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Action & Reactions

Chapter 39


Once, I read that the next world war was going to be over water. Boy, they were wrong. World War III was going to begin with a fight between best friends that went too far and, if I was being honest, I wouldn't be surprised if it was my girl the one to shoot first.

Bella knew she was some sort of Queen B in Forks High, she has never liked it but she knew it, and would not doubt to take advantage of this when she would think she really needed it.

Like today.

During Lunch period, we were sitting at our usual table, with the usual people, in our usual spots. I had completely outgrown the whole high school hierarchy thing, but with only a little over two months of classes it would be sort of stupid to alienate myself completely from my friends. Bella, however, did enjoy sitting with them, she wasn't a cynic like me, she was sure that if something big happened to her, most of the people on this table would be right by her side. I wasn't so sure but, like I said, only two more months of these.

Bella was sitting beside me, so close that we might as well have been sharing my chair. I didn't mind her closeness one bit, what bothered me though, was the reason behind it. After Alice eye-fucked the hell out of me, Bella had been so clingy. I had a feeling that it was because she thought I might cheat again, but this is what I get for having done it in the first place.

So, back to World War III, Alice approached our table as usual, but as she was about to put down her tray on the table Bella turned to her and spoke.

"What do you think you are doing?" All conversation stopped around the table, but it sure as hell felt like the entire cafeteria grew silent just to hear this. I looked at Bella, not sure if it was my sweet little girl that had spoken with such coldness that I felt it in my bones.

"Uhm, what do you mean, B?" She smiled nervously, looking around the table, her face growing redder by the second.

"Bella. Only my boyfriend and closest friends call me B, Alice." Bella took her fork again and took a bite from her food, before turning to a frozen Alice. "You are welcome to leave."

"Bella!" Alice screeched, just like she did yesterday, when she was trying to boss my girl around.

"What? You know as well as I do that this table is reserved for the Cheer and Football Team, or in some cases, boyfriends and girlfriends." Alice looked at me as if I was going to go against Bella. Then she glanced at Jasper, begging him with her eyes to stand up for her, I could see the indecision in his eyes until Alice moved her gaze to Tyler, but he was too busy whispering into Victoria's ear.
Tyler, huh?

"Now, Alice." I swear I couldn't recognize Bella right then but was to confused to even try to say something. Alice's eyes were watery but they suddenly became cold and evil as she leaned over and spoke directly to Bella.

"You are going to regret this, Bella."

My girl, not one to not have the last word, uttered one last thing.


"Baby, stop." I said with no conviction at all, Bella's nails running down my back doing things to me that not even her mouth on my neck were able to.

"Why?" She pushed my chest, rolling us over, finally settling with her legs astride mine. My hands went to her legs as she leaned over me, kissing my chest.

"Because there is something we need to talk about."

"Not talking. I don't want to talk." She started unbuttoning my shirt, her mouth finding new territory as she went.

"Baby..." No wonder I could not get her to stop, that sounded more like a moan than a reprimand.

But, God, her mouth feels so good.

"Okay. Stop." I rolled us over, and kissed her on the forehead. "I love you, and we will definitely continue with this later but right now we have to talk."

"I don't wanna talk about Alice, Edward." Only then did it occur to me that perhaps we should talk about that whole thing but, if I was being completely honest, I was glad Bella had cut her off. Not only because it meant more alone time but because she truly was a toxic person.

"This isn't about Alice, Bella. We need to talk about college."

"Oh," Her eyes widened and she bit her lip. "I- I didn't apply to Miami, Edward." She spoke as if she had committed the worst crime possible, by not applying to the college that had once been my dream. "It's just that, after the whole thing with Tanya, I was so upset and being in the same city as you wasn't exactly appealing."

"Baby," I kissed her lips softly, trying to calm her down; she looked close to crying. "It's okay, I didn't apply to Miami either."


"Yes," I swallowed hard before continuing. "The only reason I wanted to go so far away was just that, distance. I wanted to distance myself from the mess I had made here. I want you to remember that the last time we talked about it wad right after the summer and I already didn't want to go."

She pushed me off of her, sitting down as I kneeled in front of her. "That was why you were so adamant that I didn't follow you, you were trying to get away from me." The hurt in her eyes was too much for me to handle. Too much.

"Sweetheart, that was years ago. I want to be with you now. That is why we are even having this conversation at all, I want to know where you have applied and what are your top choices so I can follow you around."

"But-" With my fingers under her chin, I lifted her face so she was looking at me while we talked.

"No, no buts. You shouldn't have to give up your dreams because of me. I don't want you to end up resenting me."

"What about your dreams, Edward?" I smiled and pressed my forehead against hers.

"You are my dream, Bella. You are my dream come true. I don't want to spend the next four years without being able to see you everyday, long distance works for lots of people but not me. I need you near me to feel complete." Overcome with feelings, I closed the distance between us and gave her a kiss so full of love and passion that I could feel it in my soul.

"Boston." She mumbled against my lips. "BU."

I freaked for a second, because I didn't apply to any college in Boston. What was wrong with me? Boston is a great city with lots of universities to choose from. What was wrong with me!?

Then, I remembered that in the pile of envelopes I had taken from my dad's office there were several envelope with Massachusetts as their return address.

"Boston it is, then."

"Hey," I was in the library, finishing some homework as I waited for Bella's practice to come to an end so we could go home. I turned around only to come face to face with my own personal Nemesis.

"What do you want, Alice?" She took the liberty of sitting right across from me. Uninvited. Cool.

"What is wrong with Bella? Why is she acting that way with me?"

"Listen, I am not going to get in the middle of this. Bella and I haven't spoken about you."

"What do you mean you haven't spoken about me?" She sneered at me.
"Are you for real? You are not the center of the world, especially our world, Alice." I ran a hand through my hair, her eyes burning holes through me. "Look, I really appreciate that you were there for her when...well, You know when, but I think you took advantage of her, of how vulnerable she was feeling, to worm your way in. I also think that now that you have no control over her anymore, you are starting to show your true colors."

"This is all your fault, Edward!" She slammed her hand against the table. "Everything was fucking perfect until you came around. You fucking played Bella into taking your cheating ass back, and as if that was not enough, for your fault Jazz hates me. You are the one showing your true colors. To me."

"Okay, Biers. I just want to remind you that I have been in the picture for years, you have know Bella for less than a year, you are the one that got in the middle, bringing your brother along. What is wrong with you? Why are you so obsessed with Bella? Are you in love with her, or what? Because if that is the case then you have no right being upset about Jasper, who, by the way, probably hates you because you are a slut. You do know Tyler is his cousin, right?"

"How dare you!?" She leaned over the table, her eyes having become little slits and her mouth twisted into an expression I was honestly a little afraid of. "You will pay for this, Edward. I promise you." I swear, she looked like an animal in that moment.

"Alice, there is like two months left of classes, do yourself a favor and just calm down. You will get new friends and lots of new boyfriends once in college. Don't mind all this drama. It is not worth it."

As I walked out of the library, I decided not to tell Bella about this.

I should have.