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"So Bobby, what exactly did you see?" Asked Sam when they had returned from the parking lot of horrors. Sam's stomach had finally stopped feeling like someone was playing football there and his face had returned to its natural colour. Dean may not have looked green, but he had felt extremely ill.

"Something very, very strange. It wasn't like anything I've ever seen. The closest resemblance I can think of is a Wendigo, but this is far too far south for one of those." Bobby shifted uneasily in his chair, an action which did not go unnoticed by Dean.

"Bobby!" Said Dean very sternly "I need you to tell us exactly what you saw. You're lying about not knowing what it looked like."

"All those years I've talked to civilians like that. Never knew how the idjits felt. Let me tell ya, it's not a nice feeling."

"Bobby, what did it look like?" Asked Sam, his voice being the antithesis to Dean's.

"Ok fine!" Bobby finally said grudgingly. "But you can't laugh at me. It's just that ridiculous I didn't feel the need to bring it up."

"Ok fine. We promise." Sam said instantly. Dean was having a bit more trouble. If this was as insane idea as Bobby presented to be, he might finally get to say "idjit" to Bobby. He had to hide a smirk.

"I thought I saw...the wolfman."

"The wolfman?" Asked Sam quite confused.

"Yes the wolfman and don't you," He pointed at Dean "...dare call me idjit. That's my saying and I'd appreciate it if you didn't use it. Idjit."

"I wasn't going to, it's just the wolfman isn't real. He's a fictional character. Werewolves don't look like that."

"Don't you think I know that, idjit. It's why I didn't mention it before, it's just that unbelievable." Bobby actually looked ashamed at the fact he had suggested this, "But that's what it looked like to me."

"So you saw the "Wolfman" attack and kill some poor bastard in the parking lot?" Asked Dean, rather cynically.

"No ... I saw the Wolfman eating what was left of some poor bastard when I got there, before I shot it with my pistol and it ran off."


"Actually that would make some sense." Said Sam.

"What the demon wolf with the munchies?"

"No, the wolfman itself." Seeing the confused look on Dean's face Sam pulled out their Dad's journal and began flicking through it, "What happens if it was something that looked like a traditional idea of a werewolf and the law between the two got mixed up somewhere?"

"Ok, but do you have any suggestions for what it might be..."

"Not as such Dad's did theorise that this sort of thing did happen a lot and that's why vampires were suppose to have a stake shoved through their heart. There was a pagan god who drank blood at a yearly festival in Europe, those god's have to be killed by a stake to the heart so it sort of makes sense how the two laws collided." Explained Sam, with a sigh he shut the journal "But apparently there is nothing in here that resembles a traditional werewolf."

"Well that is a good theory Sam. But there is a major problem; he's not the only strange critter running around town." Bobby reached to the side of his chair and pulled out a bunch of newspaper clippings. "The reason I came to this store in the first place was because I found these."

He handed the clippings to Dean, who took one look at them and scoffed "Oh come. Local Woman Attacked by Jason Voorhees, Co-Worker Killed? You can't actually believe this is our sort of gig. It looks like some serial killer. Let the police handle it."

"I think Dean's right. This doesn't sound like our gig." Said Sam in a nervous rush, words jumbling together.

Dean just laughed "Oh that's right. Sammy here used to be scared of Jason."

"What! No I didn't!"

"You fought monsters and were afraid of a movie villain."

"Oh shut up! I just felt like he was close." Sam actually looked visibly nervous.

"You know for the first 3 years after he watched Friday the 13th Part 2, we could not take him to a lake without him looking over his shoulder every few seconds." Dean's smirk seemed stretch across his entire face.

"Will you two idjits shut up! People are dying here and you two are treating it like an enormous joke! God you idjits are nothing like your father." He paused for a moment "Come to think about it that's probably not a bad thing."

"You're right, Bobby."

"Damn straight I'm right, idjit. The woman happens to be taking a shift at this store now. We are going to check this out. If all these other monsters which shouldn't exist are coming to life something weird is going on."

"So Jason Voorhees, Wolfman and this rila...thing have all come to life." Dean marked them each off on his fingers. When he finished an idea suddenly popped into his head, "Sam, remember that shifter in Pennsylvania."

"You don't think it's the same one. We killed it remember."

"But what happens if there is another one like it? Appearing as a monster to scare the townspeople who once ridiculed it."

"It did once appear as the Wolfman…" Sam pointed out.

"Wait a minute. You two idjits have seen this sort of thing before and you didn't think that it might be relevant to tell me! Idjits!"

"Ok so what we're thinking shifter?" Asked Dean.

"At the moment I would say so. But I still think we should ask this woman about what happened, get a little more information before we stay with this theory."

"I agree." Said Sam, who was looking a little less scared then before.

"Really, idjit."

Dean was puzzled "Hey Bobby, are you ok."

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be, idjit."

"Well you're just saying 'idjit' a lot more than you do normally. Sounded like you were a little bit grumpy."

