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Kid was having slight trouble concentrating at the meeting with his father. He wasn't sure if it was his slow recovery since his early battle or if it was the constant brushing of Blackstar's fingers against his own. He was growing irritated at the boy's persistance with it because even if he slid his hand into his pocket, Blackstar managed to finger some other part of his body for attention. Certainly he was doing it out of his sheer positive hope that the situation would lead to something advantageous for himself. Or out of the very obvious and crucial fact that he was just gracelessly annoying.

Kid tried to shrug him off without gaining the attention of the rest of the group. How unprofessional to be fidgeting and dawdling about when someone of a higher rank was talking! But if he leaned too far from Blackstar, he would brush Soul and would cause the symmetrical line they had formed to break. Which was undescribably horrendous and therefore he had to return quiet and unnoticeable fire on the monkey brained bafoon without distracting the master plan of Lord Death.

Luckily for Kid, Maka was quite intent on placing her thoughts into the discussion about whether to go searching for the head group of these far and few but not altogether random witch attacks directed on Blackstar. And Soul was sighing heavily with boredom, so he was almost as uninvolved in witnessing his and Blackstar's little war as his meister was.

With a grit of his teeth Kid whipped his hand back out, snatching hold of all of Blackstar's in one grab. "Quit!" He hissed a sharp whisper, glaring to the surprised boy from the corner of his eyes.

Blackstar was baffled, awestruck. Kid's reflexes were superb, what training the boy must have done! And to begin with such speed even during recovery was also such a fantastic skill. Plus, to add to Blackstar's admiration and joy, Kid had just the thing he had been looking for him to do in the first place. The grip was a little tight and awkward but it pleased him to great lengths. "Kid you have amazing reflexes; Almost as good as mine!" Blackstar whispered back, having enough respect to at least lower his voice while others were talking. He had been waiting long days and nights to touch the silky smooth skin of the shinigami. Plus, he enjoyed holding hands- call it a guilty pleasure. Kid's hands were especially admirable. Blackstar had done his fair share of fantasizing those nimble fingers at work on his cock.

At the erotic gleam that was growing in the blue haired assassin's eyes, Kid realized that the boy's thoughts were certainly not decent. And during Father's lecture too. Kid could feel his jaw muscle twitch with irritation. He turned his attention distantly back to his father, eyes set in steal. Blackstar snickered quietly before he began to realize the grip on his hand was, indeed, tightening past the point of uncomfortable to painful.

Blackstar whipped his eyes down to see in horrified shock that his finger tips were fading into a pleasant plum purple. "K-K-K-Kid!" He squaked, unable to keep himself from dancing an anxious little jig. "You're going to suffocate them!"

Tsubaki glanced down to her screeching meister with a few surprised blinks, "Blackstar? What's the matter?"

Kid's cold, furious eyes flicked down to the shorter boy in annoyance, "Having indecent thoughts Blackstar? During a serious conversation?" His tone, although rather monotone, sent chills down Blackstar's spine; He shrunk under the heavy accusations, "How unpleasant." And after one final crushing squeeze that sent Blackstar into a silent scream of terror, Kid slipped his hands into his pockets.

When the boy crumpled to the floor in a mess of twitching nerves and purple fingers, the rest of the meisters and weapons took notice. Maka leaned over Soul's shoulder with a sound of questioning and frustration. Lord Death bounced slightly, a worried crease pressing between his hallow eyes. He placed a finger to his mouth, "What happened?" He turned his attention to Kid who was standing calm and collected but cool. His stance displayed none of the earlier anger and his face was distant, blank, serious.

"Who knows.." The shinigami boy sighed and turned around with a simple rotate of his hips, "I'm going home. I don't feel good." The group watched in heavy silence until his back faded almost into nothing but a memory. Blackstar was far more focused on his rampant fantasies.

