The laboratory


In an alternate world where Feys a never aging human like beings with animal characteristics are enslaved and treated like puppets by Easter a huge corporation with a dirty secret , when Ikuto Easters most powerful fey gets a little to close to finding what that secret is gets punished ,what is that punishment well… its to train Amulet katacos a little fey who seem to be more special then meets the eye's. (My first story so Please be nice) Fantasy/Romance/Humor/Songfic/ActionFic/ might as well call it the everythingfic Jk! OH and its definately an Amuto.

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The putrid smell of chemicals bounced off the sound proof walls, the walls that have so masterfully ,and skillfully kept the sounds of pain, and scenes of horror hidden away from the public the oh ,so clueless

Public ,the human public who doesn't give a dang for our kind ,The public who wouldn't bat their eye's if they knew what this hell hole of a company forces' us to do to the- sigh

I shouldn't think like this ,if anything I should blame this place ,I should blame Easter.

Let me introduce my self my name is Tsukasa Amakawa I am one of Easters scientist and probably one of the only Wolf Feys you'll see in this Dump , and well as you can see I happen to have a strong distain for this place Which happens to be Easters laboratory my job you see to unfortunately distribute power enhancing medicine for Feys, how is it unfortunate you ask… heh!...well because after the fact you are injected with it you die of course ... Though this isn't the case for all Feys there have been a few cases where a fey actually survives ,and well it is what it is it enhances your power that is if you survive and of course if you're a fey ,but we haven't been having much luck lately .

I sighed in defeat staring at the ten containment tanks five of the ten , each containing a fey ,the other five empty... like I said we haven't had much luck… "Tsukasa!" my ears twitched "yes.." I replied, discovering the voice belonged to Yuu Nikaidou another fey doomed to work here in the Easter laboratory ,"fey number five just died"he said his voice monotone I gave him a sad smile.

The loud bubbling of the Tanks seemed to be softer now one shorter "how sad is it i give you the simplest of jobs and you always seem to mess it up" a much deeper voice said , I smiled "Gozen sama how delightful for you to join us " I answered sarcastically, Nikaidou smirked at my remark, Gozen simply rolled his eyes "that smart mouth of yours" he said glairing at me ,I smiled some more and replied " my apology sir" my demeanor again sarcastic, his face as always was scrutinizing, Yukari Sanjo walked in , late I must add I smiled and waved, she gave me a warning look realizing what was going on.

Gozen who was officially pissed looked at me "I didn't come here to play games!" my smile couldn't get any bigger ,"but I thought we were having fun Gozen sama" his face turned five different shades of red ,and sadly to say he was not in anyway blushing "Careful there old man we dont want that blood pressure to get too high" i grinned.

StrawberryWolfey: By the By the Gozen in my story is actually Gozens Grandpa Rather then being Hikaru himself just lettin ya know.

Gozen smiled and at this I was a little freaked out ,I didn't show it though "If I wanted this bull shit I would of went to Ikuto" he said I had to smile again at this, Nikaidou sighed "Gozen sama what did you come here for "he asked ,"Why I have a little present for you" he answered signaling for his guards to come closer, Nikaidou automatically put his arm out to shelter yukari , I sniffed the air there was a distinct and familiar odor.

Gozen had his guards hold the supposed present out, Gozen smiled "Can you believe the parents were hiding it, one of my two strongest Feys hiding this from me and the best part is that there are five more of these" he said having his guard hold the present out , it was then that I realized that the present wasn't a present at all.

warmth was emanating from the bundle which was down right odd ,but what really caught my attention was that the bundle was rising and lowering as if it were breathing then realization hit me this man was absoulutely crazy, Yukari immediately took the bundle and cradled it between her and nikaidou"I want you to inject it with enhancement today" this was ridiculous "Hold her down" i yelled at Nikaidou as Yukari made a lunge for Gozens neck.

"NO!" yukari yelled holding the bundle safely to her chest ,"Of course you will " he said smiling, Nikaidou was ticked"we won't" he said his voice was no longer care free he was serious.

Gozen simply smiled ,signaling guards with hand motion ,I growled one of them went behind yukari the other grabbing hold of Nikaidou "I think you have no choice" Gozen said ,again signaling the guard, A gun was pointed to yukari head "I will kill her if you don't obey" I growled again "WILL DO IT!" Nikaidou Yelled in defeat "Just d-d-don't hurt her" could this day get any worse" I want you Tsukusa to do it!"he said his tone yet again demanding ,heh! Guess it can .

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Feys: are human like beings with animal like features the oldest they get Is seventeen then they stop aging for example *points to Ikuto*When Ikuto has kitty ears(which you ladies seem to like so much) or whatever he is considered a fey they also have many different powers, Which differentiate between different Feys *sighs*

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Kuroneko/copy cat: in Japanese Kuroneko means black cat which also symbolizes bad luck but here its a nickname given to Ikuto by Easter…Now copycat is also a nickname which Ikuto is sometimes called it refers back to ikuto's power the copy cat but we will get to that next *sigh* if you want to just get to the next chapter go ahead*sigh*moving on... , when Ikuto was five Easter came to take ikuto's little sister utau an angel fey and Ikuto's younger brother yoru a cat fey ,Ikuto determined not to let that happen fought and defeated all of Easters Hench men sent to capture them ,but Easters president taking interest in Ikuto now came up with a compromise if Ikuto gives himself to Easter they will leave

His little sister and brother alone Ikuto took the offer ,but the promise was later broken and Easter got custody of ikuto's siblings .

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