So here is the first chapter of my Supernatural fanfic. Hope you like. Castiel will come in soon. I hope...

"Miss Matthews is it?" Asked Dean, as he walked around the perimeter of the rather cramped lounge room. He was clad in a cheap suit that he had purchased a while back in Ohio. Sam wore a similar outfit and sat opposite Miss Matthews.

"Yes that is correct." Said the incredibly thin women who sat on the lounge before him. She was a brunette and couldn't have been much more than 15 years of age, and wore thick glasses that fell down to the end of her nose. "What is it you want to know?"

"We just want to double check what you told the police, just making sure nothing was reported incorrectly." Explained Sam. He used his sympathetic voice that always made people feel secure around him. Dean rolled his eyes.

"Ok. Shoot."

"So you were walking home from a party?" Asked Sam; he readied his notepad and pen.

"Yes at my boyfriend Jimmy's house, it was around 10pm, and I had to get home before my curfew ended."

"And that's when the man attacked you?" Asked Dean, he really wasn't interested in this case. It didn't make any sense.

"It wasn't a man." She said firmly.

"Of course." Dean pulled out a sheet; he had needed to right this down. "You said it was a Rela...ktrc...tis, relaektctise rela..."

"A rilaktrictes." She said very firmly.

Dean stared at her "How the hell do you pronounce that with these letters."

Sam interrupted "Ok, this rila ... creature, how do you know it is called that."

"Yes that is a good point, how do you know it wasn't some strange guy. The full moon was up and that always brings out the crazies." Dean said somewhat frustrated he wanted to be somewhere anywhere else, preferably gunning down Lucifer but the damn colt didn't work. This is why we should never trust demons, Dean thought to himself, first Ruby and now Crowley, will we never learn.

"It wasn't a werewolf." She said.

"We never said it was..."

"I know what werewolves look like!"

Dean just smiled "Oh yeah, sure you do. Let me guess you think it is some big wolf-like creature with a vaguely human shape?"

"No. It's just a human with longer teeth, animalistic eyes and long nails. Oh and it needs to eat a hearts every time it transforms." Miss Matthews then proceeded to push the glasses that were falling down, back up to her eyes.

Dean turned around without a word, astonished. Sam continued "And how do you know this?"

"Ok so it's from a book series."

"Let me guess. The Supernatural books?" Dean looked for the bookshelf and straight away saw the entire collection. Even the new ones Chuck published without their permission. Damn him.

"You're fans?" She asked with a huge smile on her face.

"Oh the biggest." Sam said in a monotone, "But if we could get back to the original problem, how did you know that this creature was what you called it."

"Well it wasn't. It just looked like one."

"Well then how do you know it wasn't?"

"Because relaktrictes aren't real."

"So you saw it in a movie?" Asked Dean, wearily. He was growing less and less interested in the case every time she opened her mouth.

"No, it's from a book." She said sheepishly. She currently couldn't even look at either of them.

"Ok...what book?"

"The Supernatural books...sort of."

Dean looked towards Sam and saw the same puzzled expression that he wore on his face as well. "What do you mean by sort of?"

Sam had to take over, "I'm sorry my partner is in a bad mood. Friends of ours died recently. But what do you mean by sort of? We both read the books and we've never heard of them."

"In fact it sounds made-up."

"Exactly, so if you could just elaborate..."

"It's from a fan fiction." She finally said as she looked away from both of them. She was currently fixated by her computer.

"A what?" Asked a very confused Dean. "What is a fan fiction?"

"A fan fiction is a story set in movie or TV series that is wrote by the fans." Explained Sam, turning back to the girl he asked "And this person looked like a creature from which fan fiction exactly?"

"Ok that was a colossal waste of time." Yelled Dean as he stormed out of the Matthew's household.

"I don't know, Dean. We have a lead." Said Sam as he looked down at the sheet in his hand, the authors name was Castiel-ftw72.

"Because we have some author? I doubt it."

