Naruto: Winter Fox

NOTE: I adopted this story from Kurama Kuchiki; hope everyone likes the alterations I make to it. I'm also altering the ages a little to make everyone sixteen in this fic.

"Normal Speech"

'Normal Thought'

"Mental Communication"

"Demon/Large Summons Speech"

'Demon/Large Summons Thought'

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Chapter 1: The First Snowfall

The newly unmasked ninja, her voice full of pain, said, "I am useless as Zabuza's tool! Naruto…please…" she paused to meet the blond boy's eyes, "kill me."

Naruto stared at her for a moment in disbelief. 'How can she say that so calmly? How can she want to die?' He thought as he stumbled back in surprise.

"Why do you hesitate?" Haku demanded, taking a step forward to close the gap again. "I thought you wanted to be a great ninja?"

Naruto shook his head. "How can you say that? Do you really believe that's all there is to it?" he yelled. "Fighting and killing until there's only one person left standing?" His voice softened a bit. "There's a lot more to being shinobi than that. There are more ways of showing your strength than beating someone in battle."

Haku felt her lips twitch into the start of a sad smile. "I've had this feeling ever since we met in the woods…that you and I, are a lot alike. Maybe in another life we could have been friends…maybe even more." she paused with a sad smile. "You know what it is I'm talking about. I'm only sorry that it is you that will have to stain your hands with my unworthy blood."

Naruto gritted his teeth. "This…this is the only way?"

"Yes." Haku insisted calmly, her voice falling dead to the young blonde's ears.

'You've lost your dreams…and ask me to kill you!' Naruto bowed his head. 'The both of us are caught in this…as shinobi…' "The weird thing is that you're right; if we'd met under different circumstances, we probably would have been friends…" The blonde said out loud to receive a small nod of agreement from the girl.

Pulling a kunai from the pouch on his leg, Naruto started towards the other, raising his arm as if for a single slash across the throat.

Haku watched him, feeling oddly content. 'He will become strong. Naruto, fulfill your own dreams! Protect those that are precious to you.'

The blond drew close. 'You think I can kill you Haku, but you don't understand! I won't kill you, not for that man! If I hit you with the flat of the kunai, I can knock you out! That should be enough!' He began to swing his arm down…

"Your future is death!" shouted the voice of Hatake Kakashi

Haku's head snapped up as the words carried to her. 'Zabuza-sama!'

"Sorry Naruto, change of plans!" Haku yelled, catching the arm and whirling the unsuspecting boy around. "I'm not ready to die quite yet!" She quickly began forming seals with one hand. 'I have been foolish! How can I ask for a merciful death, when Zabuza-sama still needs me? My last breath belongs to him!'

There was a swirl of mist as Haku disappeared; releasing Naruto from the hold she had had on his arm. Naruto stumbled and stared dumbstruck at the spot where Haku had been seconds before. 'Where…!'

Suddenly, he felt his body shudder. It felt as if all his energy had suddenly disappeared. 'What's happening?' Naruto wondered. 'Whatever, it's used up almost all my chakra! And I still have to find Haku!'

To his surprise the fog was lifting. He glanced down the bridge and saw…

His breath stuck in his throat. Kakashi and Zabuza were stood staring each other down. Between them stood the blood-drenched body of Haku, Kakashi-sensei's hand punched through her chest. She jumped in to save Zabuza! Naruto realized.

"I never realized what a useful thing I had picked up that time!" Zabuza was saying, while hefting his sword back.

He intends to cut through Haku and Kakashi-sensei both!

"HAKUUUUUU!" Naruto screamed, watching as Zabuza's blade swept down.

At the last second, Kakashi jumped out the way, taking Haku's body with him. Dropping to his knees he laid the girl out on the floor carefully. Quickly, Naruto ran over to them both and dropped to his knees beside Kakashi. The girl was spitting up blood, and there was a gaping hole right through her lung.

"Haku…" Naruto murmured. He turned to his sensei; Kakashi had a sad look on his face. "Is she going to live?"

Kakashi looked away from the blonde's anxious face. "Stay here Naruto. This fight is between me and Zabuza." He stood up and walked past the blond, though a hand fell on Naruto's shoulder for a second and squeezed in what was supposed to be a comforting gesture.

