Ranma/ Panzer Dragoon:


His bangles clanked against one another gently, each one representing a commendation or rank, as the massive land vessel he stood on the helm of plowed through the sea of sand like an ocean faring ship parts the crests of vast blue waters. Even for its impressive size, almost seemed insignificant in the legion upon legion of smaller terrain vehicles that traversed before and beside it. The regal man who would be the commander of this fleet felt both pride and remorse for commanding such a vast campaign against their neighboring empire; if not for the failure of diplomacy, such a decisive action would not have been taken. If the emperor of these lands had simply taken to their point of view, attempted to understand their perspective, such a show of military might that boasted a declaration of war would never have been necessary. His was the greatest fleet in recent history that now invaded foreign land with impunity and disregard of the implications, because if the Western Empire was not defeated in this campaign, their own stake upon the land would be in jeopardy.

The timing of their preemptive strike was crucial and blessed, for if not for news from their sources amidst the Western Empire confirming the destruction of the nation cowing Grig Org air vessel, even the most battle thirsty of the Eastern nation would proclaim this attack foolish. For such favoring news, there with misfortune came news of peril. Their current Emperor was questing for an even more powerful weapon than the dreaded Grig Org. The strike must come now before he succeeded.

The commander of the land fleet knew that the front line held some of their most heavily armed ships, in preparation for initial confrontations before they could finally reach and siege the new capital of the Western Empire. It was in planning that losses were expected of the fore lines, even heavy losses, for once they reached the capital, they would unleash a most powerful weapon that would bring havoc to the center of their empire, and weaken, if not completely crush, their ambitious neighbors.

He found it odd, that he had yet to encounter any such opposition. Surely they would not miss the vast army that steadily traversed the flatter desert lands. If he believed in favoring fortune, he would consider this a blessing of the elder gods.

"Liege, in the fore beyond in seven stretches approaches a rapid item of an uncertified origin."

He turned to the helmsman that announced the warning, and internally sighed; it must be his pessimism that soured his luck. "A single vessel?"

"Liege Eisu Dorch, it becomes too small for a vessel that can confront us. Be it a rogue land caretaker?"

Eisu Dorch snorted, pondering why a lone monster would seek to approach such an army; even such mindless brutes would show more sense of self preservation. "It is possible we approach its nest, and it seeks to protect it. Launch a hard artillery; if it fails to vanquish it, it shall be enough to scare it off."

"It is within our safe trajectory field, Liege. Our fleet would need to plan a choreographed course to avoid the devastated land ."

"What?" Leige Dorch raised an eyebrow at the warning, "Did you not say it was beyond seven stretches?"

"It is now within tw-... Impossible!"


The helmsman leaned back from his view screens, "It has made contact with our front line already!" Even as far ahead their front line reached, they all could see through the fore window with unaided eyes the spectacle that ensued...

Ranma's red hair shifted to jet black, as his mass increased triple fold, just before impacting with the sleek, beetle like vessel. The transition of force from his shoulder check into the vehicle launched it into the air with the desert sand trailing it like the tail of a comet, before it descended, and collided with another vessel of the same type, while impeding the path of the rest that followed a uniform line. His transition from his heavier, more durable form to his apparently more chi enhanced form was fluid, as his hair became a silvery gray and his blue shirt grew into a faded blue robe. His mako takabisha was aimed for the base of the vessel beside him, causing it to overturn in several barrel rolls, crashing over two other of its kin and landing in front of a third to block its way.

Ranma decided that his objective was to stop their progress without causing undo harm to the soldiers that piloted them. After getting to know Moad, the pigtailed drone wondered how many he may have unwittingly sent to their death when he rescued Azel from captivity. He wondered how many of them were just as innocent and honest as the former soldier that now traveled with him, and how many were only doing their duty in a cause they felt just and honorable. Even if he stood on the opposing side, it left a bad taste in his mouth thinking how selfishly he acted without consideration. This time, he felt honor bound to spar as many, if not all, he faced.

He shifted into his lighter, spryer female form, continuing the spin from his chi attack with such speed she became a whirlwind. Her leg shot out, growing thicker and more powerful while carrying the momentum from the spin, and impacted it with the side of another vehicle that was larger than the initial ones he fought, well over ten times his own hulking size. Despite the size difference, the kick was like a baseball bat nailing a homerun, as it launched the large, tank like vessel into the air in an arc, and landing in the path of several others, providing yet another blockade. His leg had barely descended from the kick, before he launched high into the air, doing a single, almost lazy somersault towards another ship, and dropped an ax kick onto the front of it. Its nose buried into the sand, causing it to tumble forward, onto Ranma's waiting hands. Once he had a firm hold on it, he pivoted and hoisted it to the side, once again somewhere along the front breach.

The seemingly displaced martial artist's plan was to cause a wedge within the fleet, forcing it to part and change course, like a boulder in a river. If he worked quick enough before the outside forces could react, each part would bottleneck, and slow their progress down as he made it to the largest, and obviously commanding vessel to cripple it. Of course, it may have been easier to simply dash towards the his destination, ignoring the smaller vessels, but he felt it prudent to give a show of force to deter the rest from continuing after him. He noticed there were quite a few of these ships, and having to individually stop them all would get pretty tedious.

"Such a being…" the Liege of the massive invading war machine whispered. Intellectually, he knew such a meager, albeit powerful monster could not hope to take his whole fleet, but the havoc it visited on his carefully structured travel formation would delay them greatly. With a firm resolve, he gave the order.

"Any vessel that monster encounters is advised to use its full artillery…" he took a deep breath, before continuing, "Only known to this command vessel, any engaging vessel is lost."

The silence on the deck emphasized their shock, as uncalculated damage would be done to their fleet with the loss of artillery and ships. Regardless if their mission was a suicide one, the sacrifice now could prove greatly impeding.

"I choose to challenge the wisdom of this action, Liege," one of the decksmen respectfully stated, our mission is for the capital, can we spare such loss?"

"I think not of another action that would suffice," Eisu Dorch responded, "We either spare some of our force, or spare a great deal of our time."

The redhead spun horizontally along the artillery blast, before her red mane became gray. Ranma's robe tails trailed in the vacuum of the shot that had missed him, as he aimed his chi blast just to the front of the land craft under him. The concussive force caused it to flip backwards, and fall on him as he landed on the ground behind it. The black haired drone caught it and suplexed the ship onto the one that had been trailing, burying them both into the sand. She faded back just in time to evade another artillery shot, causing it to fly past his chest, and strike another ship.

The redhead bit her bottom lip at the explosion that ensued. This was exactly what she was trying to avoid. With a new tactic in mind, she switched to an amalgamation of her quick, chi enhanced, and power forms, and focused on what looked like the command vessel.