Chapter 11: Feels Like Tonight

Here it is! The final chapter! Bear with this insane fluff...hahaha, hope you guys enjoy it! You guys know me...I'm not prone to write tragedies with the best couple in the UNIVERSE!

February 13th


The trial was today, Luke was again with the neighbors, and I thought we were going to go in blindly with no alibi until eight o'clock in the morning…I found the file…it made total sense…I had to tell the others, but I'm meeting them at the courthouse. We have no time to rehearse. Today was also Takuya's flight…I couldn't help but let the pain of not seeing him for two weeks course through me. I still couldn't stop thinking about him and my nights have still been filled with tears. I couldn't think about him now though. The trial starts at ten and it's about nine when I get to the tall, Greek architect building made of beautiful marble. It was the most beautiful building here. As I walk up the multitude of front steps leading up to the front door, reporters are all trying to get whatever they can out of me. One does stop me and asks, "Are you confident about this trial, Miss Orimoto?"

I pause, but then flash her a smile and respond, "Yes."

I make my way inside finally and see Kouichi with Kristen. She was kissing him good luck and after, I walk inside our court with Kouichi. Kristen would be there soon, but needed to use the restroom. David and Trip had already set up our desk at the front of the court on the right side. Doctor Carter was in the stands waiting to be called as a witness. When I get over to the desk, I lay out a file with Peter's name on it and say to everyone, "I found the alibi."

"What? Really?" David says with a bright smile.

"Yes, Peter Stone was visiting Doctor Carter, to plan a transsexual surgery in the summer! I told you that him being feminine played a part in this," I say to Kouichi.

Kouichi rolls his eyes, but smiles. "It's all there! Incredible!" he pulls me into a tight bear hug. As the trial is about to begin, Robert Stone walks in wearing cuffs. He was innocent…crazy, but innocent, and I was willing to prove it.


I crashed at Kouji's place for the past week and it was kinda nice of him…Kouji's not usually nice. Well, I was packing my bags to leave for my eleven o'clock flight to New York. Yea, I didn't want to go, but I just didn't have the heart to face Izumi after what I said…or didn't say to her. God, I felt like a scared little dog with his tail caught in between his legs. The TV was on behind me, but I wasn't really paying attention to it, because I was looking all over for my sketchbook. I have no idea where I put that thing.

"Are you confident about this trial, Miss Orimoto?"

That caught my attention. I swing around to face the television set and see Izumi, looking gorgeous in her black, lawyer suit, answer, "Yes," with a confident smile on her face. I can't help but smile too. She found the alibi…no surprise there. This girl could do everything.

Just then, Kouji comes in the guest room where I was staying and asks, "You ready?"

"Just a second, I can't find my sketchbook," I say while checking under the bed and in the drawers.

"You mean the thing on the coffee table in the living room?" Kouji asks with a raised eyebrow.

I glance at him and roll my eyes, "I knew that's where I left it."

"Sure," my friend responds dully, "well, we gotta get going to the airport."

"Right," I reply and grab all my things, following him out the door. We load my bags in the trunk of his blue Lexus and take off. I stared out the window and just tried to ignore that gut wrenching feeling I suffered just by not being with Izumi. I can't believe I've fallen for her so much…it seemed like only yesterday we hated each other. I recalled our first date, when she flipped out on me for being the dick that I was. If I could, I would have liked to go back and actually get her to like me night. I feel like I screwed big time there too…I could've had more time with her. But I wasn't looking for a relationship then! I didn't want to fall in love or anything, but I guess when people say 'love surprises us', they're not lying. Damn, people are smarter than I thought. When I finally begin to pay attention again to my surroundings, I notice we're not anywhere near the airport! "What the hell? Is this the courthouse? Kouji, are you an ass?" I fume.

"No," Kouji responds bluntly, but adamantly, "I'm your best friend and I'm freaking helping you."

"Oh, really, how? By wanting me to suffer?" I growl.

