Emmett Gets Bella Drunk

Set during eclipse! :) I write stories or fanfic, about what I want to read, and i have read some like this, but not in detail. so enjoy :)

It was always a bad day when Edward was away, Alice had forseen nothing out of the ordinary this weekend, and so I'd insisted that he take the opportunity to go hunting with Carlise and Esme since they were going. I knew how it bored him to hunt nearby prey.
"Go have fun," I'd told him. "Bag a few mountain lions for me."
I would never admit to him how hard it was for me when he was gone, but if he knew that then he would feel horrible and he would be afraid to leave me, even for the most necessary reasons. So when I got off work Thursday and it was Alice who was waiting for me in the volvo.
"Hey Alice." I shouted over the wailing.
She was singing along to the song, her voice an octave higher than the melody, weaving through it with a complicated harmony. She nodded at me, ignoring me and concentrated on the music. I shut my door and put my hands over my ears. She grinned, and turned the volume down until it was just background. Then she hit the locks and the gas in the same second.
"So what are we doing?" I asked her.
"Well...we can test drive my new porshe Edward promised me that he would get,
which he did." Alice said, "Remember the one in Italy, we could see how long it takes to get from here to L.A - I bet I could have you back by midnight."
I took a deep breathe. "I think I'll pass," I sighed, repressing a shudder.
We wound, always to fast, down the long drive. Alice pulled around to the garage,
and I quickly saw Alice's shiny yellow porshe.
Alice hopped out gracefully and went to stroke her hand along the length of her porshe. "Pretty isn't it?"
"Pretty over the top."
We walked inside and Alice had already set up Italian food, the good stuff, all the way from Port Angeles, and Alice prepared my favorite movies.
Emmett was sitting there with Jasper playing video games. Emmett looked at me and instantly smiled. "Hey Bella, how was your trip over here?" Emmett grinned while Jasper laughed.
"I am going for a quick hunt. I will only be a couple hours. You guys don't do anything stupid" Alice said. Then I only realised how dark Alice's eyes were.
"Oh don't worry sister. We won't," said Emmett.
"Rose, please.?" Alice said.
"I will make sure these guys don't do anything to Bella that will make Edward want to rip there heads off." Said Rose.
Alice got up and left.
I looked at the three vampires and Emmett grinned cockily at me while Jasper just watched t.v.
And Rosalie was reading Cosmo.
Emmett got up and came to sit by me on the couch.
"Wanna play truth or dare?"
"Emmett!" Rose said.
"What?" Em said. "It's just a game. There's nothing to do."
"I want to play to." Said Jazz.
"Uhhh, okay." I said. I didn't really trust him with dares, but I didn't want him asking all kinds of questions.
Rose just shook her head and mumbled something that was too low for my ears.
"Okay, Bella, truth or dare?" Said Emmett.
"Truth." I wasn't ready for dare yet, especially by Emmett.
"Are you and Edward both virgins?"
"Hey you picked truth."
I was mad at myself. I should have known, but I answered truthfully.
Emmett and Jasper burst out laughing.
"Truth or dare Jasper."
"Is it true that you and Alice had sex in Emmett's and Rose's closet?"
"Uhh, how do you know?."
I burst out laughing and Emmett growled.
"It was a totaly guess." I said laughing.
"Emmett! Truth or Dare," Asked Jasper.
"Hmmm. . . Dare."
Jasper grinned.
"Eat a sandwich."
"Sick! Fuck no!"
"You picked dare,"
Emmett looked at me and Jasper in disbelief, and then sighed.
Jasper suddenly already had a turkey sandwich made and I watched in humor as Emmett made a revolting sound and then slowly ate up the sandwich. Me and Jasper laughed the whole time.
"There done! Now Bella, truth or dare?"
"Truth," I said, I thought I was playing it safe.
"Damnn. Hmm. Have you ever gotten drunk before or tasted alcohol?"
"Emmett no." Said Jasper.
"Yes!" Said Em.
I didn't know what they were talking about.
"Bella would you like to taste alcohol?" Asked Emmett.
"No thank you." I said.
"Oh come on, it's a human experience isn't it? And Edward doesn't have to know."
"Jasper let's take Bella to Port Angeles and show her a little fun."
"If Edward ever finds out, he's going to kill us."
"Oh Edward isn't gonna find out, he's gone for 2 days. Come on lets go!"
I was curious about alcohol, so I went with them to Port Angeles to a liqour store and Emmett bought me a strawberry cooler and a russian prince. I had no idea what they were.
Emmett grinned the whole way back to there place. It was a fast drive there and back, we were back in less than 30 minutes.
We all went to the kitchen and Emmett got out glasses and set them infront of me. I knew what the small cups were, they were shooter glasses. And Emmett poured some of the cooler into one of the shooter cups. And motioned for me to drink.