Naruto turned his gaze on the girl, who looked up at him with happy eyes. "Naruto…"

"Naruto!" Sakura yelled, running over with Tazuna in tow. "You're alright! I'm glad. Is Sasuke with you?"

Naruto's face dropped and he yanked his gaze away from her eager one. "Naruto…" he heard her whisper, as if in question, or perhaps realization. He heard her run away down the bridge.

Haku looked up at the blond, whose face was fixed on the ground. "I'm…sorry…"

Naruto turned his gaze onto the girl. "Hey, you ought to be preserving your strength! Don't talk right now!" He grabbed one of Haku's hands.

The black haired girl smiled, even as a sudden wailing cry rose up. It sounded as if Sakura had found Sasuke. Naruto closed his eyes for a second, trying to push back the tears.

"You'll see…" Haku said his voice barely a whisper. Naruto opened his eyes to look at him again. "Naruto-kun…remember that I died…fulfilling my purpose. It was…a…honor…" the girl trailed off.

Around Naruto things slowed to a stop; the hand he held was cold. "Haku-chan…" he murmured as the girl's eyes slid shut and her chest stopped rising.

"HAKU!" he yelled. Red fiery chakra spilled over his hands, bathing Haku's body in its glow. Time for Naruto seemed to stop and go black.

"Do you want to save her kit?" the Kyuubi asked.

Naruto's vision returned and he found himself before a huge iron gate with a piece of paper holding it shut. The word seal written on it. Looking further into the cage he could see two crimson eyes.

"You can save her!" Naruto yelled back. "Heal her now!"

"I can save her, but to do so she will have to become your mate." Kyuubi replied. Naruto listened quietly. "You will also have to tear part of the seal off."

"Why would she have to be my mate?" Naruto asked.

"To save her, you need to mix your chakra and blood, along with my chakra, over her wound. By doing so you two will be bonded, making you mates," replied Kyuubi in a matter-of-fact tone.

'So this is the only way to save her?' Naruto silently thought.

"Yes, and remember; I can hear what you are thinking, hmhmmhmmhm!" an amused Kyubi chuckled.

"Fine I'll do it." growled out the blonde, not seeing any other choice.

"Hahaha. Excellent, now let's begin. Cut your hand and place it on the hole in her chest." Naruto cut his hand and held it to the fatal wound. "Now channel you chakra and mine through your hand and into her." He quickly channeled his chakra, but he was having some trouble in channeling Kyuubi's, but he was able to manage it. As the two chakras and the blood mixed with the wound a blue light surround both the blonde and Haku.

(Elsewhere on the bridge)

Gatou had appeared on the bridge with a small army of thugs with him.

"So, the demon of the mist is defeated? You're nothing but a little puppy devil. Luckily, I wasn't planning on paying you anyway. See, missing-nin are just so much easier then village shinobi to deal with. All you have to do is wait until they're done, then you can kill them while they're weak. Not only do I not have to pay them, but I can actually turn a pretty profit by claiming the bounties on their heads." he finished with a twisted smirk before turning to his men, "I'll double the pay to the man that brings me Zabuza's head. Hahaha," laughed the diminutive crime lord

With a quick look at each other, Zabuza and Kakashi nodded.

"Kakashi, I see no reason to fight you now, but I still haven't killed anything yet, so how about a little wager? Say, first one to kill Gatou wins?" it's at this point everyone froze. It wasn't because of what Zabuza said, but because they can feel the chakra that was coming off of Naruto. They looked over to see the blue light spinning around Naruto and the downed form of Haku.

'What is this chakra? It's as powerful as the Kyuubi's, but it doesn't feel evil.' the copy-nin wondered silently.

'What is this power?' Zabuza started but before he could think farther Gatou spoke again.

"Kill them all now!" the tyrant of a businessman yelled.

Kakashi and Zabuza quickly began to cut down the thugs like they were dogs.

Later, at the end of the bridge, after Gatou was killed, lay Zabuza. "Looks like I win Kakashi. Heheheh." the ex-mist-nin chuckled softly. He stopped after a second and said in a sad, low voice, "Kakashi, I want to see her."

"I'll take you to her," Kakashi mumbled as he picked up the missing-nin. He carried Zabuza over to where the bright light once was. The copy-nin saw the two laying teens on the ground, Haku completely healed and Naruto by her side. He gently placed Zabuza on Haku's other side.

