After dropping off Wally at the teen heroines' sleepover, and snickering at the sight of Wally's sorceress booty shuffling into Starfire's room, Jinx zipped around to the other side of the building and stared at his new speedster body in the reflective, highly polished stainless steel beside the elevator doors.

And stared.

And stared.

If I ever find out who turned me into a fucking guy . . !

Jinx focused on the ludicrously large red bulge of . . . that.

Finally, Jinx sighed, anger somehow feeling somehow out of place.

Besides . . .

Being six foot one was kind of nice. Jinx turned his orange haired head this way and that, enjoying the new, more elevated perspective on the 13th floor hallway at Titans Tower.

And red gloved hands, larger hands than Jinx was used to having, patted more muscular yellow clad shoulders.

Fine. Okay. Stronger shoulders are good too. Though these arms are nothing special, noted Jinx tapping speedster biceps and forearms. Not for a Titan boy.

The red gloved hands moved down to the taut, but not overly large speedster chest muscles.


Hmmph, again.

At least there's no more too much cleavage, not enough cleavage, bouncing and straps digging in on my shoulders and back he thought, pressing his palms to his new pecs.

Ambivalence ruled Jinx's thoughts. Okay, I'm stronger this way but . . .

Jinx felt anger at losing her femininity for this. This?

"Gods!" he mumbled, still surprised to hear the word emerge in Wally's mild bass voice.

No, Jinx did not like this.

Fine, the former sorceress groused. I'm a bit bigger, a bit stronger, so fucking what? I'm not supposed to be a guy! I'm supposed to be . . . !

Jinx grunted and didn't like that even gutteral sounds now came out in some form of Wally's male voice. There wasn't a word that expressed everything Jinx was thinking of, everything that Jinx had achieved and felt she'd represented. Beautiful. Sophisticated. Fearsome. Stylish.

With the thought of that last word, Jinx shook his head in disgust at the Kid Flash suit he was now wearing. Jinx tugged at the skin tight red and yellow unitard against his now incredible abs. The one piece suit was somewhere between rubber and spandex and tighter than either. Tighter than anything! And so garish! It had always been kind of funny to Jinx that the husband of their couple had been the one on constant display. But now!

"Gods," Jinx muttered the words coming out, of course, in Wally's voice. "Never thought I'd be caught dead in something so tacky."

But as Jinx focused on how it felt all over his body, it couldn't be denied. The suit was perfectly comfortable. It was truly skin tight but it didn't feel like it squeezed or restricted at all. It was perfect, well, for someone with no fashion sense, just looking for something utilitarian, anyway. It was just like Wally had said, it felt odd at first but seemed fine after a few minutes. Jinx bent and twisted his new speedster body this way and that, lifting one knee then the other up to his chin and sliding down into a full split before rising back up to stand in front of the mirroring stainless steel beside the elevator again. No matter how Jinx moved the suit stayed with him, a red and yellow skin but without any pulling or tugging. It just stayed against the surface of his body.

Hmmph. Didn't know it felt like this for him. It looks so ridiculously tight, like shrink wrapped cellophane over something in the supermarket, you just had to figure it was uncomfortable.


Jinx hopped from foot to foot paying even closer attention to something he had picked up on testing out the tightness of the suit, the weird balance of this body. Mass in shoulders and butt and calves. What an odd distribution of weight! Jinx sighed and then his blue eyes fixed on his orange hair flowing out the top of the uniform.



I have orange hair.

Jinx snickered slightly recalling how, once, when the Titans had visited a hospital in Jump City, a little 3 year old girl had thought that Wally must be a circus clown because everybody knows clowns have orange hair. Jinx smiled.

Of course, it occurred to Jinx that maybe that was one thing the ridiculous unitard was good for. All the bright red and yellow practically painted on made orange hair seem perfectly normal. When, in reality, it's practically as freaky as pink hair. Seriously, who has hair this bright?

Jinx ran his gloved fingers through said orange hair.

If it wasn't Wally it'd be soooooo not cool. But the general public doesn't know that. They don't know him. They don't know he's so . . . pleasing. Jinx glanced down at . . that bulge again before continuing his thoughts. They don't know me. But I was immediately a freak and to the public Wally was the golden boy.

Jinx shook his head looking down at his eight distinct ab squares then at his reflection in the stainless steel.

Who has abs like this? Seriously. No normal person just effortlessly shows eight freaking ab squares like this! No fat at all, none. I could've worked out every waking moment for six months and not had abs like this.

Jinx rubbed one gloved hand over them and then ran both hands down his sides.

