Month two test for Amu :Part three

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(Normal Pov.)

The forest was dark ,extremely dark; Dark to the point that the only source of light was the darkened moon though even the light it provided was scant.

The nostalgic air brought with it the most chilling of cold , and with that cold more snow.

Deeper in the forest, something seems slightly off kilter, something just doesn't seem right, moving in deeper, the sound of someone whimpering can be heard.

Nearing the whimpering sound, the sight of blood is sickening ,and it seems as if something left a trail of it behind, following it to a clearing a silhouette can be seen though barely visible.

Moving closer to the silhouette the figure of a petite girl is lying in the midst of all the blood.

She is choking on it , she reaches ahead as though asking someone for help though nobody seems to be there.

A Loud screech can be heard from the forest behind ,the sound of a bird, perhaps an eagle.

The girl jumps ,and jerks herself forward "PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!" she cries.

No one answers, and the screeching gets louder.

The girl scans the forest franticly, tears pouring down her face ,and just as all hope seems lost something catches her eyes .

The crawling begins again , as the girl drags herself towards a frozen lake she continues only stopping when she reaches the middle , with a long exhale the girl begins slamming the ice with her fist.

A crack is heard , and a rippling effect occurs little by little each part of the lake begins breaking.

The sound of flapping wings can now be heard ,its sound resonating towards the girl.

With One last ripple the ice shatter's ,and the girls plunges in at least it seems ,but just as her body hit's the water , the most blood curdling shriek is heard from above, two word's following it "too Late" it echoes ,as her body is snatched up.

She stares in horror at the creature in front of her struggling to get free it drops her on the ground ,and she lands on the snow with a hard thud.

So close yet so far.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT!" The girl screamed her teal eyes smoldering.

The creature lunged for the girl ,but suddenly stopped perhaps pondering over the girls question, the creature leans in.

"Do you know what I am?" she asked the girl her voice was dark ,and she spoke her words with such vehement.

The girl glared but nodded her head "A Phoenix" she spat.

The creature shook it's head, its ruby eye's sparked with pure evil ,and hate "what you Are answering is nearly a touching the surface ,what I am asking for is an answer that goes much deeper "It screeched before pinning the girl down.

The girl blankly stared at the creature ,unable to comply to what exactly it was asking.

"Give up?" the creature stated it's blood red eye's showing no pity or sympathy, the girl did not answer.

"Its very simple actually ,I am the future, I am your end" the girl did not reply.

"I am your death" it snarled , sharking forward towards the girl everything was in slow motion.

"Mizu typhoon!" the girl screamed as water apprised from the, frigid lake it fell like a water fall on top of the phoenix.

Steamed roused from the creature as it struggled to get up, It wailed screeching noises ,as it's eye's glared at the girl.

It struggled to it's feet "You bitch!" it snarled.

Before going for her again "Stop Fureya" A calm ,but stern voice said it belonged to a female.

The phoenix recoiled obeying her master.

The women gracefully made her way to the girl , and she cringed drooping her head so her green hair would conceal her face.

The women leaned over her a bit ,gently tilting the girls face towards her own.

The women was so close the young girl could feel her warm breath upon her face .

The girl struggled out of the women's grasp ,but the women's grip on the girl was firm ,and the struggling seemed all in vain she stopped finally giving up .

She looked at her captor, finally focusing on the women features , she was very beautiful ,but in a different sort of way , perhaps a better word to describe her was that she was eerily captivating.

She was very pale the women ,her skin being a light milky color, her eye's a luminous yellow, but the thing that was most mesmerizing was her hair ,her blood red hair that hung high above her head in two high piggy tails.

She was a phoenix fey no doubt about that, with two red wings that draped over the ground ,the girl cautiously looked at women who ,showed no threat ,but surely that would change one could only think having a creature as horrible as that phoenix.

The women pursed her lips, "You sure are a cute one" she said leaning in closer towards the girls, the girl cringed in fear.

"Pity though that you cant seem follow orders" she stated an evil glint in her golden eye's.

The girl began to sob unable to contain her fear , the women sighs "Shh…" she coos, gently grasping the girls face "it will all be over soon" she smiled, before kissing the girl gently on the lips the girl flailed about "Get Away From Me" she screamed.

"do you know who I am" the women smirked, getting up the young girl didn't seem too happy about the kiss.

"A bitch" the girl snarled, "how very rude" the women laughed.

"I'm R-E-D" she stated her voice resonating in the girls ear, the girl froze in shock recognizing the name of the women ,she sunk to the ground her life was over she had no chance ,every little resistance she would make would be all futile .

The women set off to the sky "Fureya be quick" the women stated.

The bird nodded looking back to her target, the girl would be yet another memory buried in her pass.

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(Red's POV.)

