I stared at this apparently newborn vampire warily. Her eyes were red, and they were filled with rage. I could feel all the rage she was emitting, so I sent her waves of calm. Surprisingly, they just bounced right off, as if she was a shield.

She glared at us with only pure hate. What had we done to her? Rosalie, Emmett, Edward, Carlisle, Esme, Alice and I were crouched in attack position, ready if she was trying to fight us.

"Who are you, and what have you come here for?" Carlisle asked slowly.

"T-That's Bella!" Alice stammered nervously. This angered the vampire even more and she growled threateningly.

"My name is not Bella." she ground out.

"Yes, it is! I saw a vision of you like this!"

"NO! My name is not Bella!" the newborn retorted. "My name is Elizabeth. I've come to give one of you something very important."

I attempted to send her waves of calm once again, but they repeatedly bounced off. I sighed in frustration.

"You knew me in my human life. You left me vulnerable. And look where that led me. I got changed by someone I don't know!" She moved from the center of us to directly in front of Edward, a finger pointed at his chest.

"You, Edward.. I never loved you." she hissed. She moved to Alice. "I wish I was you."

"Why?" Alice asked nervously.

"You'll figure it out. Emmett, you would've been great as a brother." he shuddered, and I could almost feel what he was thinking, as all of us were thinking it. How did she know our names?

"I would?"

"Yes, you would. Rosalie, if you and your family hadn't left me alone, I would've stayed as a human. Carlisle, Esme, you would've been great parents for me." She moved to me in quick speed.

"And Jasper.. these are for you." She took my hand gently and placed two envelopes in my hand.

I stared at her in pure shock. "I'll be in the forest." she spoke quietly, then she was gone.

"Read them aloud." Alice urged.

"I would, but it's labeled on both 'For Jasper Only'."

"At least tell us what it says when you're done reading it." Esme urged me as well.

"It might help us help her." Carlisle agreed. Nervously, I took the letters out of the envelopes and read them.

My mouth hung wide open. I didn't know Bella loved me so much. Poor Bella, I felt as if there was a sign on me saying "JASPER IS AN ASSHOLE".

"Bella loves me." I whispered. They could hear it, however a human couldn't. Alice emitted waves of pain, then they stopped. What?

"I love you, Jazz, but I saw a vision. That vision showed you and Bella in love." Alice said quietly.

"Go for it, son." Carlisle said lightly. I nodded and ran into the forest.

The trees blurred around me, just green blobs, until I found Bella. I hid behind a tree trunk, silently watching her as she emitted waves of sadness.


If I was a human, I'd cry right now.

Jasper didn't love me.

It took me five months to come out of the house and the next day I get turned into a vampire. Great.

"He doesn't love me." I whispered. My voice was filled with pain.

Those letters were heartfelt.

"Yes, he does." I heard another voice. I whipped around, and Jasper stepped out from behind the tree. "Bella, you could've told me sooner." he said quietly as he stepped up to me and stroked my cheek.

"How about I say fuck it and let's grow old together?" I responded. He chuckled softly.

"I'm already old. I'm 164, Bella, I have 146 years on you."

"Ass." I muttered.

He smiled and placed a chaste kiss on my lips. I sighed in content.

Finally, he was mine.

My pale knight in armor, with golden eyes and lips I have now felt with my own.

They feel amazing.