"No I feel fine." He spun his wheelchair around and prepared to enter the store "Now are you two idjits coming or what?"

Sam went to walk with Bobby but before he could he was held back by Dean. "Sam, I'm not sure that's Bobby."

"Huh? Why not?"

"He's never said idjit that many times unless he was pissed at us, and then that was in one speech." Explained Dean, looking quite uneasy.

"Yeah, he's probably just a little angry with us because we didn't tell him about that shifter straight up." Sam's explanation was quite reasonable but Dean was still a little uneasy.

"Maybe, but Sam I think we should be careful when we go in there."

"Fine, but if we do, I think I'll go around and make sure it's not a trap just so you can feel better."

"Thanks!" Dean spat back.

"You're welcome. Plus it'll give me a chance to buy some new clothes. These ones are so drab." Sam walked into the store leaving a very confused Dean standing there for a moment before finally saying "Wait, what?"

He saw Bobby talking to a girl beside the counter. Bobby seemed perfectly normal, he was calm and in control of the situation, the girl however was on the verge of tears. Dean supposed that this was the girl whose co-worker had been killed. She wasn't that tall, but she was a pretty little blonde, and Dean had to focus on what he was about to do, or he'd just start mentally undressing her. He pulled the silver knife from his pocket.

He closed in taking care not to allow anyone to see the blade he was carrying. When he was little more than a foot away from Bobby he extended his hand and placed the blade on the back of Bobby's neck.

"What are you doing, idjit?" Bobby asked still looking straight at the crying girl.

Rapidly he pulled the knife back into his sleeve, so as Bobby wouldn't see it. Fumbling he said "I was just trying to tell you that I'm here, you seemed busy and I didn't want to distract you."

"So instead of touching me on the shoulder or something," He wheeled around to face Dean "You decided to place some metal object on the nape of my neck, to get my attention without making me turn around."

Putting on his best I-messed-up face Dean said "Yes."

"You're acting weird, boy." He said eyeing Dean suspiciously. However the moment soon subsided and he turned back around to face the girl. Ok Dean thought it's not a shape shifter. "This is Ruth Powers, the girl who was attacked. Ruth this is my partner Agent Perry. Could you please repeat everything you just told me?"

"Well as you know it happened a week ago. George had to take out the trash and I said I'd help him since it was a particularly big load" Dean had to force back a chuckle "When we got out there everything was fine and then this madman in a hockey mask ran up to me with a machete. George pushed me out of the way but..." She started to choke on her words, and couldn't go on.

"Ok mam, this must be painful, but we need you to tell us what happened next. Why did he leave?" Asked Dean.

"The man put down the machete and ran up to me and grabbed me around the neck. He told me he'd let me go if I gave the police a message."

"And did you?" Bobby asked perplexed. Dean looked over at him, and from what he could gather this was new to Bobby as well. Looks like they kept something out of the papers.

"He said..." Her voice began to waver again, but she managed to continue "He said I had to tell them that his boss was coming to see the Winchester Brothers."

Bobby and Dean looked straight at each other. Concern showed in Bobby's eyes but there was only rage in Dean's. Looking once more at the girl Dean asked "Miss Power's, I know this must be difficult but did he say who is boss was?"

"No he just said his boss was coming to see the Winchester Brothers."

Dean felt like grabbing this girl and shaking her just to get anything new, but he mangaged to simply ask "Did he give a date."

"No he just said..."

Dean didn't wait for her to finish, as soon as he knew there hadn't been a date he left. He just managed to here Bobby yell "Idjit" before he was out of ear shot.

He was rushing to find Sam, thinking it'd be exceeding easy to find him. Sam would be somewhere in the open, some place easy where I can find him Dean thought. It was somewhat harder. Rushing through row after row of clothes and startled customers he managed to find after 10 minutes Sam.

"Sammy, the murderer he left very specific message that his boss was going to come and see us. Have you seen anything out of the ordinary?"

"No, now what do you reckon is better, this shirt," Sam held up a long sleeve red shirt "Or this shirt," This was the same in all but colour.

"Um, the red one. Sammy this is serious. Look did you check the EMF."

"Yes, Dean. I'm not a rookie. I checked the EMF and I even said 'Christo' around some of the customers. Nothing's here, Dean. Now why don't you come over here, I think we can get you some good clothing, instead of that (excuse my French) crap."

" thanks. I'm good. Sam, are you feeling ok?" Dean asked quite concerned over the way Sammy was behaving. He just did not normally act like this.

"I'm fine."

"Right, well Sam I'm going to go back to the hotel. I'm gonna take the Impala, can you get a ride with Bobby?"

"Sure, you sure you don't want any help with clothing?" He asked.

"No, no I'm good."

"Ok, just let me know if you need any help?"

"Ok sure." Dean said nervously. Quickly he ran out of the store and straight to his beloved car. Something freaking terrifying was going on in this town. He needed to do some research.

Yeah sorry for the massive character derailment with Sam, but it has a point, I promise you. Cas should be coming next chapter so *squee*