'What's going on here? Did Naruto heal her, and why does his chakra seem so different? More importantly how could he heal her? He doesn't know any medical jutsu. Guess I'll have to ask him when he wakes up.'

Zabuza cut through his thoughts as he spoke up. With a voice that sounded extremely tired he spoke, "Kakashi, I don't know how, but your brat healed Haku. Will you take her with you? She doesn't like to take a life…maybe in your village she can live a normal life and be happy." he finished with a small tear running down his face.

"Yeah, I'll let her come if she wants."

"Thank you. Tell the blonde gaki that…Kubikiri Hōchō is his now….The final thanks of a…failure of a father…to the man…who saved…his… dau…." breathed out the former swordsman with pained breaths until the soul of Momochi Zabuza, The Demon of the Mist, left this earthly coil in a final breath.

'I'll watch over her for you Zabuza, and I'll pass on your message to Naruto. It is the least that I can do for a worthy foe. But first I need to get everyone back to Tazuna's.' the one eyed nin thought as he walked over to his other students. Only to stop as he saw Sasuke lying dead on the ground; Sakura was crying on his chest. "NO! Not again! No I couldn't have failed again!" Kakashi started forward with tears in his eyes when a dry low voice reached his ears.

"Sakura, get off…you're heavy." Sasuke rasped.

"Sasuke! You're alive! You're alive!" screamed Sakura as she hugged him, while the injured Sharingan wielder yelled for her to stop.

Kakashi couldn't help but give his eye smile. All of his students were alive and safe. He turned to see the town's people gathering.

(A few days later)

Naruto awoke to see he was in Tazuna's house. As he started to sit up images of the other day flashed in his mind.

Flashback No Jutsu

Naruto watched as the blue light covered him and Haku. A few minutes later his body started to hurt. A second after that his body felt like it was on fire.

"Kyuubi, what's going on!" the blonde cried as he heard laughter.

"Well kit, since my chakra is running wild in your body right now, I decided to do some remodeling," laughed Kyuubi.

"WHAT! You baka fox! Stop whatever you are doing!" Naruto screamed.

The laughter stopped and a low growl took its place. "Listen here you hairless ape! All I'm doing is giving you a kekkai genkai. I will not have my container being some weak child who can't even defend himself! Besides, if I didn't and you used my chakra again it would literally tear you apart from the inside out. "

"Ooh, really? I'm getting something that could show Sasgay up?" asked a very hopeful Naruto. Kyuubi ignored him in favor of explaining the changes.

"Your kekkai genkai will have three parts; body, chakra, and eyes. Now what they do is…."

Flashback No Jutsu Release

Naruto was pulled from his thoughts by a voice at the doorway.

"So are you feeling better?" Naruto turned to see Kakashi standing there with his eye smile.

"I'm fine, but what about Haku? Is she alright?" asked the slightly worried teen.

"Well Haku is fine, but she's at Zabuza's grave right now" said the one eyed Nin with an eye smile. "But what I would like to know is how you healed her and what happened to change your appearance?"

Naruto shifted, uneasy about what to tell his sensei. "I made a bond with her; and it linked us together, sort of like clan members. That bond was what healed her. I can't go into exact details about it yet, I'm not even sure I understand it completely myself." He decided to leave out most of his new bloodline, he would tell the old man and Haku first. He also thought it best to tell Haku about them being mates before telling anyone else. "I guess it also altered my body a little." he chuckled as he looked himself over

A little would be an understatement. He had shot up a few inches to stand at a good 5'9" instead of his previously short 5'5," and blonde hair had darkened a shade or two to appear more of a deep gold than the previous sun-kissed blonde guess. His usually deep cerulean blue eyes had lightened into a cool iceberg blue. His nails had grown out a bit to appear more like claws and his whisker marks had deepened a little. All in all he was still recognizable as his old self, but still looked quite a bit different.

'He's hiding something, but he seems to still be himself. I'll let it side, for now. He must be upset about seeing two of his friends 'die." thought Kakashi before smiling. "You know death is a part of being a ninja, but you should be happy we all survived."

"I know and I am. I just need to talk to Haku now." replied the blonde as he left.

Kakashi sat down wondering what he could do for his student. 'It must be tough, thinking he lost a teammate and then a friend. Which brings up another question, when did they become friends?'

