This was hell. It had to be, except it was cold, and wet instead of hot and firery.

The smell coming from the hole in the ground a few feet away was horrible. It reminded her of the time she had walked by the butcher's shop. It was the smell of blood, rotting flesh and decaying organs. She looked up at the man holding her wrist anxiously and saw him smile as they drew closer to the hole. She gagged and tried to yank her hand free, oh hell no. He was not putting her in there she would scream the village down first.

"What's wrong kit?" He asked as he looked down at her when she tried to tug her hand free again. She trembled and stared back at him, he had such cold dark eyes. She was'nt sure why she was just finally noticing that now. Maybe it was because she was starting to panic, or maybe it was because her wounds had healed enough for her to see after that beating that she had taken a few hours ago, which was why she was with this man to begin with.

He had grabbed her and run as soon as the villagers had left her alone. She didn't know who he was, or what he wanted, but she did know one thing. He had'nt grabbed her to save her. He had done it because he had something much worse than a simple beating in store for her. She tried to pull her arm free again and he gave her an amused look as she grunted and hissed, "Let go."

He lifted his arm and backhanded her sharply across the face, her small head snapped to the side as she felt the burning sensation that she had become so familiar with, the faintly matalic taste of blood hit her tongue and made her stomach lurch dangerously as he dragged her over to the opening and picked up a long chain with a hook attached to it. Her eyes widened in fear as she looked at the rusted hook, was he going to put it through her chest?

The last time she had seen a hook that size was when one of the villagers had forced it through her back, dangerously close to her heart and left her hanging from the ceiling of a condemned building to die. The man looked at her and smiled almost happily as he kicked her feet out from under her and flipped her onto her stomach on the ground then sat down on top of her and grabbed her hands, she opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out. She was just too scared to utter a sound, and really what would be the point.

It was'nt like anyone would come to save her. Even jiji was too busy to help her when she got into trouble. He was too busy taking care of everyone else to even notice her anymore. Or maybe he just ignored her because he was hoping that she would disappear, just like everyone else wanted her too. She blinked back tears and tried not to make a sound, if she showed any weakness to this man he would only hurt her even more. So instead she buried her face in the soft grass as he tied her wrists with a few inches of rope so that they were'nt exactly together, but not exactly apart either.

There was at least ten to twelve inches of rope between her hands, meaning that she would have some space to move, but not much. The man tied the rope securely around the hook and got up off of her and tied off the end of the long chain to a tree twenty or thirty feet away and walked back over to her and yanked her to her feet. Sanrling something about 'fucking demons' and 'being slow' and dangled her small body over the opening and smiled at her again as he calmed himself down.

"Let's see how long it takes you to break." He said almost happliy as he dropped her into the inky darkness. It only took a second, maybe two for her body to hit the cold mirky waters at the bottom of the well, she clenched her teeth as she systematically checked herself over for injury. A broken foot was all that she had suffered from the fall, mainly because she had hit something before going under water, she flipped herself around and kicked her way to the surface and took a big gulp of air, and nearly threw up.

Oh god that smell. It was much stronger in here, much more rancid and sickening. What the hell was that? What was causing that smell? She wondered at she tried to breath through her mouth instead, but the scent was so strong that she could practically taste it as something bumped into her back. She turned her head and felt her heart stop for a second as she realised what it was that she was staring at.

It was the half decayed corpse of a young woman, with short inky black hair, the dead woman's one eye stared right at her as she screamed and tried to move away from the body but only found herself face to face with several others. Oh god, was this her fate? Was she going to be left down here to suffer starvation, or to eventually drown and become one of these women? She screamed and screamed, and screamed, her young mind knowing that it was a futil effort to even try, but she wanted someone ot come and save her right now so badly that she was willing to destory her own voice if it would bring someone here that much faster.

She swam over to the wall and found a hand hold there and pressed her face against the cold slimy rocks and sat there as she hypervinulated and cried and screamed and tried to climb the wall in an effort to get away. This was hell, and for once she wished she were someone else. Someone that others would look for, because she was'nt sure if she could make it out of here on her own like she had all the other times.

For once she was simply too sick and scared to try.


5 yrs later-

Naru came out of a sound sleep screaming, the memory of those dead eyes staring at her, she clapped a hand to her mouth and quickly got out of bed and ran into the bathroom just in time to throw up. She sat on the floor of her bathroom crying as she wretched, her body shaking uncontrolably, those eyes. She hated those eyes. They were always there, when she was awake and asleep, always staring at her, always judging her, always condeming her for...something, she still was'nt too sure what it was that made everyone hate her so much, but she just wanted everything to stop.

She had done everything she could since that time she had spent a week in that hell hole, before anyone had found her, to make herself stronger so that she would never have to go through that again. She remembered the looks of disgust and horror when the doctors at the hospital had told the Hokage that she had had to have her stomach pumped and had found bits and pieces of rat flesh and rotted human flesh in her stomach. She remembered the Hokage looking at her laying in her hospital bed, and walking out of the room to puke like she was now.