"No," he replies again sternly, "you and I both know that if you get on this plane, you are going to regret it for the rest of your pitiful life, and guess who's going to have to hear you whine and moan every hour on the hour about it? Me. I am not going to go through what I went through this week again! If I hear another 'Oh, I love Izumi!' or 'I can't function without her' I might have to swallow a bullet. Takuya, stop being such a coward and get the hell in that courthouse and tell the girl how you feel! You have never been the scared one, that's Kouichi's job. You have to go in there and win her heart back. What happened to the damn confidence of yours? God, do I have to explain everything to everybody!"

I just blink. Okay, wow. I have never heard Kouji make more sense in my life. I find myself nodding. Kouji nods with me and then shoves me out of his car. Again with the shoving…Before making a run up the stairs of the courthouse, I glance back at my friend and call, "Hey, Kouji…I owe ya." I cast him one of my killer smiles, "And this confidence isn't gone yet!"

With that I take off, but not without hearing Kouji mutter: "Yea, someone should give me an award for being the smartest asshole alive. God, I'm good,"


Okay, David just finished cross-examining a witness on the prosecution side. He nailed it. Totally wiped the floor with this 'witness', but now it was my turn to clean up. I had to make sure this was good. David walks back to the bench and gives me a nod. I stand up and say, "Defense calls Doctor Carter to the stand." Doctor Carter smirks as he drags his stupid self up to the stand where he continued to wear his cocky grin.

"Defense may begin," the judge, a bigger woman of African American decent, said in almost a yawn.

"Doctor Carter," I start, "Robert Stone has been a patient of yours for how long?"

"Three years." He answers.

"And what exactly do you do? What is your profession?" I continue while glancing at the files in my hand.

"I'm a plastic surgeon." He responds casually.

"And-," I was just about to state the alibi when the court door swing open and everyone in the room turns around.

"Wait! Izumi!" Oh my God…it's Takuya…this can't be happening. Not here, not now!

People begin whispering to themselves and I see Kristen's face go completely pale along with Kouichi's. David is just looking from Takuya to me, then back to Takuya as if in disbelief. I had to admit…it was so good seeing his handsome face again…Wait a second-"Don't you have you're flight, Takuya?" I whisper.

"Screw the freaking flight!" he exclaims and runs up to me, panting. He bends over to catch his breath in front of me and I just glance about the talking courtroom awkwardly.

"Order!" the judge begins to hit her gravel against the stand, "Order in my court! Who are you boy?" the bigger lady demands with an eyebrow lifted all the way up and her eyes were totally fixed on Takuya, who just stands there like a moron speechless. "Say somethin', or else I'll have my guards arrest you."

"No, wait!" Takuya says, stands up straight again, and hold his hands out in front of him as if asking her to settle down, "I have something really fast…to say to Izumi, and it's really important. I mean, I just have to say this ma'am."

The lady glares at him to me, then to him again, before settling back in her seat and replying, "Well, go on! I don't have all day, boy!"

"Okay," Takuya turns fiercely to me and I can't help but avoid his intense stare. He lift my chin up to face him and says, "Please, just hear me out. I know I don't deserve your time, but I just need you to listen."

I pause. I see that all eyes are on us, but to me, I'm here alone with him. This room full of people disappears and I mutter, "I'm listening."

"Alright, Izumi, one thing I will do for you and just that one thing," he starts, "everything. That is what I'll do for you. Everything. Everything I possibly can to keep you happy and to keep you with me, which means I'm not going to New York without you. I'm not. I wouldn't. Why would I? You really do mean everything to me in my life and I know that now…I love everything about you with everything inside of myself. There is absolutely nothing not to love about you. I love all of you so, so much." he smile brightly at me and continues, "You are perfect. Don't try and say otherwise either, because whatever you say to indicate or lead to saying that you aren't perfect is a lie. You are perfect. No matter what you say. Izumi, I am in love you with. I am completely and uncontrollably in love with you."

I can't even begin to respond. I'm utterly shocked! In a good way. Was I dreaming? Was this really happening to me? I see Takuya continue to smile brightly with his beautiful smile that makes me just want to melt in his arms. I manage to bring my trembling hand to his cheek and he closes his own hand around it.