I took flight leaving the young fey behind me ,she wouldn't be in this world much longer "one…two…three "I counted to myself the forest becoming deathly quite, but no sooner is the silence cut short when a blood curdling shriek rings out through the forest.

I sigh ,and smile fureya would be back soon, I slowed my speed landing professionally in the middle of a clearing.

"What took you soo long ?" a red head slurred holding her head in her hands.

I rolled my eye's she was the one I found knocked out for several hours ,and she had the decency to complain about how long I took.

I ignored the other red head ,and made my way over to "her" oh how I wanted to strangle her just seeing her made me infuriated, I wanted her to suffer.

I see her sitting on top of a rock, a huge cloak covering her body, I roll my eye's I'm sure she knew I was here ,she just didn't want to acknowledge me.

I kicked her in the rib anger sparking in me, if Gozen-sama wasn't so keen on keeping her alive she'd be dead already I'd make sure of that I felt her huff muttering something under her breath.

"What was that ?" I mused kicking her again there was a quick flash of her cloak , and she was behind me her hand yanking my hair causing my head to whip back.

I cussed "I said kick me again, and see what happens" she growled.

I glared ,and dodged a punch she threw at me , "phoenix fire" a blue fire shot from my mouth consuming the cloak she was wearing it fell to the ground like gray snow.

"Damn it Takumaru" she yelled emphasizing my last name she punched me in the face ,and I was left dazed.

"I'LL KILL YOU BITCH!" I screamed ,fire building up in my lungs , a figure in the distance appeared ,but went ignored .

"Red stop you know Gozen-sama doesn't want you harming her" León groaned this wasn't the first time me ,and her fought.

I spat the remainder of fire into the snow "Alright Tsukiyomi, you lucked out" I Griped.

"I think it was you who lucked out Takumaru" she smirked.

I glared ,thinking of away to mentally hurt her ,because at the moment that was all I was prohibited to do I smiled knowing just what to say.

"oh by the way Tsukiyomi you never did come ,you said you were going to save that girl what happened?" I mocked ,her smirked disappeared.

"…"was her reply.

"it's that collar ,quite an extraordinary creation is it not? Able to turn ones soul dark ,able to control one's body ,and mind, you know its power came straight from the origin of evil itself , the embryon , I'm quite fond of it " I smiled reminding the young women of what was to happen.

"Just a few more hours ,and you'll be fully enveloped by its evilness, and you yourself will began to turn evil " I smiled enjoying the thought.

"And, when I do become evil you'll be the first person I kill" she said no hint of amusement was in her voice.

"I'd love to see you try U-T-A-U!" I said smiling at the blonde oh how I truly would.


(Amu's Pov)

I was walking in the snow, enjoying it's lovely texture ,watching the foot prints I made as I trudge about , I was unnaturally calm for being in the darkest part of the forest.

It was murky ,and hazy as I stumbled upon a tree it's bark ,and leaves a bright red, it was the only thing lit in this starless night, I sauntered over to it brushing my hand lightly on the bark a red liquid coated the palms of my hand ,and I wiped it on the snow perhaps it was tree sap.

I heard sniffling, and glanced behind the tree ,a girl with long green hair ,and teal eye's looked at me.

I opened my mouth to say something ,but nothing came out, I tried again ..nothing.

I turned back to the girl ,but she was gone , I turned focusing on my surrounding finally noticing that there were no sounds whatsoever not of crickets ,or owls not a sound it was like everything was on mute.

I turned around bumping into the girl ,I had just seen moments before, I landed on the floor due to impact, and looked up to see the girl again but this time she was saturated in blood.

I open my mouth in shock not event bothering with words, the girl let out a shriek, whilst I laid there immobilized.

I opened my mouth ,and started to scream too though mine was inaudible.

Her body began to disappear her hand outstretched to me, she mouthed a word to me ,her body becoming ashes.

Help she had said ;I dropped the ashes that had landed on my hand, I felt lost ,and ashamed for not being able to help the girl.

Dropping to the floor my eye's closed ,and my mind went blank.

~End Of Amu's Dream~

"Ahh!" I gasped grasping my heart that was pounding into my chest , why was I always having those type of dreams.

I got up from the warm feathery warmth that Phione had provided me with, stretching my body that was sore from the ruff housing I had done the day before.

The clover shaped lock on my collar began to shake ,and I shivered ,that was never a good sign

I glanced to my side Riot ,and Phione were still asleep.

I white egg appeared before me "Morning Embryo-san" I smiled glad to see ,and old friend.

"I'm not going to stay here much longer Amu" it said hovering higher in the odd colored sky ,which was a dark red hazy color it was foremost foreboding.

"Nani" I asked confused at it's statement.

"I can feel it's presence here, and at the moment I'm just too weak to fight it" It replied.

"Fight what?" I asked even more dazed ,and confused then before.

