Hello everyone,

well, if you've been reading my profile then you'll be expecting this! For those who haven't, this is going to be my collection of drabbles for shikatema. I genuinely enjoy writing long oneshots but they take forever to construct and edit and I'd like to be able to just post little things whenever they pop into my head. Thus; The Anecdotes.

The other part of this project is that I'm taking requests for what people would like to see written about- for more details please see my profile.

Anyways, a quiet warning that these will not be generally very intellectual or by any means my best work, but I would love some reviews. Its always encouraging and really does help me to write more.

I've written about four so far and am currently working some wonderful requests by mylonelyshadow into drabbles.

Thanks for reading and reviewing :)


Inspiration; She's always a woman to me, by Billy Joel

He forgets sometimes that she had no mother growing up.

That's why he says insensitive things about his own around her. Really he should be smart enough to know by now that she finds the way his mother fusses endearing.

The way she still delivers food to his door never fails to bring a small wistful smile to her face.

When his mother drops in unannounced with his clothes freshly ironed and pressed, Temari always thanks her whilst he rolls his eyes.

He tries not to think about how hard it must have been on her...surrounded by men, the only girl of her generation. No one to guide her. He ignores those thoughts when they creep into his head, but she is awfully good of reminding him. So is Ino.

She can kill with a smile, She can wound with her eyes

When she shows him photos of her childhood...

He sees her training. Her Fighting.

Her wounds. Her scars.

Her victories.

He resists the urge to physically hurt Ino when she enquires why Temari doesn't know how to conduct a proper tea ceremony. Why she can fight with fans but not dance with them.

Why the flowers she buys always lie wild and unarranged- no form or order to them.

She can ruin your faith with her casual lies

There is little he can do to protect her from these remarks. He sees her eyes harden over and she never says anything...only allows a small, forced smile to grace her lips. He hates that look- it says she has no answer to give. And Temari always has something to say.

And she only reveals what she wants you to see

Yet it is because she wishes she could act like a woman- in Ino's sense of the word. She wishes her fans were for decoration sometimes instead of for war. She wishes that when Kurenai invites her for tea, she could say yes, but doesn't, for fear of embarrassing herself.

It is a testament to his own mother's affection for Temari that she offers to teach her all of those things that she wishes for.

She hides like a child

It is a testament to Temari's stubbornness and pride that she turns her down every time.

That is why, when a small 'you're holding him wrong' escapes Temari's lips as the baby in Ino's arms squirms unhappily, Shikamaru's eyebrows leap up...as do Ino's.

"What?" his friend bites back, clearly uncomfortable with the wriggling, red-faced child.

"You're hurting him," Temari replies firmly, striding over to Ino and acquiring the baby with an ease that only experience knows.

She cradles him gently against her chest, lulling the child into quietness, gazing down on him with a tenderness that leaps immediately to Shikamaru's heart.

It is only then, whilst looking at this picture of devotedness, does Shikamaru realise what she wants. And it is not tea ceremonies or fan dances or flower arrangements.

It is there in her hands.

But she's always a woman to me