Okay, so this is my first one-shot. And I hope you guys like it. This is in Bella's point of view.

Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight and all of its characters.

When You...

When I first saw you, you were heartbreakingly beautiful. When we met, you almost killed me, but we ended up, falling in love. When we shared our first kiss, I tasted and felt love for the first time. When you said I Love You, I felt my heart scream in joy and I said I Love You, right back.

When you worried for me, you left, for my safety. When you left, I felt like my heart left with you. I felt pain. I felt loss. I needed you. When I left to save you, I wanted you to see that I still loved you. When you came back, I was waiting, with open arms. When you asked me to marry you, I said no at first.

When you asked again, I came to my senses and said yes. When you were doubting my love for you, I reassured you that you were the one I wanted. When she was hunting me, you stayed to protect me.

When I saw you waiting for me down the aisle, I wanted to run down that aisle to kiss you. When you said I Do, I felt full. I felt joy that I tied myself to you every humanly way possible, almost. When we made love for the first time, I felt as if nothing could tear us apart.

When you changed me, I felt physical pain, a burning in my veins, but this is what I wanted, to be with you forever, and it was all worth it. When I saw our daughter, I felt joy at what a mircale we accomplished.

And all of this happend because...

I Love You.