"Damn," I hear the voice of the judge mutter and it was then I remembered about the rest of the courtroom, but I can't even think about breaking my gaze off of Takuya. "Well, girl? Kiss the damn boy!" the lady demands.

I finally manage to smile back and as soon as I do, Takuya pulls me into his arms and brings his lips to mine with all he has. It still felt so right, and I knew that he meant every word he said. We can hear the judge beginning to applaud and along with her the entire courtroom. When I realize, I blush madly, but Takuya is relentless in letting me go. Finally we part for air and I see Kristen in tears, but clapping her heart away. David is clapping slowly, still somewhat shocked, Kouichi is whistling and cheering, and Kouji, who I did not even notice come in, was propped up against a wall with arms folded in front of his chest as he smirked. I look back at the larger, African American judge also clapping away while brushing away a few tears. Soon she pounds her gravel against her stand, "Alright, order."

The courtroom settles down and she continues looking at Takuya with a small smile, "I think you've disrupted my trial enough. Why don't you sit in the stands while your girlfriend finishes up."

"Will do," Takuya says happily and kisses me quickly on the lips before running to a seat next to Kristen.

"Alright, where was I," I have to take a minute to collect my thoughts, but my elated smile never leaves my lips. I can still feel them burning from Takuya's touch. "Oh, right…"

One Week Later


I watched Izumi holding Luke in her arms with paperwork she had filled out to fully adopt the kid. Yea…I guess I'm a dad…weird, but I couldn't be happier. Kristen, Kouji, Kouichi, and Tommy were all here in order to celebrate. I was in the kitchen with Tommy preparing the steak we had grilled up in the back yard. I can't believe I won her back. I just cannot believe it. I've told her that everyday and she responds with, "You should have known that I was in love with you too." Hearing her say that just made all my worries run away.

"Takuya, focus. You're about to cut your finger off," Tommy says and catches my knife just as I indeed was about to cut off a piece of my own flesh.

"Oh, crap," I say and jerk my finger away, "thanks."

Just then, Kristen walks over with a glass of wine in her hand. She shakes her head in my direction and says, "I still can't believe that the toughest judge in town, let you make that speech in front of everyone…Pretty impressive by the way."

I shrug, "I have to be honest…it was the old Kanbara charm. My family's had it for years."

"Yeah, whatever dumbass," she replies and rolls her eyes.

Everyone was eating, having a a good time, but I decided to get their attention. "Hey guys! I actually have something else to say!" I shout and walk over to where Izumi was in the living room. They all follow curiously. "Izumi," start and whirl her around, directing her attention to me. She glances at me with bright eyes and waits for me to continue. From my pocket I take out a small velvet box and get on one knee. Opening it, Izumi has to cover her mouth with her hands while I continue, "I know we didn't exactly start on the right foot here, but I want to make sure we end right. I can't see myself loving or wanting anyone but you, so I thought I would just save us some time and ask you to do me the honor of marrying me right now. Will you marry me?"

Izumi smiles and places a hand on my cheek and nods enthusiastically while saying, "Yes!"

Our friends cheer and I get back on my feet. It's funny, but I feel as if Diana and Charlie planned all of this. From the moment they signed my name and Izumi's name as Luke's guardians, it's almost as if they knew...they knew we would end up together. I wish I could thank them, and when Luke gets older I'll have to thank him too. I feel like that junior over there also brought Izumi and I together and I really can't think of any better why to thank him, other than to take care of him, so I found it absolutely great that Izumi wanted to keep him. I have no problem with our family. It all turned out to be a lovely mess.

Corny enough for y'all. Thought so, hahaha, anyway, I have some smart readers...I was pretty impressed by your predictions in your reviews. Most of them were pretty much on point. Anyway, I'll probably now finally finish up my other story A Beautiful Sin, get that out of the way, because I have a new idea I'm outlining. Probably won't be out until January, but hopefully I'll be done by A Beautiful Sin by then too. Okay, thanks to all my reviewers and readers out there! You guys are great:) I'll see you all around!