Author's Note: Well, this is my attempt at a Soul Eater fanfiction. I'm not sure how good it is, but I'd love to hear what you think of it.

I do not own Soul Eater or any of the characters in this fanfiction.

No matter what anyone said, Blackstar could not be anything other than annoying. So Kid glared down at the blue haired boy with disgust. He's not even close to being symmetrical. Everything about him is obnoxious, especially coming down to the crooked grin that's plastered on his face. Death the Kid suddenly sighed to himself, looking away, I'm wasting my time even thinking about the idiot. I'll probably catch his stupid.

Blackstar was down on the floor below the hallway balcony, standing in one of the school's foyers, talking with Tsubaki. Although Kid couldn't hear him, he was sure he could pinpoint what the conversation was about.

"Don't lie to yourself, Tsubaki, I'M TOTALLY AWESOME!"

He was right. With a scowl, Kid turned away from the banister, slowly planning out how exactly he was going to accomplish getting Liz and Patti to be symmetrical. Anything to get his mind off that egotistical fool.

I could have Patty wear higher shoes...But then their shoes wouldn't be the same. But without the shoes, Liz would be taller. I should have them get the same haircut. But that would mean either going short or long? Which would look better on either side of me? Probably long- His thought process was interrupted as a hand whipped him around so he could face Blackstar who was crouching up on the banister skillfully.

"Hey! Kid!" Blackstar shouted, grinning like an idiot as he gripped Kid's shoulder tightly in a semi gloved hand. The assassin meister was seemingly unaffected by the cold look that glared him down right after.

"What?" Kid scowled, removing Blackstar's hand from his shoulder with slight trouble, causing Blackstar to lose his center of balance, "I'm right here, why are you yelling?"

"Woah, woah, woah! Wait, Kid! KID!" Blackstar flailed his arms to keep himself from losing balance on the thin banister railing. He began to teeter back so Kid grabbed his shirt collar demanding, "What do you want?"

Even at his precarious situation, Blackstar smiled his carefree smile, beaming like no other, "Wouldya tell Tsubaki that I could totally take seventy ninjas? I mean, someone as totally AWESOME as me-"


And at that, Kid let go of Blackstar's shirt, letting the other boy drop down from the railing with a loud, "WAH!" Before Death the Kid heard a low thud that brought a small smirk to his lips. He stepped through the door to class quietly right as the bell rung throughout the building.


"Do you ever go away?" Kid grumbled, going to slam the window to his room in Blackstar's face.

But the blue haired boy's strong hand caught the window with ease, in just a reflex, "Hey! You HAVE to hear out the best fighter on the face of the planet! Its common sense! Especially since you were the reason I was late to class!"

"Can't it wait till morning? I have to get back into bed in exactly three minutes if I'm going to be able to precisely eight hours of sleep. Anyways," Kid said nonchalantly, yawning slightly from just getting up to get Blackstar to QUIT knocking on his window at three a.m., "You're NOT the best fighter on the face of the planet and you're always late to class." He couldn't have Blackstar messing up any more of his symmetry or the shinigami would probably go crazy. What was anything if it wasn't perfect?

Before Kid got another chance to slam the window, Blackstar gritted his teeth and pushed his way into the room with his battle cry, "Yahoo!" And as he sat on top of Kid's stomach, holding the other boy down, he proclaimed, "You will listen to ME, the most awesome guy in this room!"

Kid sighed, letting his head drop back onto the floor. Wasting precious time. Its being wasted by this IDIOT. "Fine, could you do it quick though? You're crushing me."

Blackstar sat up straight, folding his arms and let out a huff, smiling, "We aren't that close, like friend wise. Have you noticed that?"

Kid sighed, rolling his eyes, its because you're an idiot. But he didn't answer, feeling it was a waste of breath, explaining things to this stupid monkey.

"Well, I noticed it. Its probably because you've always got that awful scowl on your face," He began to poke Death the Kid's cheeks on either side, getting an angry frown from him, "SEE? There it is! And you're probably just intimidated by me being a badass n'all. But, I've decided that I'm going to allow you to be one of my BEST friends! Aren't you lucky?" Blackstar burst into a laugh, grinning again.