If Kid could squeeze that hard when he grew upset, the horrors he could do to a vulnerable penis! Blackstar shivered in partial fear and arousal at the flashing image of Kid's sharp, ice-cold eyes looking over the head of his manhood. But he wasn't sure if he liked the idea of that inhumane strength and spiking temper in control of his very special and one of a kind genitals. If he was rock hard it was very possible that his arousal could beat Kid's hand strength-

And these were the indecent thoughts running through Blackstar's head as his friends stood over him in worry.


On the walk home, Kid's saunter slowly shifted into an angry stride of rushing ideas and frustrations. Blackstar really had no right to be staring at him with those lusting eyes. Even worse, he shouldn't have been so overly pleased about Kid giving him the slightest bit of attention. What was that damn moron's problem! He knew that things were getting more dangerous and serious the longer they waited. Who knew what the witches and their master had in store for them next.

Kid shook his head slightly in disapproval, Blackstar never seemed to take anything serious. Unless it was his desperate, clawing search for power over Gods. Kid knew this but it was still vexing to see those lustful eyes being directed at...him.

Slowing to a stop, Kid's eyes widened in surprise. Where those eyes, that need, that want, was it for him? He tried to brush it off and continue walking home but he was frozen to the spot. What a strange thought but it was almost, maybe, if only a little appealing. He brushed a hand over his mouth, he could feel the burning in his cheeks.

It began to trouble him and so much that he started to visibly frown. Blackstar, aroused because of him? It should make him angry, he should be upset and horribly burdened by this discovery. But instead just the thought and the faint, tingling reminder of his dream with the assassin just faded everything to white. He walked the rest of the way home with his troubled expression but couldn't find any reason to be troubled.


They happened far more frequently than Kid thought were needed. He was growing quite aware of how long Blackstar visited the dark depths of his mind. The dreams, they were plaguing him with dirty sheets and a heavy chest.

"You're really wet today." Blackstar comments, flicking his tongue out to catch the shimmering spot of precum bubbling from the shinigami's slit. His voice is light and yet amused but affectionate. His eyes are daring and sharp and they challenge Kid over the head of his cock, like Kid has the ability to stop him.

Which he doesn't.

"Shut up." Kid grinds out through gritted teeth, although he realizes the grip in his jaw at the spiking sensation, the hot and wet feel of Blackstar's tongue rising from the base of his dick to the head where he swirls, teases in his mouth. Hot, bated breath spills from Kid's mouth and he knows how lost he is. The only relatively coherent thoughts he could muster were,

Don't stop




And Blackstar seems to be able to read his mind because every time these needy words pulse through Kid's foggy, lust filled head he grins. He bobs up and down, a sincere concentration finding his features. Occasionally he tortures Kid with scraping his teeth along the sensitive skin and fondles his balls. One stray hand slips up Kid's thigh where he pushes the leg up, spreading and opening his view. "Wa, Kid," He cooes and touches the slit with his finger, racking Kid with a shiver, "Look how hard you've gotten."

He doesn't wait for Kid to reply, or maybe he realizes that Kid is so close, so fucking close, that he can't respond. It's all too hazy for words.

"Do you love me Kid?" Blackstar murmurs against the shinigami's chest softly. Something has shifted and Kid can only stare at him with a trembling body. "Do you?" The meister drops kisses all along Kid's chest and then up his collar bone. These kisses are different though, they're soft and fluttering like butterflies. Affection and admiration and adoration and love, each kiss is full.

"Do you love me Kid?" Blackstar is nose to nose with Kid and he smiles and cocks his head. His body is perfect, round and shaped muscles, and sharp shoulders. A slender but strong form that accents his sudden sweetness. His neck seems so slender from this angle, that dip to his shoulder is so wondrous. He is brilliant, tan and naked. His eyes are hopeful, they're staring. Blackstar showing some form of weakness? No, but maybe. "Who couldn't?" He laughs and the ringing of the sound ripples the entire universe.

"You love me don't you?"