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That a bit of a relief that it's not broken, though does this mean that I have to carry on with the cheerleading.

Carlisle bandaged my ankle up and gave me some pain killers and crutches. I tried to stand back up but me been me just managed to fall back onto the bed that I was lying on.

Edward was immediately checking me over making sure that I hadn't hurt myself again. I rolled my eyes.

'Edward, I haven't hurt myself I didn't even stand half way up and I landed on a bed!' I tried to reassure him. 'I just have to get use to crutches again' I stated. Surprisingly I hadn't needed use for crutches since the James incident and that was over a year ago.


I was stood with Charlie and I could see how much Edward was worrying. I knew Bella had to get use to the crutches but she sometimes does worry me, with all these injuries she causes to her body. She was so clumsy. The clumsiest person I've know and I've worked in a hospital for a long time.

I could see Edward was trying to catch my attention.

'Carlisle can you ask Charlie if Bella could stay round ours tonight? I want to ensure she is safe and I can't do that at Charlie's as I can't be with her all the time?'

Hmm that wasn't such a bad idea. I knew Edward worries a lot but in the case of Bella on clutches he has reason to worry. This could also give me chance to talk to Bella about her dyslexia. I must be honest I was interested in talking to her and seeing if I could help her in any way. I know Esme likes it when Bella visits, as she can act more like a normal mum. Not that she didn't love our other children; it was just that Bella was young and naive. Not to mention the fact Esme loved to use her kitchen and cooking for Bella. I knew the others also enjoyed it when Bella came over to stay. Even Rosalie.

'Charlie,' I asked. Charlie looked at me. 'Would it be ok if Bella stayed with us for a little while until her ankle gets a bit better, and she learns how to use the clutches, she can stay in Alice's room. I'm a bit concerned if she fell with the clutches it could turn the sprain into a break, or make the sprain worse, at my house there is plenty of us to keep an eye on her. Plus Alice or Esme can help her get dressed in the morning?'

I could see Charlie thinking through what I was saying.


I could hear Charlie arguing with himself in his head trying to compare the upside to the downside of staying at my house for a few days. Obviously I was the main disadvantage.

I see what Carlisle is saying, and I think it would be better for Bella, as I knew she would have a lot more attention over at the Cullen's and more people would be able to watch out for her. I know I left Bella on her own to much, but I had to work and lately I had been working more than usual, especially with these animal attacks still unsolved.

However having her in the same house, sleeping in the same house as him.

Charlie visibly shuddered. Only if he knew I thought trying to keep a chuckle from escaping. His debating went on;

However I trust Carlisle. He is a respectable man and his children are some of the best behaved in the town. I knew Esme would look after Bella so well. I didn't know her to well, but I could tell she was born to be a mother

I smiled at this and noted to tell Esme. I knew this little thought of Charlie's would make her day.

The Cullen's are a respectable family and I know I can trust Bella maybe I should have a word wither before they leave to go?

This would be funny and embarrassing. Charlie started talking

'OK Carlisle. I trust you to know what's best for Bella!' He said to my father.

He then turned to Bella 'Would I be able to talk to you in the hall first please?' He asked. He headed towards the corridor with Bella on his heel. This was going to be embarrassing.


What did Charlie want? I followed him out into the corridor trying to figure out why he couldn't say what he wanted to say in front of Edward or Carlisle. I was still trying to work it out when he started

'I trust you to sleep in Alice's room!' He stated. Oh dear please tell me he wasn't taking this where I think he was taking it. I could feel my face starting to get red.

'Of course dad!' I stuttered.

'Its just Bells,' He was getting as red as me by this point. He took a deep breathe and continued. 'Your young and I know you think that you're in love, but I don't want you to make a mistake.' I wanted the floor to swallow me up whole, especially knowing that Carlisle and Edward where both hearing the whole conversation.

'It just Bells, that sex, it's…'

'Dad its ok' I replied 'I know'

'You, you know' he stuttered. He started turning purple. 'You mean that boy, he's he's….' Charlie cut off his words failing. I realised what he was thinking.