"Yay." Kid said in a monotone voice, rolling his eyes again, "Will you get off of-"

"Not done!" Blackstar covered Kid's mouth with one of his tanned hands, "So, in celebration of you getting the most awesome guy ever as your friend, I'm going to stay the night! Isn't that great?" He folded his arms, nodding, "I'm so great, I can stay anywhere. So staying at your place should be a piece of cake. One of the rules of an assassin is adapting to your surroundings."

"No. Get off of me and get the hell out of my room." Kid snapped, shoving Blackstar over and sitting up. He looked pissed and his mood only worsened when he saw that it had been six minutes instead of three. "Gah, you beast! Don't you see what you've done? I'll never get eight hours of sleep now!" Kid pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration.

With an angry sigh and mutter about symmetrical amounts of sleep, Kid stepped from the room, slamming the door. The pictures on the walls shook at the intensity of the slam but Blackstar only blinked once then rolled into sitting position.

He laughed, "Nyahahaha! He couldn't fathom the offer I made him! THE GUY WHO WILL SURPASS GOD!" His laugh rung through the corridors of Death the Kid's house and the sound made the dark haired shinigami shiver, he'll surely destroy my room! And it wasn't just false accusations glued to the other male, Blackstar DID destroy things. Constantly

Death the Kid slammed the door back open, glaring down at Blackstar with a disgusted, cold look, "I don't trust you being in my room. Fine. You can stay in here. Just for tonight though, don't be coming back here regularly." Only because I don't think I'll be able to get you to leave.

Blackstar cheered, pumping a fist, "Yahoo!" He glomped Kid in a large hug, grinning again, "I knew you couldn't let down my offer!"

Kid sighed, his eyes dancing around the room, silently making sure that it was still in perfect condition. After a moment, he gave the blue haired meister a awkward pat on the back to tell him it was enough. He'd never actually had a hug from Blackstar but Kid was surprised. Although Blackstar was strong and finely built, his grip was firm but careful. As though he wasn't trying to show off his strength to Kid, only hug him. Which was strange, because Blackstar was ALL about strength.

"You're not done getting AWESOMENESS transferred into you by my touch!" Blackstar squeezed Kid to prove his point which made the other boy grunt but smile slightly. A friendly squeeze right? Kid thought silently.

After Blackstar was finally happy with the time he had held Kid in a hug, which had been a full minute longer than it needed to be, Death the Kid decided, he stepped over to the bed, "Do you have your sleepwear, Blackstar?" Kid asked politely, unwrinkling the covers of the bed before glancing in the other boy's general direction for an answer.

"Oh!" Blackstar gave a sheepish grin, putting his hand behind his head as he laughed, "I sleep in the nude!"


Long after a heated discussion on how Kid INSISTED Blackstar wear clothes, they ended up agreeing that just boxers would work out just fine for the night. After finishing accounting for everything in his room and making sure it was completely, without a sliver of doubt, symmetrical, Death the Kid finally joined the whining assassin in bed.

"You take forever to get ready." He said, pulling the covers up for them both. Their skin brushed and although Blackstar enjoyed the lingering coolness left on his skin from the shinigami's cold touch, Kid seemed to think nothing of it and rolled his eyes.

"You don't HAVE to stay in here with me, Blackstar."

For a moment, Blackstar was quiet, thinking over Kid's comment. He stayed quiet so long, Kid reached for the light switch before Blackstar huffed, smiling as he usually did, confident and proud, "But I want to get to know you better." He said casually, nodding his head once for measure.

"Right." Was the only reply he got before the room was dropped into darkness as the lamp was flipped off.

Both boys shifted around to get comfortable and ended up back to back. Blackstar's effort wasn't used on getting comfortable, an assassin can stay anywhere! He thought silently to himself. He only wanted to be touching Kid. The smooth, pale skin of his classmate was enticing and Blackstar couldn't say how many times he'd thought about running his hands all over the dark haired boy's flesh, hearing the soft moans come from the caresses. When Kid sighed into his sleeping position, Blackstar was sure a small shiver ran up his own spine. WHAT A FINE BODY.

For now, Blackstar would be happy with just this. To think that he'd gotten far, to the point that Kid actually let him stay in his room. And that even this morning Kid was basically and almost completely ignoring him during class and lunch. Of course the shinigami wasn't yet aware of Blackstar's affections but the blue haired meister wasn't one to keep things all to himself. The time would come. But this moment could only be described with one word.


Of course, it wouldn't last and Blackstar would come running back to fight for more.

But for now, just for now, it was all he could think of and it was enough.