I slowly picked up the cup and looked at Jasper who looked amused but also worried, and I looked at Emmett who was smiling wickedly. Then I brought the little cup to my mouth and drank. It didn't taste to great but it kind of tasted like strawberries, and my expression must have been funny because Em and Jazz were laughing at me. I didn't feel anything,so Emmett made me take more shots of the cooler. I still didn't feel nothing after four shots. So then Emmett opened the russian prince, and it looked like water, but I knew it was vodka. I knew that this was stronger than the normal beer. Jasper warned Emmett, "Not to much Em."
"I know, just a couple of shots."
Emmett poured me a shot of the russian prince, I brought it to my mouth.
Argh! The smell burned my nose and I gagged.
But I drank it. Oh god, the taste was horrible and my mouth and throat burned.
Emmett poured me another shot while Jasper got me a drink of water.
I drank the water first then another shot. Now I was feeling kind of fuzzy.
My arms felt like jello and I was kind of swaying while I took the next shot.
I kept getting fuzzier and fuzzier the more shots I had of the russian prince.
Ohh maaan I think I am drunk.
"So yes, Eddy is a big virgin." I laughed.
Emmett and Jasper were laughing with me.
"Bella is way to drunk now Emmett. Get her to bed." Said Jazzy Jasper.
"No I am not tired." I slurred my words.
Emmett laughed but said "Yeah okay,she looks out of it"
Emmett picked my up because I couldn't stand straight, so I couldn't even walk.
Everything felt unreal, like it was a big dream or something. Emmett got me to Eddy's room and put me on the bed to go to bed.
They left and I was sitting on Eddy's bed and got hungry, so I got up and stumbled around to the door and went downstairs. Then I could hear Alice yelling at Jazz and Em.
"What the fuck! I thought I told you to look after her, not get her drunk!"
"Whoa calm down Alice, Edward's not gonna find out."
"How do you know?" "Hey, now now, quit talking about me like im not here. " I said Laughing.
"OMG. Bella you need to go to bed. Oh your hungry, okay. Jazz can you get her something to eat please?"
Alice took me back upstairs.
"Alish why are you so small? HAHAHA. Alish I just lovesh you so much."
"Oh thank you Bella but you need some rest, after you ea-..." Alish looked like she was looking out into space.
Why did Alish stop in the middle of her sentence , whatever, Jasper was here with my sandwich.
"Alice, everything okay?" Asked Jazz.
"Ohh god, were in for it now. Edward's coming here, they got back early."
"Oh crap."
"Emmett!"Alice screamed.
"Hey this isn't all my fault, and serisouly Edward has no reason to get mad. Bella was having fun anyways." Said Emmett defending himself.
"He's gonna be here in 3 minutes."
"Who's gonna be here Alish?" I slurred.
"Edward. So you should go to bed before he gets here.!"
"But I ain't tireds Alissh. I wantsa see Eddy."
"Emmett go throw that alcohol away. Before Edward See's how much you made her drink."
Emmett got up and ran out the door.
Why was everything moving so slow. It all felt asif a dream, oh man this feeling was great.
"He's almost here. Well Carlise will know what to do."
Emmett was back and sitting on the chair by Rose. Where was Rose all this time. ?
"Rosalie where did you go?"
She looked at me. "I followed after Alice, I didn't want to be apart of this, and thats why Alice came home early to try and get you to bed,"
"ohhh haha"
"Edward's here and mad." Said Alice.
Edward, Carlise and Esme all walked in and Eddy came right to me and hugged me.
"Hey theresh Eddy," I slurred.
Emmett laughed.
Edward turned around and glared at him. Carlise came and said "What happened?"
"Emmett got Bella drunk." Said Jasper.
"Hey! It was you too.!"
"No. It wasn't"
"Get Bella some water and get her to bed and make sure she's on her stomache or side."
"Bella are you okay?" Asked Esme.
"Oh yes, unbelivealbly fine miss Esme, don't worry, " I said.
Edward glowered at Emmett while he took me back upstairs.
"Eddy, I loves yoush sooo musch." I told him.
"Ohh Bella, I love you too. "
Alice brought me a glass of water, and sat down next to me on the bed.
"I thought I asked you to watch her?"
"I did, but I needed to hunt, I wasn't gonna be gone that long,"
"Well what's done is done, it can't harm her that bad."
"She needs her rest. Good night Bella"
"Goo night Alishh" I smiled. I could barely keep my eyes open. The fuzziness was wearing off.
"Oh and she's gonna need tylenol in the morning."
"Yes I know, her first hangover I guess." Edward sighed.
Alice left. Edward looked at me and smiled a tight smile.
I pulled myself up and kissed him. He kissed me back.
"Sleep now my Bella. I love you lots."
"shhh.I am trying to sleep Eddy."
Last thing I heard was Edward's chuckle.

Hope you Enyjoyed it!