The Other Winchester – Part 8

Tell me again, how I managed to get talked into this "Dean said incredulously to Sam as he tugged at the bow tie around his neck.

"That would be because you can't say no to Haley," Sam answered with a smirk; remembering the conversation between his brother and sister as the argued over the party and her insistence that they had to wear tuxedo's. Dean hadn't been happy, his one and only experience at a party like this had been with Bella and it hadn't ended well. They had almost been unable to deal with the angry spirit that they had been trying to gank because she had double crossed them.

"Right" he replied with a grimace. Still tugging on his collar; Dean looked around nervously and said "Where is our sis anyway? I thought that she would have been down by now" never feeling quite comfortable not knowing where she was, the events of the previous week still weighing heavily on him.

Sensing his brothers thoughts Sam said "She's fine, apparently, the guest of honour never arrives on time to these parties"

Scanning the large crowded ball room; Dean could see Bobby chatting with Haley's adopted father. He had been fully prepared to hate him but, he was a good man. His sister had realised that the O'Donnell's weren't to blame for what had happened to her growing up. So, as she had made her peace with them, Dean found that he actually liked them too.

Plucking a shrimp roll from a passing server; he asked "Um, where's Cas?"

"With Haley, apparently, he's her date" Sam answered waiting for the expected hysterical outburst from Dean, he wasn't disappointed.

"Her WHAT!" Dean said as he choked on the shrimp roll that he had just swallowed. Laughing and patting Dean on the back Sam said "Yeah, she asked him yesterday"

"Why couldn't one of us be her date?"

"Well and I quote "l love you both but you are driving me insane, everywhere I turn one of you two are attached to my hip, I figured that if I had Cas attached to my hip for the night maybe you could relax and have some fun" there was also some comment about pretty girls, getting laid and there being lots of bedrooms in this house"

"So, not a real date then?"

Pushing his hands in his pockets Sam rolled on the balls of his feet thinking how best to approach this topic in a way that wouldn't send Dean hurtling up stairs, pausing for a moment he took a deep breath and said "Would that be a bad thing"

With a look that clearly said "ARE YOU INSANE!" Dean responded with a "HELL YES, I mean come on Sammy, Cas is great, he is my friend but he's a YOU KNOW WHAT. How the hell would that work?"

"Well, it seemed to work just fine with you, and Anna, Dean! Also, weren't you the one who tried to get Cas laid a couple of months ago" Sam responded seriously.

"That was different, end of the world stuff; plus that was me not Haley" Dean looked at Sam angrily and said "Yeah, getting Cas laid would have been a good thing, doesn't mean I want to get him laid by my SISTER"

"All right Dean, I get the picture, you don't think it would be a good idea. It's not like either of them have said that they are anything other than friends, I just get this feeling when I look at them. I think they'd be good together. Dean, you know that Cas would go to hell and back to protect her..." Not allowing Sam to finish "Yeah, well he can do that just as well as her friend"

Glancing towards the door; Sam could see that Haley had arrived with Castiel on her arm. As she made her way into the ball room she looked over and caught his eye and smiled. Sam felt his stomach clench at how lovely his sister was; dressed in a long green evening gown with her hair piled high on her head, an emerald necklace the colour of her eyes hanging around her neck, she looked like a princess. Closing his eyes for a moment, he couldn't shake the image of Haley strapped to Alistair's table, bloodied and broken, almost dead. He knew that that image would follow him around for a long time, but to look at her tonight, you would think that she didn't have a care in the world; nobody would know that she woke up screaming every night afraid to be alone. It was going to be sometime before she recovered emotionally from the horror of that experience.

Sam followed her progress as she made her way towards them, watching as she stopped periodically to say hello to people that she knew, friends or acquaintances and always taking the time to introduce Castiel. Nudging Dean he said "Look" and pointed to where Haley and Cas were approaching.

As they reached them Dean smiled suddenly and said "Hey sis, you don't look bad in that dress"

Stepping in to give him a hug and a light kiss on the cheek she replied with a cheeky smile and sparkling eyes "See, the tuxedo is your friend, I gotta tell you big brother, you look kinda hot." Turning from Dean to Sam she found herself pulled into his arms for a tight hug "looking good Hales"

Turning to Castiel; Dean said "Cas, looking good" his expression tense. Castiel simply looked at him with a quizzical expression and replied "Thank you"

Sensing a slight tension in Dean; Haley looked at him with a slight frown and asked "are you okay Dean you seem a bit tense" Before Dean could reply and say something that would get him murdered by his sister Sam nudged Dean sharply with his elbow. This earned him a glare from Dean and Haley saying "You two haven't been fighting have you because you're supposed to be having fun"

"Nope, not fighting just a friendly debate, nothing you need to worry about, right Dean?"