And not an ounce of fat! Isn't that a bit freakish? I mean, hello! It's not like it's hidden under a sweater or something. Not an ounce of fat anywhere on this body. Jinx slapped one red clad buttock without making a ripple. Gods!

Jinx turned around in front of the reflecting stainless steel.

Look at me! I was five eight and a hundred twenty . . . allright . . a hundred twenty two pounds. That's good but . . normal. This is . . freakish. It's freakish! Look at these calf muscles! Gods!

Jinx lifted first one leg then the other inspecting his incredibly muscular calves then raised his sights to his incredibly toned thighs clad in red.

Jinx sniffed. Hmmph. Probably not possible for a normal person to have thighs this toned but at least they're normal sized, not like this butt!

Jinx pressed his red gloved hands to each side of his hips.

What narrow hips, sniffed Jinx to himself. Six one and hips like this! These buns practically cantilver out from my thighs. Feels like I couldn't get through a doorway if I turn sideways.

Then Jinx turned part way toward profile to inspect the speedster buns he now possessed.

"Gods!" he muttered. "I love this ass."

Jinx remembered the very first time encountering Wally. After knocking him out with a sign, the HIVE had carried him to their lair and put him in a cage. Jinx remembered trying to sneak peeks at this boy in his crazy unitard without it being too obvious. Alas, even those lamebrains picked up on it. But how could a girl not look?

Jinx ran his hands up and down his new backside over and over. Damn! This boy got back! Freakishly good back!

Come on, thought Jinx. There aren't even any ballet dancers with buns like this! And, thanks to Aqualad and his thing for culture I must've almost seen every single one of 'em perform. There's no one else with a pair like these!

Jinx smoothed his hands up and down over his rear again, enjoying the feel.

Hmmph. How could the public possibly see these . . in this suit and think he's normal? I'm a freak? Really? I'm a freak, but this-this orange haired, manorexic, ballet dancer porn star in a unitard is normal? This whole body is complete . . freakyness. Freakyness I love but, come on, complete freakyness.

Jinx turned to face the stainless steel surface beside the elevator, his gaze still lowered.

And that!

Jinx smirked looking down at the crimson ovoid bulge.


These ridiculous narrow hips and . . that? Seriously? I-I look like I'm part of some smuggling ring trying to sneak mangos into the country! A porn star package squeezed in front of these narrow hips and nobody says anything about it? But the sorceress is a freak. Uh huh.

Everybody's just, "Ohhhhhhhhh! It's Kid Flash!"

Life is not fair, sighed Jinx before starting to hop back and forth from one foot to the other like a boxer warming up before a fight.

While I've got this body, I've got to take it out for a test drive at least once, thought Jinx. For, though Jinx had told the truth to feminized Wally in their bathroom, about never wanting to be a guy, it was also true that Jinx had envied Wally's nearly boundless energy.

It also couldn't be denied that Jinx had always been a bit curious about speedster Wally's body. Not just in the aggressive lover's way of pinching those speedster buns. But the boy was so . . odd. He wasn't an idiot. Gods, he read tons of books, too. But he could be so . . odd, so cocky, so . . happy go lucky, especially when he was running around. The running made him like that. He said his power made him feel euphoric. She could barely imagine that. Hers caused destruction. She'd grown up feeling like it had painted her into a misanthropic corner. His was an inexhaustible supply of shiny happy peopleness, or so he said. What was that like?

What did it really feel like to be a super speedster? Could he really feel that . . carefree and upbeat about things? Wally wasn't a fake or a fraud or anything. He didn't put on airs. Jinx sure as hell knew that. She had been with him most every day, hell, most every hour for years now. But sometimes, some downbeat moment would hit her and she'd look over at him smiling and wonder, are we really looking at the same things in life? How can he feel that way all the time?

Now, Jinx WAS the super speedster. Jinx's body was, somehow, a down to the molecule copy of what Wally's had been. Transformation. It was a transformation. More difficult than a transference. If Zatanna was right in what she'd told her, transformations took at least 50 percent more sorcery power than working a transference. Of course, it was easier to reverse as you didn't have to precisely assure the status of both parties at exactly the same time. You could transform one person at a time back, even if they'd been transformed into copies of each other. The rules were different. Sorcery had lots of 'em and Z was teaching them to Jinx.

Though she wouldn't have said anything. The two of them were both extremely reluctant to be competitive about anything given their history. But Jinx felt she had passed Raven, in a lot of ways, as a sorceress. Z had been a fantastic mentor. Sure, her stock in trade was her reverse incantations but the lady knew it all. Spells, potions, incantations, talismen, interdimensional portals, interdimensional energies, demons, deities, you name it, Z had the 411 on it. It made Raven passing up the chance to study under Z all the more puzzling. Where were you going to find a better teacher of sorcery than Z?

