Here I sit as I watch her die.

All I can do is ask them why.

Not even there to help her survive.

Find the water she needs to stay alive

What can I do to make it all go away?

I want to get rid of her dismay.

Just keep moving to find your need.

Just keep going is my only plead.

She needs to live and make it back to us.

I promise to never make another fuss.

Find the water that will give you life.

Please just get out of this strife.

Through the bushes and past the trees.

Lies the thing that will put you at ease.

Almost there, Just a little more.

There it will be lying on the floor.

I watch as she crawls on the ground.

I watch as the water is finally found.

She lays there and waits for it to be clean.

Not even caring if she is unseen.

A feeling of hope fills my mind.

She is no longer behind.

A smile spreads on my face.

But still wishing I could take her place.