaned scratching my head.

"Quit complaining at least we get a bed to sleep in," Asch said.

"Wonderful follow me,"

"H-hey wait what's your name old man?" I asked.

"I am Jikara Hondo," he held out his hand for me to shake,

"Luke Fon Fabre," I shook his hand.

"Asch," Asch replied and moved towards the inn.

"No surname youngster,"

"Uh he doesn't…that is…I mean…"

"Fon Fabre," Asch said his back still to us, "Asch Fon Fabre."

"Well well so you're twins that makes sense since you look so much alike?" the old man chuckled.

"TWINS!" I exasperated.

"Please it's just a coincidence," Asch said moving on ahead.

"Don't mind him, he's short with a lot of people," I told Mr. Hondo.

"Oh I see a lot of his type don't you worry mah boy," Mr. Hondo said and led us to the inn. Much to Asch's chagrin we were both given the same room. "You both make yourselves at home."

The room was large, had two beds each one bigger than mine back at the manner. A large couch, and a whole bunch of Fonon Machines that I had no clue what they did. There was one machine at the far end of the room across from the beds. It was a silver box with a small black screen. It was sitting on a polished wood shelf and there were other smaller machines beneath it. There was some sort of control device sitting in front of it.

"I wonder what this does?" I asked myself. I clicked the button on the control that said power and aimed it at the large machine. It suddenly turned on and showed people on the screen in black and white. I watched it carefully as I lay on the bed to the left of the device. Asch seemed to be more into inspecting the room. It didn't take me long to realize that sound was being projected from the words being said by the people projected on the screen on the machine.

"the guy on first"


"The guy playing…"

"Who is on first,"

"I'm asking you who's on first!"

"That's the man's name,"

"That's whose name?"


"Yawn," I said and clicked a button at random changing the image on the screen to something different.

Asch's pov

It's bad enough I have to be here with Luke, it's even worse that he has to live in the same inn room as me, but what's taking the cake is that I can't figure out what this machine in front of me is used for. It's almost as tall as I am. It has a handle at the top and what appears to be some form of sucking contraption at the bottom. There's a bag in between the contraption and the handle, and a power switch on top of the sucker. I turn it on and it starts making this loud noise. I immediately turn it off.

"Hey I just missed the line," Luke whined.

"Shut up!" I shouted, "Quit whining and enjoy your…whatever the hell that is!"

Suddenly there was a sound of a bell ringing.

"Asch, Luke, food is on the table." Luke promptly turned off the machine he was using and headed for the dining hall. I sauntered into it.

Luke's pov

There was a whole feast spread out on the table. Ribs, lobster, scallops, fresh fruit, it was all spread out. I started salivating, I hadn't had a buffet like this in a long time.

"Quit drooling, you make sick to my stomach sometimes you know that," Asch said with contempt.

"Do you always have to kill the mood?" I asked.

"Now now let's not get into a fight," Mr. Hondo said.

"I won't as long as that dreck doesn't do anything to embarrass himself," Asch said putting a steak on his plate and putting a piece in his mouth

"Well Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me," I said to Asch and made to put some rice on my plate.

After the meal Asch and I went back to our room. I kicked off my shoes and crawled into bed, staring at the ceiling as the moon shined in, "How long do you think it'll take before a Seireitai patrol rolls through here?" I asked.

"How should I know?" Asch responded, "It could be days, months, or years. It doesn't also mean that once we get into the Seireitai that we can immediately go home either."

"I guess that's true," I said.

"Anyway shut your mouth and go to sleep it's bad enough we have to share a room; even if it is twice the size of our old one," Asch huffed.

Grouch, I thought and turned over on my side and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to the scent of breakfast, I rushed straight into the dining hall. Everything on the table looked delectable. Asch was already eating when I walked in.

"So what should we do today?" I asked him.

"What's this we stuff, just cause we're living together does not mean I want to spend my entire day with you." Asch said crossly.

I was about to respond when Mr. Hondo walked into the room, "Ah good to see you boys up,"

"Morning Mr. Hondo," I said.

"Morning," Asch said downing some milk.

"I did some thinking last night, if you boys are serious about looking for a Shinigami patrol group, why don't you head down the street to the Bazaar, you could buy some weapons and defend yourselves."

"But we don't have any money," I said, scratching the back of my head with one hand. Mr. Hondo grabbed my free hand and put a small pouch in it.

"Huh what's this for? We didn't earn this." I said looking at the money inside the pouch.

"You don't know much about Rukongai do you youngster," Mr. Hondo said, "The less people living together in Rukongai the more there is to go around. I can easily part with a small fraction of my fortune to send you boys off on your way."

"From the sound of it you seem more than glad to be getting rid of us." Asch said from across the table.

"Asch!" I said shocked at his behavior.

"It's alright Luke," Mr. Hondo said, "What your brother says is true for the most part."

"Luke is not my brother!" Asch shouted.

"Oh," Mr. Hondo seemed surprised.

"Whatever if we can go then let's go," Asch got up from the table, "Let's go dreck." Asch said getting up.

"Sure right after I've had breakfast." I said jumping into my seat. Asch sighed and went to go grab a sack to start packing food, no telling how long we're going to be on the road for.

After I finished eating Asch and I walked south until we reached the Bazaar and managed to get a steel sword for us each. Of course we ended up spending every last piece of currency we had on our weapons.

Once we entered the forest Asch tossed our provisions at me. I caught it, after almost nearly dropping it.

"Make yourself useful and carry that, I'll lead the way," Asch commanded.

"Why am I carrying this?" I complained

"Just do it," he sighed.

"Whatever," I moaned and continued to follow him. I don't know how we're going to find a Shinigami patrol group, the chances of finding them, or how long it's going to take for me to get back home, but I will go back. I promised Tear, and I will keep that promise.

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