And it wasn't like Raven couldn't improve. Hello! The central prophecy of her whole life had sort of been refuted by the Titans defeating Trigon. And what kind of sharp sorceress would actually get tricked by a freaking dragon and fall in love with him? Please! When you got right down to it except for her mastery of that particular form of black energy that she used, what great skill did she show? Just a month ago, she overheard Beast Boy sighing about being green and casually remarked that she could fix it.

Annnnnnnnd in the course of casting trying to do so, she left Gar with the head of a jackass on top of his suddenly caucasian toned body for 6 days. Was she a better sorceress than Raven? Yeah, Jinx figured she probably was. But she kept quiet about it. However, while stuck in this skinny, bubble butt speedster guy's body, Jinx would acknowledge that Raven was the tops in the Tower.

Jinx had walked with now pink haired sorceress Wally down the hall toward Starfire's room before nudging newly feminized Wally West toward the door and then speeding off. After stopping over by the stairwell and inspecting his slender, uber athletic body squeezed into the usual red and yellow unitard, Jinx sauntered into the kitchen where everyone else was. Jinx had been sure that they'd all point and laugh. Was there a group of unitard wearing smugglers sneaking mangos into Jump City or something? But nobody reacted at all. Jinx gave a push down at the huge bulge at his crotch. Gods! It was so conspicuous. It wasn't even a bit erect but it looked so outrageous.

Maybe it was just the novelty of having it, Jinx finally decided. Still, the bulge seemed ridiculously large. But no one said anything. Nineteen other Titans in the kitchen and not one said anything. And Wally was right about the suit, too. As impossible as it seemed upon first pulling it on, you really did forget about it after a few minutes. Even with the dance belt on underneath.

Jinx snickered to himself at the stairway landing on the 13th floor. My husband wears a dance belt all day long. Hahahahahahaha.


Jinx ran down the 13 flights of stairs in a half second. Just used a bit of speed, just a drop of speedster jet fuel. And, curiously, Jinx felt a twinge of an odd sensation in the back of his mind.


Jinx stepped outside the tower now eyeing the bay and the interstate highway running along the coast of Jump City.

Why not? Why shouldn't I take this for a spin, decided the former sorceress with a pat of his speedster behind. Jinx recalled all the speedster instructions, all the tutelage overheard from Wally to Mas and Menos.

Hell, I've heard just about everything he taught them. I've practically got a license to use this already!

Jinx eyed the bay with a sly smile.

Love. This. Trick.

Jinx gave a squint of his blue eyes then crouched forward into a better sprinter's position and bolted out across the meager stretch of grass around the Tower, down the path to the water's edge and then out across the bay. He was half way across when he was tripped by a few mild swells and went cartwheeling, like a blooper film of a high speed water skiier, splashing across the other half of the bay, till skidding up, on his belly, onto a narrow stretch of sandy beach.


Jinx slowly got to his feet, shaking water and beach sand out of his now orange hair and noticing a little boy and his mother watching from just steps away on a blanket.

"That was funny, Ki' Flass!" laughed the boy with a clap.

Jinx nodded, dusting off the wings on the side of his head. "I kind of messed it up there. I'm supposed to run a kind of serpentine path along all the wave troughs and not try to run over the crests."

"Are you okay?" asked the mother.

Jinx nodded. "Just glad Jinx wasn't here to see me look so stupid. It's bad enough that she's sooooooo much smarter than me."

Jinx smiled at the private joke then tore off, sprinting up the beach, through a parking lot, a few side streets then up a ramp onto the interstate. Jinx knew that Wally loved interstates. Restricted access, no side streets and business entrances to worry about. Wide and with very gradual turns and changes in grade. The easiest running there was.

Jinx sprinted a bit faster, leaving Jump City behind in a few seconds, then faster still, leaving California behind in a few more, then faster still, zooming half way across the country in nothing flat. And, yet, it was all there. Everything Jinx zoomed past was visible. An explosion of sights but every single thing clear and distinguishable. It was like he could now see at super speed or somehow take it all in at super speed as fast as it had been. And cars, truck, motorcycles, Jinx left them all behind. They looked like they were standing still or in suspended animation. He passed a motorcycle just east of the rockies and noticed how the shiny chrome spokes seemed stuck in one position because it was going so slow compared to him. He caught up to and passed jets making coast to coast flights, at first seeing them and their vapor trails ahead of him up above and then immediately leaving them behind over one shoulder.