'No, no dad, its not like that….we haven't…I mean…I'm….I'm… a virgin dad.' OMG kill me now.

Charlie's face slowly went back to normal colour, 'Oh ok.' He said he looked more than relieved. He then handed me some pepper spray.

'If he tries anything use this' he said, then added 'and call me.'

'Ok dad,' I murmured.

I was so embarrassed as I walked back into the room that Edward and Carlisle where in. They were exactly were we left them.


Thank god, Emmett wasn't here we would never live this down. I was embarrassed, so I could only imagine how she felt. I knew she was bright red. Not from the fact that I knew her so well but because I could also smell it. I could smell Charlie's to.

Half an hour later we were pulling up at my house. I pulled Bella into my arms and walked her into the house. She was such an angel. She had quickly fallen asleep on the ride home, partly because of the pain medication Carlisle gave him and the stressful day she had at school. I still was furious about what happened to Bella in school and I know both Rosalie and Alice where going to have a word with Jessica and Lauren tomorrow at school.

Esme was over the moon that Bella would be staying for a while, and got to work at cooking her a meal. In fact she was working on a menu, approved by Carlisle of course, that included a lot of protein and diary to make Bella's bones stronger in a hope her ankle will heel quicker.

Carlisle had predicted Bella's ankle could be bad for a few days and she would not be allowed to P.E for a week but after that she should be fine. Of course Alice was delighted by the news, I wasn't sure that would be reaction Bella would give when she found out she would still be able to cheerlead.

An hour later Bella woke up. I could see her sniffing before she actually fully awake. She was adorable. She smelt the food that Esme was cooking. It was very strong and smelt disgusting to me. Obviously Bella thought otherwise. I couldn't contain a chuckle, she was so funny sometimes.

'Edward?' she asked, sleep laced in her voice

'Yes, love?'

'What's that smell?' She seemed to be waking up more now and I heard he stomach rumble.

'Esme has cooked your dinner for you, come on love.' I said.

Me and Bella headed downstairs, and Bella eyed the food hungrily.

'There you go dear.' Esme handed the food to Bella.


The salmon smelt so good. I was so hungry and grateful for Esme cooking for me. If I were at home I would have to cook and I didn't know if I could have waited that long for food.

'Thank you, so much Esme' I said

'Don't worry dear, I love cooking for you,' she smiled.

I smiled back. And began eating. It tasted as good as it smelt. I finished the whole plate. Before I had time to blink Esme had whipped it from under me and was washing it.

'No Esme, I can wash up. You cooked. Plus I was the one who ate it.'

'Not to worry sweetie,' she replied. 'Its all done.' Wow I guess vampire speed could come in really helpful.


Bella had some maths to do and I wanted to tutor her. After what had been happening at school I was more than determined to get her that B or above. I voiced my thoughts.

'Love would you like to do your homework now, and then have some tutoring.'

'Erm, I guess' she said hesitantly.

'Would you like to do it in the living room, the rest of the family would like to help. Emmett has some interesting theories….'

Her eyes lit up slightly, I could see her curiosity was over powering her embarrassment. 'Ok' she replied, with a slight smile on her face.

Bella didn't have much homework and little to finish from her maths lesson. So we were soon onto the tutoring part. This was going to be interesting with my entire family joining in.


Me and Edward went through my 3's again. I seemed to be improving less and less every time. I was getting frustrated with myself.

I saw Jasper look at me. He smiled and I felt a wave of calm over take me

'You can do it Bella! It will just take time' he said. I just smiled.

'Yea,' Emmett said. He started chanting 'Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella…'

The next second there was a loud smacking sound. Rosalie had hit him around the head

'Emmett' Esme scolded 'Let Bella concentrate.'

Emmett pouted. 'I thought a chant would help, although of course Bella ids the one who should know more about chanting than me!' he winked.

I just groaned. Typical Emmett…

What will Emmett do next? Will Alice and Rose get back at Lauren and Jessica? Will Bella get that B?

What did you all think?

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