(Elsewhere, a few moments later)

Naruto walked up to the girl who was sitting in front of a grave,Kubikiri Hōchō resting against the headstone. "I'm sorry for Zabuza's death. I wish there was something I could have done to prevent it." he said softly before sitting down beside her.

The two just sat in silence for a couple minutes until Haku began to sob "I should have died by his side." she sobbed out. "Why couldn't I just die!" she cried, her voice filled with misery.

She suddenly felt Naruto wrap his arms around her and pull her into his chest, whispering gently to her, "I'm sorry, but I was greedy. I didn't want you to leave me. You're the first person who understood what it was like to be hated for something you couldn't control. I-I just didn't want to be alone again." as he finished she felt a tear fall on the side of her face. As she looked up at him, she saw tears slowly leaking out of those beautiful blue eyes. He spoke softly, "I want you to come back with me. I want you to be me friend, to walk by my side. I want you to stay with me."

He felt her hands gently cup his cheeks and wipe away the tears that had begun to fall. "We two are so very alike. We both live with the pain of our pasts, and a burden we never asked to bear." she whispered as she gently pulled him into a hug, "I would like to be with you as well. I'd like to return to your village by your side." They sat there just enjoying the warm embrace for hours, feeling the warm comfort shared by just being so close to another person. As night began to fall the two decided to go back to the house to eat and get some sleep.

As they walked in they heard the banshee scream at them, "Naruto-baka! Where have you been? You just wake up and go missing all day with her." pointing at Haku with a look of disgust.

For the first time in recorded history, Naruto got angry at Sakura, his long time crush. Memories flew through his mind as he remembered all the times he'd shown the girl kindness only to receive pain and insults as his only thanks. He then thought of Haku, the kind, beautiful girl who had shown him true friendship and compassion. It was at that moment his crush died and he growled out, "Sakura why don't you just shut up for once in your life. As to where I was and who I was with. That is none of your damned concern." he finished and walked past a shocked Sakura. As he set at the table he saw Kakashi hadn't looked up from his book, and Sasuke was glaring at Haku.

"What's your problem teme." growled out the blonde.

"We should kill her, she's the enemy." snapped a rather angry Sasuke

"Yeah she tried to kill Sasuke, she shouldn't be here." came the faithful yip of his bubblegum haired fangirl.

"You're just angry, teme, because she beat you in a fight," snarled out Naruto, "and if you even think about laying a single hand on Haku I'll personally rip those damn eyes you're so proud of out of your head." finished the blonde with an audible snarl, getting a shocked look from both his fellow genin.

Meanwhile, Kakashi smiled softly behind his book, glad to see that the blonde understood what it meant to protect those he cared for. While he didn't particularly like seeing the young genin fight, he understood that friction like this was necessary and natural, though the level right now was a bit higher than normal, and hoped that it would simply die down with more experience. But for now, he had to side with his blonde student, the girl was a friend, and, as he taught them on their first day, 'those who abandon their friends are less than trash.'

"You can't talk to Sasuke-kun like that Naruto-baka!" shrieked out the enraged fangirl as she tried to bop the annoying blonde on the head like she usually did whenever he said anything she didn't like. She knew that the baka had a crush on her and wouldn't dream of doing anything in response, but this time she was dead wrong.

Naruto grabbed the incoming fist with his hand and turned icy blue eyes onto the shocked Haruno. "Listen well Haruno." he growled out scaring the pink-haired fangirl, "If you ever, and I mean EVER, try something like that again, don't be surprised if I hit back." he finished with a glare that nearly caused Sakura to piss herself.

'What the hell just happened?' thought a shocked Sakura. 'Naruto-baka isn't supposed to call me by my last name, and he certainly isn't supposed to threaten me. He's supposed to be my servant, my fanboy, my little lost puppy who should be grateful to just be in my presence. What the hell did that ice witch do to my puppy?'

By this point Kakashi had put his book down, deciding to stop the argument before anything serious happened. "Haku and Zabuza stopped being the enemy when Gatou tried to kill them. In the ninja world any enemy one day can be an ally the next. You all should remember that." Finished the silver-haired jounin in a serious tone, before he started reading his book again, giggling every now and then. The rest of the night went by quietly with Sasuke brooding, Sakura fawning over Sasuke while occasionally tossing a glare at Naruto and Haku, Kakashi reading his book, and Naruto and Haku making small talk. After a while they all want to bed as they still had nearly a month till the bridge would be finished.