"No nothing you need to worry about" with a glance at Castiel which clearly said "we'll talk later"

Knowing that they weren't going to tell her what was going on Haley turned to Castiel taking his hand she said "Come on Cas, let's put those dance lessons I've been giving you to some use" Stopping suddenly she turned back to Dean; walking up to him she pulled him down to speak into his ear, although did so loud enough for Sam and Castiel to hear. "Dean, see the blonde over there in the corner, I think she's just you're type. Maybe if you get laid tonight, you'll stop being so tense and grumpy" Sam let out a quick burst of laughter, whilst Castiel simply grinned slightly in Dean's direction. Hearing, Sam's laugh she turned to him and said "You too, but clearly with a different girl, because you know that would be weird" Not waiting to hear her brothers reply she turned and pulled Castiel onto the dance floor.

"Oh my God, she is going to KILL ME. I swear, she says things like that so she'll give me a heart attack. I should take her up to her room and spank her for that comment"

Laughing Sam said "Remember Dean, she's an adult so there will be no spanking. You know she's right don't you, you are kinda tense"

"Yeah, she's right; but it's too weird having your sister tell you that you need to get laid"

Grabbing two glasses of champagne from the nearest server; Dean raised an eyebrow to Sam and said "Dude, she's totally right!" with that he sauntered over to the hot blonde that Haley had pointed out to him. Sam continued to watch him for a moment; chuckling as Dean, with a cocky grin, introduced himself to the young woman and handed her the second glass of champagne.

"Sam, what are you doing standing here all alone?" Haley's adoptive mother Joanna said "Come, I've got someone I'd like you to meet" With a final glance at Haley and Dean, Sam let himself be led away.

Pulling Castiel behind her, Haley made her way on to the dance floor. As soon as they found a clear spot she turned and stepped into his arms. Looking up into his solemn eyes she said "Just like we practiced" She placed one of his hands on her waist and taking the other in her hand, finally placing her remaining hand on his shoulder. Sensing that there was something wrong she looked at Castiel expectantly and said "What's wrong Cas, don't you want to dance with me?" a slightly hurt tone to her voice.

"Yes, I very much wish to dance with you. It is Dean; he appears to be upset with me. I am unsure why?"

Following Castiel's gaze Haley located her brother deep in conversation with the blonde that she had pointed him too "He looks fine to me. In fact he looks like he's going to get the opportunity to work out the tension he's been carrying around. It's been a stressful time Cas, he probably just needs to relax, I wouldn't worry" Stepping closer to Castiel with a small laugh she said "We're on the dance floor, so we should probably dance, people will think we're kinda weird"

Tightening his grip on Haley waist; Castiel started to move in time to the music just as Haley had taught him. He was finding it more and more difficult to be away from this woman and could not understand the emotions running through him, unknown and never experienced before.

"Very good Cas, you're a natural" Haley said with a wide happy smile.

They danced like that for a while, laughing when they would stumble; picking up their timing again after they had stopped, on and on around the dance floor they went. Never noticing Sam's occasional glances and the smiles of the other party goers as they looked at the young couple having so much fun, oblivious to all else around them.

"Okay Cas, I gotta stop, I'm pooped" Haley said "Human here, I don't have the same stamina as you. Let's take a walk" With that she stepped out of Castiel's arms, immediately feeling the loss of his warmth.

"Of course"

Linking her arm through his, they walked slowly together through the doors leading to the garden outside. Once there they sat side by side on a bench out of sight of the party inside.

Turning to Castiel; Haley suddenly shy said "Cas, can I ask you a question?" At his quick nod she continued "When I went to Hell to rescue Sam, I saw Lucifer in his true form. I thought that humans couldn't see angel's outwith their vessels, but I could see him. He was so beautiful. I can't understand how something so beautiful, could become so evil. Dean told me that a friend of his lost her sight with just a glimpse of you. Why could I see him, was it because it was only my soul that was there?"

"Seeing Lucifer in his true form should have burnt up your soul instantly. There are however, some very special people with the ability to see and hear angels without that happening. It would appear that you are one of them" Haley looked at him with shining eyes and said "Does that mean that I could see you in your true form?" At Castiel's nod she said "Will you show me?"

"Haley, I can't fully leave this vessel but I could show you a glimpse. Stretch my wings" remembering their conversation at breakfast a week ago. With a quick smile Haley nodded and said "Okay, that'll do then"

"Close your eyes, I do not want to take a chance of hurting you. We'll go slowly" Haley quickly closed her eyes and said "I'm ready" With that Castiel started to free himself from the confines of the vessel, his energy, his light pouring out. Haley could feel the warmth of him all around her a bright light beyond her closed eyes. Quietly she asked "Can I open my eyes?"