"The Embryon-but that is not what is important, what's important is that you ,and Ikuto bond a soon as possible" it said it's voice seeming to repeat in my head.

"I'm confused embryo-san" I complained.

"Good-night Amu" it said before disappearing with the wind.

Good night? I contemplated staring back at the sky to see the moon, I mentally slapped myself I had slept so long that it was already night time.

I blushed what did embryo-san mean ,about Ikuto ,and I bonding I questioned myself, before stopping in mid thought " ahhhh!" a blood chilling scream cut me off.

My face paled ,and I ran to where Riot and Phione were my eye's watering ,its was the exact terrifying scream I had heard in my dream's.

I buried my head ,into the warm confines of Phione's feathers unable to contain my fear,

"What's wrong Amu Dear?" she questioned her voice sweet like honey-suckle ,I shook my head unable to find the strength to respond.

"Help…" a voice echoed in the forest I jumped up

"Did you hear that?" I asked flying upwards to get a better look , I wobbled a little though ,being that I was still not use to this transformation.

Riley ,and Phione followed me ,giving each other questioning glances.

"Amu?" Riley asked , the forest was deathly silent ,and I froze sucking in a breath.

I turned to them "She's gone" I sobbed.

"Who Amu Who?" Riot probed, "The girl" I cried.

(Normal Pov)

Deep in the hallows of the forest , a captivating young man laid still in a tree, his tasseled blue hair blowing in the wind framing his flawless face, his eye's were closed giving a good view of his long lashes.

"Ikuto" a young man called ,his eye's opened revealing the most wondrous shade of violet blue.

"Nagihiko…" Ikuto replied his cat ears twitching at the sound of someone calling his name.

"We cant find her, all remnants an traces of her have seemed to vanish, we -"he said before getting cut off.

"I will find riot he will be able to lead you to her" he replied jumping out of the tree ,and landing in a crouch position in front of Nagi.

"Your injury?" Nagi said ,Ikuto shrugged ,his attention going to his broken arm that seemed to be healing crookedly.

He held out his right arm ,it was sickly noticeable that it was broken due to the unnatural bend it had ,It sorta just hung like it was attached by a string , like if he made any sudden movements it would fall off.

He had no choice , if he didn't align his bone it would heal completely crooked, Ikuto sighed holding his arm in the proper position, he thrusted his palm into the side of the arm popping it into its natural place, he took a deep breath ,and with is left hand began to rub his broken arm his hands turning blue.

Ikuto rarely used his healing power, because of the amount of energy used ,but this occasion called for it.

Nagihiko winced ,at the sight of it ,but Ikuto on the other hand made no reaction to his pain ,though he did smirked at Nagi's reaction.

Nagi rolled his eye's "You're sick" he said, fanning his face with his hand.

Five minutes later

Sweat dripped down his face ,he was exhausted from the healing ,but being the stubborn cat he was ,would absolutely not let it show.

"Go" he told Nagi wanting time to recuperate on his own Nagi obeyed his command ,and Ikuto was left alone with his thoughts once more.

(Ikuto's Pov.)

I was gazing at the sky a cloudless blue ,at least something was good about this day ,I yawned and something hit me in the face I was pissed "what the fuck" I growled reddening.

"Ikuto" a voice called I looked up ,and immediately kneeled.

"Embryo-sama" I said breathlessly.

"I have something I need to inform you about" the mystical egg said.

I nodded in response "Amu is ok though lack of food is weakening her ,in about a day or so she will get sick-"it said before I interrupted.

"Whatya? Mean sick" I asked , "nothing too serious I can assure you ,but also on the day she gets sick , her body will go through a change , she will be thirteen mind you if you understand what I mean" it said.

I shook my head "what type of changes?" I asked ,the embryo sweat dropped.

"never mind that ,I am warning you ahead of time a couple of days from now ,when you finally find Amu ,Red will come to you with a little preposition ,if you give her what she wants she in return will give you your sister" it stated.

"now its very crucial that you pick the right one" it said when I didn't reply..

"what will my choices be" I asked it wasn't really giving me enough information to fall back on.

"you will know when the time comes ,you're a smart boy" it mused, I puffed my cheeks out.

"now I must go ,that damned embryon seems to be feeding on the evil here ,and that is weakening me ,so… for now I must bid you adieu, until next time Ikuto Tsukiyomi" it said ,and in a blink of an eye it was gone.

~Next day~

(Amu's Pov.)

I awoke feeling nauseas this was just not my day "Happy birthday Amu!" Riot yelled he was a big boy now the size of two full grown horses ,and according to Phione he was not nearly done growing ,and he was already a giant for his age.

I gave him a forced smile, feeling very sick I was not in the mood to celebrate , he nuzzled his head against my face ,and I cursed as my body transformed into a dragon fey.

I felt even more worn out then before ,by the way that's my symptom supposedly my sickness causes me when ever I come in contact with a certain creature or fey to transform into what ever they are ,honestly exhausting.

