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Summary: Dean can't seem to get used to the quiet of Lisa's. He constantly awakes at the slightest sound…One night this works to his advantage.

Chapter 1: Midnight Wake Up Call

Four months….

Four mostly sleepless months…

After growing up on the road since the age of four, the constant traffic noise, loud motel neighbors, and most importantly soft snores of his brother had become almost a lullaby to ease Dean to sleep every night. Now, all of that is completely gone. Lisa's nice little suburbia rarely sees a car on the road past eleven PM. Her neighbors, mostly elderly couples, are in bed by nine. And Lisa doesn't snore.

So every night that Sam has spent in hell, Dean has been trying to keep his promise and not bolt straight out of the house in search of the noisy nightlife that he is so accustomed to. He soaks in whatever comfort snuggling down into Lisa brings and fights to keep the screams of Sam's hell from echoing through his dreams. But nearly every night they still break through his walls and push Lisa away from his protective embrace.

And when the screams do keep away, the slightest hint of noise forces Dean bolt awake, nearly in a cold sweat searching for the Colt. Noise that turns out to be a thrill seeking teenager or a food-seeking cat. Either of which sends small stings of disappointment through Dean. He misses crappy motels…He misses hunting…But most of all he misses Sam.

Each night follows the pattern of nightmares and small noises, and each night Dean wakes up sweating and grabbing the Colt from the nightstand. One particular night in September is no different for Dean, or at least so he thinks…

The small clattering just after midnight sounded much closer than the normal cat or teenager, as if it coming from underneath the floor, loud enough to even shake Lisa from her peaceful sleep. "Don't worry babe. I'll check it out. Probably just Ben." Lisa mumbled still half asleep. But Dean gently pushed her back onto the bed and slid out from the covers, gun tucked into his sweats.

"No, I'll go," Dean said much quicker than he had intended to. "You should go back to sleep. I was already awake anyway." Lisa sent Dean a worried look, but refrains from voicing her thoughts. With that Dean quickly kissed Lisa's cheek before numbly walking towards the stairs. It isn't that he doesn't care about Lisa; he just can't seem to put much care and feelings into anything at all lately. Time heals all wounds.. my ass has become a running mantra inside Dean's head.

After four months of this, Dean fully expected to walk into the kitchen and see Ben munching on some chips, who would then put on his best attempt at puppy dog eyes for Dean. Too bad Ben…Only one set of those has ever been able to get to me.

Walking into the kitchen, seeing Ben crouching underneath the bar's counter and being surrounded by black-eyed figures definitely did not meet Dean's expectations. Nor did being thrown and held to the wall.

"Well, well, well…Losing your touch there aren't ya Deano," one slender brunette demon teased.

Despite the obviously venom behind it, Dean pulled a grin. "Not all, but I heard you were, Meg. Cas told me all about how he walked all over you back in Missouri." The grin faded as Meg slapped him hard across the mouth. Dean spit out blood and plastered the grin right back despite the foul taste in his mouth. "Touch a nerve there sugar?" Meg rewarded him with another slap.

Ben whimpered in the corner around the large demon's hand at Dean's rough treatment. Meg took notice and continued to hit Dean, all the while smiling sickly sweet at Ben. "Don't worry Benny boy, there is plenty more for Dean here. And I know he's had a lot worse...Haven't you Dean?" Dean glared defiantly up at Meg through the grimaces of pain. "That's right. We all heard about Lucifer's beat down on you. Or should I say Sammy's?" Dean struggled harder against the invisible force pinning him to the wall. "I can't even imagine how hard it is. Seeing Sam's face, Sam's anger beating the hell out of you! And then leaving you like he did?"

"You bitch! Leave Sam out of this!"

Meg simply laughed harder in Dean's face. "But then I guess you're used to Sam leaving you, huh? What with all the times he ran away, then Stanford. Hell, I even met little Sammy all because he had left you! Always being left to fend for yourself."

Seconds later, before Dean could reply, the sliding glass door shattered open to reveal a hooded, knife wielding figure. Whoever it was didn't seem all that disturbed to find black eyes staring back at him. Instead he moved around the horror movie like scene with the ease and practice of a true hunter. Although Dean could not see the face, he felt an odd sense of relief course through his veins.

Demons grabbed the hooded hunter from behind and pulled him to the floor, kicking and hitting him as he descended towards the hard tile. The hunter countered the attack by swiftly stabbing the knife through the demon's heart. The demon's life force sputtered and flashed out of the black eyes, leaving the meatsuite to slump down onto the hunter. This quickly drew in Meg and Dean's attention. That hooded hunter was definitely no ordinary hunter, and that was definitely no ordinary knife. That was Ruby's demon killing knife, the same one that had gone missing from the Impala four months ago.

With three demons down, Meg and the larger male holding down Ben remained slightly in shock at the man's ability. The male threw Ben towards the wall, causing the boy to hit his head and loose consciousness. Dean fought against Meg to get to Ben, but to no avail. The hunter flung the knife at the fleeing demon. The demon somehow managed to escape to the family room, completely out of the sight of Meg and the two hunters. The knife stuck into the plaster of the walls where the demon's head had been seconds earlier. The hunter dove for the knife, but Meg proved quicker. She grabbed the weapon from the wall and was on top of the hunter before Dean's brain could even process what had happened.

"You really screwed up my night!" Meg spat at the man underneath her. "I had everything planned out! You had to ruin it!" She drew the knife across the man's chest as if to punctuate her sentence and draw out in blood the hatred she was feeling. Large slices and bruised formed under the demon's hand all along the prone hunter. While Meg put all of her force and attention into punishing the man for sullying her good time, her hold on Dean unconsciously slipped. A loud bang rang out in the room as Meg held the knife at ready above the man's heaving chest.

"About time I got to take you out bitch," Dean said as the colt smoked from within his grasp. Meg's eyes shone with a terror she had never felt before. She had neglected to check Dean for weapons, a very deadly mistake. Dean fired again before Meg could even move away from the bullet's path. The demon flickered and died, dropping the knife down near the injured, panting hunter.

Although conflicted, Dean ran to check Ben's breathing and injuries over before attending to the man who had saved them both. After assuring himself that Ben only had a minor cut and knock to the head, Dean rushed back over to the middle of the kitchen. The hood hid most of the man's face, along with the slick grime of blood. Dean first took note of all the cuts Meg littered across the man's chest and abdomen. None seemed too deep or life-threatening…maybe in need of stitches here and there. But nothing Dean couldn't handle. "Alright buddy…I'm going to fix you up. You're going to be ok." The hunter on the floor slowly nodded his head. A few strands of long hair fell loose from the hood's hold. The strands smeared and carried more blood across the man's jaw line. Dean gently pulled the hood off to better assess any facial or head injuries and froze. "Sammy…."