Castiel fearful for her safety said "Haley, I do not want to hurt you, maybe it would be best if you did not"

"You won't" Opening her eyes Haley looked straight into the most beautiful creature, wings a brilliant white surrounded by a glow of energy, so powerful yet so peaceful. She could feel Castiel's energy surrounding her and with a rush of emotion she cried at the beauty of her friend, he truly was a heavenly being. Castiel came back into his vessel and looked at the young woman before him; he placed a hand gently on her face and wiped away a lone tear. She truly was the most remarkable human being that he had ever met. When he looked at her he could understand why God had told the angel's to love humans, some of them were so very special.

Looking at Castiel with eyes clear and bright she said "You are so beautiful Castiel, surely you are the loveliest angel in the whole of heaven. Thank you" with that she bent to place a light kiss on his lips, a kiss so featherlike that it was barely a kiss, but to Castiel it was the most wonderful feeling that he had ever experienced. Leaning back against the bench, they sat quietly looking into the night for the longest time.

"Hey Sammy, whatcha doing?" Dean said coming up behind Sam. Sam turned to see his brother approach with the biggest smile on his face, looking more relaxed than he had seen him in a long time. "I see that you worked off some of that tension then!" Sam said.

"That I did Sammy that I did. Louise, Louise, Louise we had so much fun. She's a gymnast you know, very bendy"

"Ugh Dean, too much information" Sam said horrified, why does Dean always insist on putting images in his brain that gave him the intense need to stab himself in the brain with his knife and gouge out his eyes.

"So, where's Haley and Cas, I haven't been able to find them" Dean asked, he had been away from his sister for a while a needed to check that she was okay. Sam wasn't really willing to tell Dean that he had seen Castiel and Haley walk out into the garden quite some time ago and that they were yet to make an appearance. He was pretty sure that he would storm out there and upset Haley. In his mind if Castiel was who Haley wanted then it was fine by him, she deserved some happiness. So instead he said "I haven't seen them, but Haley's fine, I feel it" Dean suddenly stiffened looking over Sam's shoulder towards the doors to the garden a look of rage appearing on his face "Son of a BITCH!" He said in a low voice "I'm going to kill him"

Sam turned to see Haley and Castiel walking through the doors. Haley looked flushed and a bit rumpled, Castiel looked rather dazed "Oh SHIT" he said as Dean stalked towards the pair. Both of whom were oblivious to the impending explosion.

Stalking up to Haley; Dean grabbed her arm and started pulling her from the Ball Room. Turning to Castiel he said "Come on we need to have a little talk"

"What the hell is wrong with you Dean, let me go" Haley said unable to understand what was going on. Turning to Sam she said "Is he INSANE?" Shaking his head he said "Dean stop it you're making a scene" Not caring Dean continued on pulling his sister into the sitting room located opposite the Ball Room. There were a few people already there and Dean turned to them saying "Get out"

As soon as the other occupants of the room left; Dean turned viciously on Castiel saying "You're supposed to be my friend, how you could do that with my sister?"

Castiel thinking that Dean was talking about how he revealed his true form looked to the ground and said "It is what she wanted, I was very careful not to hurt her" Sputtering and shaking with rage Dean said "WHAT, you have SEX with my sister and then calmly tell me that you didn't hurt her. I'm gonna kill you, you SON OF A..."

"Oh my GOD, you idiot Dean, what the hell are you talking about. Cas and I didn't have sex, we were dancing and went out to the garden for some air, that's all"

"That's all huh, then what is he talking about" Dean said still shouting and looking murderously at Castiel. All the while Sam is looking on from his position at the door with a look which said, Dean you are so dead.

Shouting back Haley said "He showed me his true form, you idiot and before you start I asked him to and he WAS very careful that's all" Shaking with anger she continued on "Even if I did have sex with Cas it wouldn't be any of your business. Correct me if I'm wrong but, weren't you making very good use of one of the rooms upstairs fifteen minutes ago? Dean I'm Twenty eight and not a child. Who I chose to sleep with is my business and you have no right to embarrass me like this in front of my friend, your friend"

Storming up to the door she said "SAM GET OUT OF MY WAY AND DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT FOLLOWING ME!" Moving aside Sam let her out saying "What did I do?" But Haley was already half way up the stairs and moving out of sight.