As Naruto fell to sleep he founded himself in front of Kyuubi's cage. "Well Kit we have something to talk about. First you need to tell your mate about everything from my presence, to your bloodline, to her being your mate. Second when you get back to your village don't put your mask on, you will also be a weak fool if you do. Also you need someone to teach you taijutsu, something strong, something that can break bones and I also want you to start to work with a sword. Find a master to teach you both, the Hokage should be able to help you find one. Now leave I'm still tired from healing your mate and giving you your bloodline. You should probably spend the rest of the time here with your mate so she can show you how to use your new ice abilities." Before Naruto could reply he was thrown from his mindscape into a nice dream about him, Haku, and Hinata going for a walk around the park.

(The Next Morning)

Naruto awoke the next morning mumbling about baka foxes telling him what to do and weird dreams. 'Why would even have a dream about Hinata, I mean sure she's liked me for a long time and I've grown to like her. But what would the village do if she was with me and besides Haku is my mate I can't have them both. I don't think either would be happy about it.' As he was running throw his thoughts he heard laughter in his mind.

"Hahahahahaha. Kit, why not just take them both as your mates. You know demons take more than a single mate. As for Haku not being happy about you having another, we both have seen how she looks at Tsunami. No I think she'll be fine with you having another mate or two, as long as you love them. Hinata loves you and you love her. But first you need to grow strong to be with the ones you love."

"But there's no way for me to be with them both. Humans only can have one mate and even with the villagers telling me I'm a demon, I'm not." responded the blonde.

"Well you are right and you are wrong. To my understanding of the hidden villages, people with new bloodlines can have more than one mate. Something called the Clan Restoration Act or something like that. As for you not being a demon, you're mostly right, but also partially wrong. You aren't a demon but, thanks to your new bloodline, you're as close to being an ice demon as a human can be, while still being human.

"Great, that will make the villagers so happy! They finally get to be right about me being a demon, well partly right anyway." The blonde laughed sarcastically before letting out a long mental sigh. "Well at least I might be able to be with Haku and Hinata as long as they're both ok with it. Hey wait a minute. Exactly how are you talking to me when I'm still awake?"

"Well the piece of the seal you ripped off let's me speak to you. As well as see, hear, and smell what you do."

"Ok but why haven't you spoken to me before now and aren't you the demon that wanted to kill everything in my village. Why exactly are you helping me anyway?"

"I haven't spoken before now because I was recovering from helping you save your mate. Do you know how much energy it takes to heal someone near death and then absorb and remake a bloodline? A. LOT. Most of my fellow Biju couldn't do all that I did for you in a single day, let alone a few hours. As for me being an evil engine of mass destruction. I'm not evil, nor do I especially enjoy killing people. I'll gladly admit to liking to fight a bit too much, and being quite the hot-head, but I'm no slathering beast." Naruto could feel the sad smile cross the fox's face. "No at one time I was the guardian of the Fire Country, but that Hebi-teme put a very powerful genjutsu on me. It put me in to a feral rage and I attacked your village, but thankfully your Hokage sealed me away, breaking the genjutsu. As to why I'm helping you, well I feel responsible for your like turning out so crappy and I'd like to consider the help I'm granting you now my penance. So the bloodline and healing your mate are just my way of saying I'm sorry."

"Thank you, but I'll find that Hebi-teme and make him pay for disturbing you and messing with both our lives…." He was cut from his speech by a voice.

"You know breakfast is waiting for you downstairs." stated a gentle voice next to his ear. Naruto turned to see Haku smiling at him.

"I'll be down in a minute." responded the blonde with a warm grin.

After a few minute Naruto sat down at the table with everyone eating their food. "Alright team; we still have a few weeks till the bridge is finished. Sasuke you'll come with me to the bridge, Sakura you will watch over the house, Naruto you are free for the day, and Haku you aren't part of my team so you can do whatever you want." Kakashi told then.

Sasuke gave a short, "Hnn."

Sakura was upset she wasn't going to be with her Sasuke, before she got a twisted little idea. "Naruto-kun," she asked sweetly trying to play off her fanboy's affection for her, "would you mind taking over watching the house for me?"

