Time passes.

I'm like a stone. No feelings.

Any emotions that I held were numbed by this pain.

I feel nothing, yet everything.

No heart.

Mine was taken.

Not by the one I pretended to love.

I felt absolutely nothing for him. It was very repulsive to pretend to be his lover.

When he left, I was glad. Until he told me.

The one who took my heart was leaving as well. With my heart. So I must be a stone.

Days have passed, but it feels like years. Time passes agonizingly.

But I sit in a chair, and stare out my window, as I think of him. And I'm chilled to the bone.

I barely knew him, yet I would die for him.

But I was so much easier to rid people of.

The clock ticks rhythmically, but I can't hear it. I hear his name, and I hear every word he's ever said to me.

But he's never said the words I wanted to hear. Those words belong to the energetic girly pixie.

I wish. I wish I was her. Just to hear those words being said to me.

But they're for her. Never for me.

I hope he takes good care of my heart.

But he won't. I'm just a clumsy, brown-haired human no one as amazing as him could love.

He'll be here forever, but I won't. Even if I am, I won't be with him.

I'll be the enemy.

The red-eyes against the yellow-eyes.

And he'll never learn how much I loved him. He's miles away, yet in my dreams he's so close.

Then I wake up and face reality.

But if he ever reads this, I have words for him. He'll never hear them personally. They'll only speak from the paper that I write this on.

But it'll be too late. Someone else will be his. Probably the pixie.

I love you, Jasper Hale.