Heat sprung across my cheeks as I realized that I was being watched. The glass walls felt like they were closing in on me making my breathing jagged. I knew they could see me, judging me. My bare skin prickled with the uncomfortable thought that they could see everything, bare breast, flat stomach. I scrambled to cover my chest with my arms, trying to become invisible. A buzzing went off revealing the identities of four strange men staring at me with pure hunger. I looked away trying to hide my shame that would make me pay later. I tried to ignore the sound of the door being unbolted and the grunts of the man that would take me away. I cringed as the black cloth went back over my head my vision impaired. I was pushed roughly towards the door tripping over my own feet. I had to be careful not to fall or I would be dragged to my room. My breathing picked up speed when I smelled the air, I knew we were close. I prayed to God hoping the guy that took me to my destination wasn't Carlos. I couldn't tell by the way he held my arm, all I knew was they all left bruises. I heard keys against metal, preparing myself for the worst as the hood was pulled off my head. I felt a sense of relief when I looked into the eyes of Ryan, one of the nicer workers here. I knew he was the only one who wouldn't take advantage.

"I'll be back in ten to bring you your food. You can relax Mabel its over."

I adverted my eyes looking towards the ground knowing it was only over for now.