He had looked utterly disgusted by what had happened to her, and that look is what had caused her mind to shut down completely. She had stopped caring what he and everyone else thought of her. It was'nt like she had asked the dark eyed man ot throw her in that place and leave her. It was'nt like she had wanted to eat the rats that fed off of the corpses, but she had'nt had a choice. The water had been full of too much bactiria, and it was'nt like she had meant to eat anything even remotly human in appearnce but she had been so fucking hungry and had wanted to live so badly.

She had just caved and done the unthinkable. She had been ten for god's sake, and had no other options.

She sat back on her heels as she felt the familiar prickling sensation along the back of her neck, it was that feeling that she got when she was being watched. She looked around the bathroom and noticed that nothing was out of place, everything was just as it was supposed to be. So it must be Jiji spying on her again.

Today was the day she was assigned a jounin teacher, she should feel excitment about today, but all she felt was dread. She flushed the toilet and got to her feet, still shaking pretty badly and walked over to the mirror and opened the cabinit behind it and pulled out a bottle of pills and opened it. She poured three pills out into her palm and popped them in her mouth and chewed them, she wanted the drugs in her blood stream as soon as possible. Wanted to forget what she had dreamt.

She looked at the bottle and read the instructions, and what it was supposed to do for her and debated on taking six more. Sure it might shut down her kidneys, but what's the point of dying if you could'nt die with a smile on your face. She reluctantly put the bottle down and looked in the mirror.

God was that person staring back really her? She looked so pale and sickly.

She remembered a time what she had been pretty, happy, and even healthy. She didn't look like any of those things any more. She was too pale, too thin, there were dark circles under her eyes. There had once been a time when she had laughed and smiled and acted just like any other person but since the 'well incident' as she had dubbed it, she had stopped smiling, stopped laughing, in many ways it was like she no longer had a soul. There was just no spark of life in her eyes.

Due to the well incident her mind and body had suffered tremendouly. She was still a nervous wreck, still went to theropy, still took medicines to keep her calm and help her sleep. She still shyed away form blood and certain foods that reminded her of the rats and human flesh that she had eaten, which was a majority of the foods that she was given. Her stomach lurched dangerously and she doubled over next to the sink afraid that she was going to be sick again.

But that was'nt the case, her stomach was just cramping because there was nothing in it now. Good, if she had her way she would never feel the need to eat anything again. However since that particular incident the Hokage had decided to make a pest out of himself and had started watching her much, much more closely than he once had. He came to visit her every day or so, always brought her food, clothes and everything else nessesary to her as a person, he even sat down and watched her eat. Probably because he knew that she would'nt if he didn't. The bastard.

The attention might have been nice if she were still the same little girl that he had once known, or even if she had still cared one way or another if she lived or died. However she never said anything about her thoughts to him, choosing instead to maintain what little dignity she had left by suffering in silence.


The jounin stared at the small image of the girl in the crystal ball and frowned. Naru Uzumaki, hmmm. She was'nt what he had expected her to be. The girl looked far more fragile than she should have. Almost like she had been sick and could'nt seem to get better. She was a pretty little thing though. Her ivory skin, violet eyes and soft blond hair giving her an exotic quality. She was jsut a bit taller than most girls her age. And apparently got shaken very easily.

He watched her get sick, and sit on the floor hugging herself as she cried and knew that she suffered from the same thing that he suffered. Night terrors could be a bitch to get over, esspecially for someone so young. He frowned again, but she was far too young to have seen or done anything that would cause such a reaction in her. He looked away from the crystal ball for a second and flipped her file open again and let his one eye skim over the pages.

She was'nt a good ninja nor was she particually bad, just over looked. She had decent grades in school. Had been a trouble maker, and acting out to get attention until something had happened.

He could tell from the attendance record in the file, she had had perfect attendance up until she had turned ten, just three months after her birthday she had stopped going to school for some reason for a year in a half. He flipped a few more pages and stopped when he came across a bunch of shit that was blacked out. What had happened to her after she had stopped going to school? Was it really so bad to warrent being blacked out? He caught the words 'intense theropy' and 'needs treatment' and frowned again.

This stupid blacked out shit was making her sound like she was fucking nuts or something. What had happened? What had happened to the innocent little tyke that used to give him hugs when he came back to the village after his Anbu missions? What had happened to his former sensei's daughter? "Lord Hokage, what happened to her?" The jounin finally asked as he closed the file just in time to see the girl getting dressed for the day in black caprie pants, a mesh shirt over her bra, and a black wife beater and baggy royal blue jacket. Yummy.

The jounin thought as he watched her picked up a brush and ran it through her almost waist legnth soft blond hair then watched as she pulled her hair back into twin ponytails at her nape, slipped on her shoes and picked up her apartment key and walked out the door.


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