Sam turned to Dean and Castiel; Dean looked deflated and more than a little embarrassed, Castiel looked like he wanted to disappear. "Well done Dean, you've really upset her this time"

Castiel understanding that Dean was only looking out for his sister, said "Haley is very special Dean and I care about her, but I would never disrespect her or our friendship by acting inappropriately"

Nodding Dean said "I'm sorry Cas, I don't know what came over me. I guess being a big brother to a girl is different, I'm still finding my way. You know that it's not because you are an angel that I have a problem with you being in a... "Struggling with the words he continued "relationship with my sister, it's because you're male and she's my sister. It wouldn't matter who it was"

"I understand"

Sam came to stand in front of Dean and said "Yeah, Cas may understand, but Haley is well and truly pissed at you. The way she looked just now you'll be lucky to persuade her to come home with us tomorrow; she may well decide to stay here. So you'd better get up there and do some serious grovelling and fix this"

Dean nodded and headed up the stairs.

Turning to Castiel; rubbing his neck to ease the tension Sam said "Cas, for what it's worth. If Haley wants to be with you then I'd be okay with it. I only want her to be happy and if that means with you then so be it. I wouldn't interfere."

Sensing the sincerity of Sam's words Castiel said "Thank you, but Haley can only ever be my friend. I am forbidden from having a relationship with a human woman. It is strictly forbidden and could mean banishment for me"

"Shit, that's harsh Cas."

"It is the Law" his simple reply at odds with the feelings in his heart.

Dean walked quickly up the stairs to Haley's suite. Not bothering to knock the door; he turned the handle and walked straight in. Not seeing his sister he made his way through the suite to her bedroom, once inside he turned towards the window to find his sister sitting on the seat, her knees tucked under her chin, a look of complete despair on her face.

"Damn it Haley I'm sorry I was an idiot"

"Go away Dean, I said that I don't want to talk to you" Haley said quietly not looking up from her place at the window. Coming up behind her; Dean placed a hand on her shoulder and said "I'm sorry Hales please forgive me. If you want I can go down and let Cas kick my ass into next week. I know I deserve it"

Softly Haley replied "Yes you do Dean. You really embarrassed me. Castiel is my friend" Looking up at him she said "Did you know that Castiel isn't allowed to be with a human woman? If he was then he would be banished from heaven and made too fall from grace, never being allowed back in. Even if he did want me, he could never act upon it and I would never ask him too."

Stunned Dean replied "You care about him more than a friend though don't you?"

"Yes, but I can only ever be his friend and that will have to be enough"

Hugging his sister he could feel the tension easing out of her body and her arms come up around his neck. They sat like that not saying a word knowing that there were no words that would make her feel better.

After a while there was a knock on the door and Sam shouted through "Is it safe to come in?"

Pulling out of Dean's arms Haley said "Yeah come in" Not seeing Castiel with him she said "Where's Cas?"

"He's gone off for now, said he'd be back in the morning to take us home"

"Is he okay?" she asked, concern evident in her voice "Yeah, he's fine. More worried about you though" was Sam's simple reply.

"That's just like him"

Turning to Dean and Sam; Haley said "I'm not really in the mood for the rest of the party. I'm going to have a shower and go to be. Could you tell my parent and Uncle Bobby that I'll see them in the morning" Getting up she slipped quietly from the room into the bathroom adjoining her bedroom.

"Well crap"


The next day Haley went to see her grandmother and say goodbye, promising to come home and visit soon. The prospect of returning was not so scary anymore. Leaving her grandmother she made her way downstairs to say goodbye to her parents. Her mother and father both saying that they were so glad that she came home and would miss her whilst she was away, telling her to take care they made their way back into the house, the house that Haley didn't feel a prisoner within anymore.

Walking up to her brothers, Uncle Bobby and Castiel she said "I'm ready to go home" Looking up at Castiel, Haley smiled and placed her hand on his shoulder and said "Let's go home".

In the next instant they were home.

Walking into the house; Haley placed her bag on the floor. Spying her helmet she grinned suddenly, walking to it she picked it up and retrieved her keys from the hook on the door. Picking up the Impala key's she walked outside to where the four guys' were talking. "Hey Dean CATCH!" looking up quickly he caught the keys and turned to Haley with a surprised expression. "WHAT?"

Getting on her bike as she put on her helmet; Haley looked directly at Dean and with a quick wink she said "Up for a rematch?"

Grinning and walking to the Impala he said "HELL YES" and got in. Shouting out the window to Sam "Sammy you coming or what, can't let the little girl beat the Winchester guys twice" Jogging over to the car, he got in and with a laugh said "What do you mean guys, she beat you Dean not me!"



"Hey guys, see you at the finish" Haley shouted and took off down the road. She didn't know what the future held and was sure that Lucifer wasn't finished with her or her brothers. Alistair had said that it was open season on the Winchesters and she didn't think that Alistair was going to be the only one coming after them. What she did know was that as long as they were together they could do anything. They were the Winchesters and it was their job to kick evils ass.


Authors Note: I hope that you enjoyed the introduction of Haley to the Winchester family. Let me know what you think.