Naruto snorted at that, a week ago he would have done anything for that voice, but that was then and this is now. He merely gave her a short glare before saying, "So you can go and stalk the Uchiha-teme, fat chance. I'm heading out to do some training, would you like to join me Haku-chan?" he asked warmly, thinking that this would be the perfect time to explain everything to Haku, and maybe learn a bit about his new ice abilities.

"Y-yes Na-Naruto-k-kun" responded Haku with a major blush. Naruto just looked at wondering why she was stuttering.

"Maybe you should stay here today" Naruto turned his head to see a blushing Tsunami. He started to hear Kyubi laughing

"Kyubi what did you do?" questioned a confused blonde

"Hahaha….Kit….Sorry kit…haha…but it looks like…haha….It looks like the alteration I gave you…haha…left you with a more...haha...a more primal aura that is making the females a bit woozy…Hahaha. Don't worry about Haku though, she shouldn't be affected since she's already your mate, she was probably thrown by you calling her chan"

"Oh great, this is all need, even more complications to my love life. Though considering a few day ago my love life consisted of merely being a pink-haired howler monkey's fanboy, any change is an improvement." "Um … No I need to train, so I'll be leaving now." he finished as he grabbed Haku and ran out the door.

(In The Forest)

Naruto and Haku had just made it to the forest. Now they were looking for a clearing to train in. "Haku I need to talk to you about something." Seeing Haku nod, Naruto took in a deep breath and began to tell her everything; about Kyubi, his life in Konoha, how he saved her, his new blood limit, and finally her being his mate. Haku stood there listening to everything. She was a little surprised that to save her he had turned her into his "mate" as he called it. But all in all she was happy that he told her all of this. She wasn't too upset about being his mate, she did like him, but she would have liked to know him better. She actually found herself hugging him gently as he finished.

"Well that a relief, she doesn't seem mad"

"See I told kit, she's fine with it. But you didn't tell her about Hinata. Of course that was probably wise; too much information could be pretty a bad thing right now. You will need to tell her before its too late."

"Yeah I know, but not now. I think we need to get started on our training" "Hay Haku I think we should get to training, maybe you can show me how to use some ice jutsus."

"Of course" replied Haku smiling warmly at the blonde.

She started to show him how to combine wind and water chakra to create ice chakra, but since Naruto had never gotten any training in elemental manipulation she first taught him the basic exercises for those two. After that she noticed how poor the blonde's chakra control was, and set out to help him correct that problem by teaching him the water walking exercise. They spent most of the day working on these exercises. It wasn't the type of training Naruto usually enjoyed, but he found himself liking it just because Haku was there with him. Both decided that Naruto was going to need some intensive training in order to improve.

(Back at Tazuna's, later that evening)

When they got back everyone was set at the table about to eat dinner. They set down quietly, most of the dinner want by quietly with Tsunami and Sakura looking a Naruto once in a while, have light blushes on their faces. Haku was glaring at Sakura, angry that the pink-haired girl who had mistreated her Naruto was looking him like that. Naruto decided to break the silence. "Ano...Kakashi-sensei, we don't have anything really important to do until the bridge is done, do we?"

"Well no, not until the bridge is finished in about another three or four weeks. Why do you ask?" ask as he let his eye fall on his student.

"Well I was planning on training for the rest of the time and maybe stay in the forest till we leave" replied Naruto.

"I have no problem with you training the rest of the time, but I don't think staying in the forest on your own is a good idea."

"It will help with survival training, having to find food and shelter, plus Haku will be with me."

"Alright, but I want you to check with us here every week. If you miss even a single one, I'll drag you back here myself and chain you down for the remainder, agreed." stated Kakashi getting a nod of agreement from the blonde.

Sasuke was pissed since the dobe was going to train the whole time while he had to stay there and watch over the stupid bridge, but then he realized that that meant the dobe wouldn't be able to bother him the rest of the time and he could get Kakashi to teach him a couple new jutsus. The rest of the dinner went by rather quietly, besides Sakura yelling about Naruto getting to train while Sasuke had to stay, before she was silenced by a combined glare from Haku, Naruto, and even Sasuke, mostly the teme not wanting her to blow his chance to get stronger. When dinner was done Naruto and Haku packed their supplies, said goodbyes to everyone and headed out.


End Chapter 1

Here's the first chapter of my adopted fic, the first half was mostly copy and paste work from the original, but I promise that it'll start getting original next chapter.