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He could still feel his vice captain's touch linger against his shoulder. Though it had been nearly an hour ago when Yukimura slipped, and Sanada caught him in his arms, the demi-god returned home, panting slightly at the memory.

Sanada strong arms circled around his thin shoulders and before he could even think about the impact he was by his side, with his face mere inches from his own and—the excitement in Yukimura's…lower regions was impossible to conceal now.

Yukimura thought for a bit; his parents weren't home, he was horny and he had Sanada on his brain for possibly the hundredth time that week.

As he discarded his tennis bag in the hall, along with his jacket, he eyed a hanging fruit that caught his eye. It can't be a bad idea can it? Nobody was home and he was completely capable of cleaning the sheets by himself and, he exhaled, feeling flushed, he really wanted it right now. Pulling the long fruit off the counter, he sped up to his room with a straining member in his pants. Once he was in the confinement of his room, slamming the door behind him and locking Yukimura all but collapsed onto his futon with the fruit in his hands. He'd never be able to even live if anyone found about this.

Mere minutes later, Rikkai's prideful, gentle and occasionally sadistic captain was panting and writhing beneath his own fingers plus fully exposed to anyone who could invade his room at that moment. Lying on his stomach and supporting himself by his elbows, Yukimura held the lengthened fruit by its base and eased it in and out of his mouth slowly in slight paranoia of breaking it.

His nether regions gave another needy throb, demanding attention at once. He increased the speed of the banana entering and exiting his mouth until he felt his jaw going slack and the obscene, wet sounds from his mouth continued. With a sudden sense of urgency, he removed the banana from his mouth and lowered it to his groin, grazing past his nipples, sending a shiver through his body and a short gasp from his mouth.

Once the fruit was in contact with his member, he began using the fruit to spread the leaking pre cum from the tip of his cock. Yukimura moaned loudly at the sudden sensation. He continued to rub up against the moistened fruit. He manoeuvred the banana past his crotch and rolled over to his side, pushing it closer to the tight hole in his rear end.

Suddenly, all he could hear the faint sound of his phone beeping quietly, supposedly muffled by his regulars jacket on the floor.

He easily ignored it and continued to probe his entrance softly with the fruit. He could feel his orgasm approaching, but he was missing something; something that he couldn't place.

The phone beeped twice, signalling that someone was leaving a message.

It's strange you're not picking up, but I'll call you later. You don't need to worry about anything. I'm just checking up on you.

The caller paused while Yukimura audibly gasped at the sound of the voice; the sound of his vice captain's voice. Accompanying the gasp was a whine consisting of the name of the man who haunts the captain's dreams.

The pause felt like it had taken an eternity; an eternity of probing his entrance with a slickened, pre cum covered fruit and inconveniently, the captain felt incomplete without his noble vice captain by his side (or on top of him) and his hot cock pounding into his awaiting ass.

The other hand which was unoccupied was pumping his cock quickly and harshly, begging himself for release.

Yukimur— but before Sanada (who was innocently leaving a message mind you) could even finish his message, by the sound of his voice saying his name, Yukimura came hard into his hand and actually got a bit more than he wanted up his hole.

a, I hope we can speak soon. I'll call you later. Ja.

With that the message saving into his phone, Yukimura lay sated on his futon. The memory of Sanada murmuring his lame so lustily (which was probably just his imagination) ringing in his head. Suddenly, realization struck him; what would he do with the banana…?

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