Chapter 19: Final Chapter


He was getting anxious. The younger boy had left way earlier than he did and it was a long way to the airport.

'Hmmm… There's nothing much to write. Or maybe I'm just no good at this. Thank you for being there when I was injured. It was weird, yes, but I somewhat enjoyed the company.'

Rush hour was coming. Soon, the streets will be clogged in traffic.

'And… I guess you don't know just how it lifted my spirits up whenever you were over.'

As they neared an intersection, the traffic light turned red. He cursed silently. The gods were favoring him today.
'The other day, when we were supposed to watch that movie… I got really mad… or… annoyed. And now that I think back, my actions were a little bit unnecessary.'

The traffic lights turned green and the car started to move again. Everything seemed slower than they actually were.

'I'm sorry… I lied. I didn't get to watch the movie… so I don't really know how it actually is. And you don't have to worry about making it up to me anymore. I'm leaving today anyway. Aren't you happy though? I came to see your graduation. Just like you wanted.'

Everything became a blur. He didn't know when they got there. Once the car had stopped, he found himself pushing the door open and running out into the building.

'Too bad we still haven't finished our match, huh? That's okay. I have a reason to come back.'

His eyes were open, revealing those determined blue orbs. He was getting desperate. Mentally, he was laughing at himself. He probably looked stupid at the moment but he didn't care. All he wanted right now was to find the younger boy and to at least give him a proper goodbye before he leaves.

'I don't know when I'll be coming back this time, so… I'm going to take this chance. Even if I don't see you anymore and even if you choose him, then at least I told you. I kind of like you. Spending these last few days without any contact with you made me realize that and I guess I was happy… until he came back.'

His tears were threatening to fall. He couldn't find the younger boy. Running a hand through his hair, he inhaled deeply, trying to calm himself down.

His phone started to vibrate and he picked it up immediately, hoping that it was the raven-haired boy. "Hello?"

"Fuji. Where are you?" Tezuka's voice was stern but the worry was evident.

Looking around, he answered," Uhh… b-by the vending machines below the escalator. This time, his tears did fall. He sobbed into the phone, sure that the former captain could hear him but that didn't matter anymore.

Running a hand through his hair once more, he looked around. This time for his teammates, his friends. "I-I can't find him Tezuka."

"It's okay. Calm down."

His eyes widened when he heard a 'click' on the other line. He brought his phone away from his ear and looked at the screen. Tezuka had just hung up on him.

He had never felt so alone before.

He felt a tap on his shoulder and he immediately turned around, finding his friends all around him, Tezuka's hand on his shoulder.

"Let's go look for him again," Tezuka said, patting his shoulder and giving him an affirming nod. The former regulars smiled encouragingly.

The brown-haired prodigy could only nod back at them, thankful that he has such wonderful friends.

'I envy him you know… though I don't want to admit it. Though, I can't really get mad at him. I look up to him too. Plus, the look on your face when you're with him… It felt like I would break it if I did get mad at him.'

They were separated into pairs, searching nearly every corner of the airport.

Fuji's anxiety grew. 'What if he already boarded the plane? What if he's already gone?' These thoughts were going through his head and they weren't helping.

He was paired up with Eiji and somehow, in the middle of the search, they got separated too.

Fuji contemplated if he should give the red headed boy a call, taking his phone out of his pocked just in case. He thought against it. 'He'll manage to find his way to me…' he thought.

Putting his phone back into his pocket, he looked up only to realize that he was back to where the other had found him; near the vending machines, beside the escalator.

A mass of people started walking towards him as an announcement ran through the PA system that a flight was back on schedule and people on the flight could board the plane.

He scanned the crowd, taking in the features of most of the people passing, checking once, twice if any of them could be the person that he was looking for.

'Ne, Fuji-sempai… if you don't choose him… do you think I'll have a chance? Will you give me that chance?'

He gasped, eyes widening as he found him. He found that familiar white cap, covering that dark mass of hair and that cocky smirk slowly appearing on the other's features.

'And if you do give me the chance…'

Echizen stared at him, his smirk only growing wider for every step he took.

Fuji opened his mouth, wanting to say something but wasn't able to form words. He couldn't think of anything to say. His mind just simply went blank and his mouth became dry.

Echizen got closer, not breaking their eye contact. His smirk softened into a sincere smile as he stopped right in front of the older man, taking in all the details of his features before he left.

Another announcement rang through the PA system. The two boys looked up at the speakers and listened.

Fuji looked at the other boy, a frown placing itself on his face. Echizen looked at him too, his smile still in place. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath and adjusted his cap.


He started walking but as he passed Fuji he smiled once again. "Thank you."

Fuji's eyes widened and he turned around to see the boy's back. And he smiled, tears began to form in his eyes and he let them fall. No, he wasn't sad.

'Will you wait for me?'

He simply had something to look forward to in the future.


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