This was freaking great! Holy shit. This is better than any video game could possibly be. Jinx looked around for someone to talk to out on an empty stretch of interstate but realized it was hopeless. Doppler effect made it impossible. Wally had tried to explain it before but it didn't register. Jinx had no idea it was like this. Gods!

Jinx sped in all directions now, north to the Twin cities, southeast to Chicago, southwest to St. Louis. Jinx ran in huge circles, figure eights, in every conceivable geometric pattern just to run. It was incredible fun to be this body and to run. What were these cities now, states even? Countries? They were nothing. Their boundaries came and went in fractions of a second. What did they matter? What was the big deal about something that you approached then left behind in less than a blink. Time meant nothing like this. Space, dimensions, distances? What the hell were they?

This was amazing. It was so completely, intrinsically fun!

And then Jinx sped down one interstate, onto another and down one of the ramps for Keystone City, home of the Flash. He applied the brakes a bit, down to just a few hundred miles per hour. He was only a red and yellow blur but now he was slow enough to be seen and still be there as they waved. And they did. They all did. Everyone Jinx passed raised a hand or both or shouted a hello or encouragement. People walking. People on buses. People in cars. People looking out office building windows. They all waved. Hi, Kid Flash! The whole freaking city loved him. There was a line to get into the stadium to see Keystone City's baseball team and every one of the hundreds in line waved and shouted. They loved him. They all did. It was amazing.

Jinx stopped on a street corner and gave a full arm wave back before zooming off, luxuriating in this unconditional affection from an entire city.

No wonder he likes doing this, thought Jinx stopped in a secluded location off the highway outside Keystone City. But then he realized something else. Jinx had started to notice as soon as he'd sped across the Jump City limits. The feeling had started to be recognizable then. But the more he'd used his new super speed, the more the feeling built. It was a pleasant, slightly light headed feeling.


Jinx sprinted off, really pouring on the speed then screeched to a halt outside Indianapolis. The feeling was ever so slightly stronger.


Jinx waited a few minutes now. He stood there beside the highway just west of Indianapolis, feeling a bit silly just standing there in that skin tight, rubbery looking suit but he was trying to figure something out. After a few minutes, he wasn't sure. So Jinx waited a few more and he became convinced. The pleasant, feeling in his head faded a bit the farther he was away from using his super speed. Jinx bolted westward, following the interstates running hard before stopping just outside Jump.

It was back, a little stronger, that same pleasant, lightheaded feeling.

Jinx laughed. There wasn't any reason to. It just felt right. He felt like laughing. He laughed again, up at the sky.

"Gods! This freaking power is like a drug!"

Jinx chuckled to himself. Gods! How fucking awesome is this, to feel like this because you use your fricking superhero super power? Jinx tried to figure which drug this was like. Maybe cocaine. He wasn't sure all he had to go by were what losers at the Academy had told the former sorceress. Jinx never used anything at the Academy. She'd had some champagne and a bit of chronic with the Hive 5 but that was it. The competition at the Academy was cutthroat, almost literally. The losers who went around getting high or wasted, whether it was ups, downs, meth, horse, whatever. All those people washed out. You couldn't stay sharp enough to get to the top at the Academy if you had any kind of serious smoking, snorting or shooting habit. Any. And at that point in time, Jinx was determined to make it as a villainess no matter what. In her mind, maybe some day after establishing a huge crime empire, maybe then she would maybe, just maybe sample some of that shit.

But whatever it would be like, Jinx doubted it couldn't be any better than this. And, gods, imagine saving children from a fire or some archetypal goody two shoes thing like that and everyone loves you for it and on top of that, on top of all that, as a result of using your power to do that, you feel the coolest mildest high as a natural consequence. No dealer to go to. No money that you have to somehow scrape up. No worrying about friends dropping by pretending to be all cool with you but really just wanting to use your stuff. No wonder he can be so cocky and casual even though he's such a complete and total nerd!

Jinx sped back to the Tower at top speed. He had trouble with the running on water trick again and unlike the opposite shore, the island around Titans Tower was rocky covered not all beach sand at the edges. Jinx didn't want to slam into the rocks if he lost balance again. So, he slowed down a bit and ended up sinking into the water boots deep just as he was reaching the shore of the island. A few super fast shakes and that was taken care of.

As Jinx approached the Tower, he realized that the real Wally would just vibrate through the wall of the ground floor and into the building. But Jinx had never done that trick before and was reluctant to try. Luckily, just as Jinx got to the door, Robin was walking by and let him in.

"Hey, good to see you're back. everybody else is here."

Oh yeah, remembered Jinx. While the girls all get together, so do the guys.