"Maybe he's a prophet, like chuck."

"Do not get me started on Chuck! I can't believe he published more books!" Dean wasted no time getting into his beloved car. He loosened his tie and violently turned the car on hitting the wheel as waited for Sam.

Sam was walking slower but he could see all of this, when Dean was taking something out on the car, you knew something was up. "What is the matter, Dean?"


"First that poor girl and now you're being rough to the car! This isn't like you." He quickly got in the passenger seat of the car; he was worried that Dean would drive off without him.

"Ok, Sam! You want to know what the problem is." Dean pulled violently off the kerb and rapidly got up to the speed limit.

"Yes Dean I would!"

"Jo and Ellen are dead! That's the problem."

"Then why haven't you said anything?"

"You and I are two completely different people, Sammy! You go for the chick-flick moments; I try to bottle everything up. That's how we do things! The fact that I'm talking to you now, should mean something!" Dean looked straight ahead and tightened his grip on the steering wheel, "Look, can we talk about this later. I don't want to hit any poor kid who decides now is the time to cross the road."

"Then maybe you should slow down." Suggested Sam, when his phone began to ring.


Sam pulled out his phone and in a defeated voice said. "Oh hi Bobby...yeah we were just at the girl's house then...I'm not entirely convinced it's our sort of job, I mean..." Dean was then treated to a lengthy silence broken by an occasional "Uhuh" or "ok". Finally Sam resumed talking "Ok we'll be right there. See you soon, Bobby."

"So what does Bobby have to say?"

"There has been a death, something that's definitely our sort of job."

"Ok and why do you think that?"

"Because Bobby saw it happen."

The brothers found Bobby dressed in a suit surrounded by police. They were all standing out the front of a clothes store with a French name that Dean wasn't even going to bother trying to pronounce. Bobby in his chair was quite a lot shorter than all the police officers around him, but even from a distance you could see that he was intimidating them far more than they were him.

They parked the Impala across the street and then proceeded to head over to Bobby. "Hey, Sammy. Have you ever noticed that there are always parking spaces where we need to be?"

"Yeah that is quite strange." Then Sam grinned "Must mean Cas is right, there must be a god."

Dean burst out laughing "Oh definitely. The God of free parking."

This laughter caused the cops and Bobby to all turn to look at them and although they didn't hear it Bobby murmured "idjit."

"So what have we got hear, officers?" Asked Dean now in a significantly better mood since there was a body. There's something wrong with me.

"Um, we already have the FBI on the case..." Said a young cop, timidly.

Bobby sighed "Don't worry. These two idjits are with me."

"So could you please answer my question, officer?" Dean looked angrily at the nervous cop who answered back to him. "Or should I just report you?"

"Man found mutilated in the parking lot." Said the officer rapidly. He led the brothers away from Bobby who took that moment to head inside the store. "His body was so heavily mutilated that we can't really tell much about him. Barely anything in fact. We know he was a Caucasian male, but that's about it."

Finally they arrived at an area surrounded by police tape where black backs were being loaded onto a police truck. "Officer, what's in those bags?" Asked Sam.

The cop looked a little sick "That's how badly mutilated he was."

"Great, now that's gone and put me off my lunch," Said Dean, looking like he needed a bucket.

"Were any of the body parts removed?" Asked Sam.

"Yeah; most of them. Most of the bones, most of the skin and the brain. Possibly the intestines but we're not sure."

"You're not sure?" Asked Dean as he stared straight at the cop.

The cop was clearly scared. "Look you two, there was almost nothing left, most of the internal organs appeared to be minced. This is unlikely anything I've ever seen before."

"Yeah, I think you can go now, officer. I need to talk to my partner." Dean said. The cop appeared relieved and hurried off back to the front of the store. Dean looked at Sam and said "So something very weird is going on."

"Do you think it's that rila… thing?" Asked Sam.

"No, but if Bobby saw this thing I think we should talk to him."

"Yeah, and quick before I throw up." Said a very green Sam.

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