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Kakashi was in the middle of re reading the same page he'd been staring at for the fifth time when Lee left and Naru got up off of the ground and dusted herself off a little bit. Hn. I wonder what those two were talking about just now. The copy nin wondered as his student came walking up.

She cautiously peeked around the corner of the tree as if she were worried that he might forget she was in the area and chuck a kunai at her or something, and looked at him for a moment before he shifted slightly and snapped the book closed and looked at her. She went utterly still as her pale face turned a nice shade of pink as he asked. "Done with your buisness?"


"Good." Kakashi said before asking, "Now what would you like for dinner tonight?"

Naru chewed on her lower lip for a second as he put his book away then asked somewhat hesitantly, "Can we have...tempura?" Kakashi looked at her and blinked. Tempura? Now that was an unusual request coming from her.

Then again she had woken up this morning acting a little bit different from what she had been like before. "Are we celebrating something?" He asked curiously and Naru just gave him a small smile and stepped away from the tree and started walking. Well that is definately new. Kakashi thought almost bemused as he hurried after her.

If he hadn't been suspicious of her new behavior before, he certainly was now.

His Naru never turned her back on him. It simply left her too vulnerable and open to attack which meant that either Naru had finally decided to pull herself together and face the many, many, many fears she'd had all these years...or he was dealing with an imposter. "Naru?"


"You seem...different." Kakashi finally said, deciding that it was highly unlikely that he had an imposter on his hands considering how close to her he'd been lately. Naru paused in mid walk and turned around and looked at him for a second. A wry smile tugging at the corners of her lips.


"Yeah-" Kakashi said without hesitation as he caught up to her. Making like he was going to walk past her, he brushed by and did this peculiar walk around her, looking her over from every side and angle before murmering, "You seem more confident. More sure of yourself."

"Oh? I didn't notice anything different about myself." Naru said, her breath hitching for a moment as he stopped in front of her and stared at her with a perplexed frown. Oh now he knew something was up. He'd noticed the hitch in her breath and started thinking over the events that had occurred between now and before she had met.

He was well aware that everyone had a sort of...awakening. Even victims of crimes. But up until today he'd never noticed the way that Naru looked at him before. She was looking at him the same way he often found himself looking at her.

Like she was hungry. No scratch that- she was looking at him like she'd like to strip him naked and ride him until he broke. He gulped and took a small step back away from her as she gave him a look that had his body going rock hard in 0.2 seconds. Oh dear god. Kakashi thought as his mouth went dry, his heart thudded against his chest as if it wanted to punch through his ribs and his palms started to sweat under the fabric of his gloves.

He shuddered as she took a step towards him and quickly croaked out an excuse to leave and dug out his wallet and told her to have fun and then turned to run off when she caught him by the arm and before he could so much as jerk free or react at all, slid up close to him and kissed his masked lips softly.

He made a choking sound as his one eye went wide and paled for a moment before turning a vivid shade of red as she let him go and stepped back. "Have fun Kashi." She said cheerfully and he made another choking sound as she turned around and started to walk away from him.

Oh dear god- The object of his desire had just kissed him on the mouth and all he'd been able to do was choke! What the hell was wrong with him?