I am the only fey in the world who gets this sickness, "uhh…" I felt a little discomfort in my lower region ,I was having serious cramps as well , I also had this urgent need to pee.

And so I did behind a tree "ahhhh!" I screamed there was blood everywhere.

"I've been possessed by a demon , I'm bleeding! I'm bleeding" I cried .

I sat there for about an hour crying that is until Phione found me " there !there! it's ok Amu you are just going through puberty all feys go through it heck! Even humans, you are in your teen's if anything you are a little late in starting" she said smiling her golden eye's piercing through me.

"Am I going to die!" I cried "From puberty" I added tears falling down my face.

"in a way yes" she said ,and I fell over rolling into a ball twitching every now and then "but not in the way you think! I meant to say that your old self will die ,and your body will blossom ,you will become even more beautiful then you are now, you will become a new person ,but at the same time still be you" she added.

"oh I understand" this was all just a part of growing up I hope.

(Red's Pov.)

I was surrounded by idiots ,absolute idiots ,just this morning Saaya found her pet dragon Wizman, who just so happens to be bigger then a freaking whale shark my conclusion is that she has some sort of disturbances in her brain ,how can you lose something that big.

Leon was carrying crosses made out of candy saying he's warding off the Yaya girl, and Utau now… she's the smartest one there Is not one good thought in her head, to be exact just the other night she attempted to kill me in my sleep , she actually tried slitting my throat.

when I confronted her she said she thought I was having trouble breathing, and was simply trying to give me another air way.

Nothing was being done and I was over all the stupidity "Saaya!" I screamed she appeared in front of me, the ground rumbling as her dragon trotted after her.

"Whatya Want" she dragged out ,as if I was a waste of her time ,I felt iron on my tongue ,as I wrapped my hands around her neck.

"Bitc-" I started before I was cut off by a dark presence , I smiled and released Saaya she fell to the ground gasping for air, "Embryon-Sama "I addressed.

The Dark orb whispered in my ear "I have some news for you… it seems we have a problem now there's a little fey that goes by the name Amu ,and she is how do I put it proving to be more of an issue then I thought" its evil voice echoed.

"What do I get out of it?" I asked ,the evil aura of the dark egg flared ,and I instantly regretted my words.

The Embryon calmed down, "With Amu out of the way you won't have to compete for the title of, strongest Fey"

"Don't underestimate me I'm not afraid of a challenge" I snickered, the Embryon shuddered lividly at my words.

"I don't think you are understanding me clearly, heed to my warning when I say you will regret not getting rid of her" it said its voice fading away as the embryon began to as well.

"let's see if you can handle this challenge" its last words echoed.

I don't know why but its last words infuriated me, I began to perambulate about ,as a memoir from the past came to me this Amu creature sounded very familiar were have I heard it from.

I walked up to Leon "What do you know about this Amu girl?".

A look of shock came to his face"You mean Amulet Katacos!" he said his voice filled with disdain.

"I take it you've met" I asked, his shocked look turned to a grim one "of course I know! That little bitch killed Riley ,and almost killed me".

"Really Now…" this new piece of information sparked fire in me , I smiled to myself an idea resting in my mind ,as hastily made my way to Saaya.

"Yamabuki!" I shouted, as I sauntered over to her, she was laying on her dragon stomach its blue eye's gazed upon me ,and a deep growl resonated from it's large muscular chest I smiled at it ,and ignored it's threatening growl.

She ignored me, "I have a gift for you…" this sparked interest in her ,and she gazed in my direction her green eye's studied me.

"Hmm…" was her reply, "What if I told you, you could get revenge" my smile grew.

Her expression turned serious "What if I told you that your brothers killer was in this forest right now".

"WHERE IS SHE I'LL KILL HER!" she raged, I held a piece of cloth that belonged to her, to Amu.

"Don't take too long" I smirked ,but she was long gone.

"How's that Embryon? I'll play it safe this time" I whispered in air ,but in the distance I could hear ,a snicker.

(Normal Pov.)

Deeper in the forest an introverted girl was having a heated conversation with an albino squirrel.


"I've been trying to tell you I don't know I'm just a squirrel, storing nuts "the white squirrel name Charmey answered.


The squirrel shuddered, but he was soon joined when an even bigger roar was heard in the distance.

A blue dragon with massive wings Bolted through the tree's sending forest animals into a frenzy of pure terror. It's muzzle was drenched in blood, it's eyes showed no remorse much like the phoenix who not moment ago killed its latest victim.

The women who rode on the dragon shared the same look, absolutely no sympathy Rima hid along with the, squirrel and she was not one to be scared easily ,but she knew when she had no chance.

The rest of the night was silent ,and anxious not one animal made a sound ,for they knew what was coming and they would not interfere.


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