Ok, so everyone seemed interested in a sequel for this baby a while back…and I've finally figured out an idea that works with the original yet that could stand alone if people hadn't really read Quiet of Night. So here is what I am wanting to do:

The boys have been trying to hunt down Crowley for months now with little to no luck. Both are growing exhausted and worried, especially Dean who had to leave Ben and Lisa behind. He constantly worries that demons or angels will go after them again. Little does he know, his nightmare is coming true. Crowley's men break into the house one night in an attempt to get to Lisa and Ben. Lisa is able to hold them off, but not for long. Amazingly, a hunter shows up and saves the day.

Sam and Dean rush back to Lisa's house, finding the other hunter still there...one they never expected to see again...their dad. No one knows why he's been brought back, but the boys can't help but shake the feeling that Crowley is using this as a distraction.

What do you think?