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"Masaharu! Quit it; this game is stupid."

Though Marui was obviously glaring at the general direction he had heard his partner, Niou wouldn't be able to tell. The pink haired tensai knelt on his bed, supported by his hands and blindfold over his eyes.

"Calm down, nobody's home and I promise, it'll be fun, puri~"

From what he could tell, Niou was preparing some crazy-ass sex game that will probably involve his submission and a lot of screaming. Marui felt a pulse in irritation from the last time Niou wanted to play "How disturbed can you make my neighbors?"

"Well hurry up at least, I want to take a bath," Marui complained. Plus, being undressed on Niou's bed would have been absolutely freezing, but as his mind wandered with anticipation he felt the heat increase…in certain places more than others.

Niou's warm breath suddenly flew over the delicate shell of the tensai's ear, "Count with me, love." His erection was already at half mast, but when he felt something soft, but smooth against his member, he let out a sudden cry of pleasure

If he had to guess, it would have probably that cursed yellow fruit his team was recently so infatuated with. Its smooth, cool surface rubbed against his now throbbing erection while Niou's fingers skillfully thumbed the tip, arousing him further, but not far enough for Marui to go over the edge.

"That's one…" Niou's breath was hot against the shell of his ear as he dragged his words out in time with the stroking.

Marui's body twitched and jerked at the sensation, "O-one…". But as he let out another moan, Niou mumbled something incoherently and his grasp departed from his nether regions. As his moan dragged out from near-orgasmic pleasure, another banana of a similar length was inserted past his lips.

"Don't bite it Bunta." He could hear the smirk in his voice. Of course he wasn't going bite it.

The fruit was eased slowly in and out of his mouth, exiting with a layer of sticky saliva and reentering with a fresh coolness of the room surrounding them. The pace completely contradicted to the quick strokes he was receiving with Niou's other hand.

"That's number two~" Obviously Niou was having a good time with this. There was nothing like making Marui squirm to his touch.

The strain beneath his pants was almost too much to take, but he'd have to wait; if not a mere few minutes. That way, they can truly enjoy this.

"T-two…" Marui moaned for the second the banana was out of his mouth.

He felt sticky everywhere, which made sense seeing how he was emitting liquids from…many places.

The room was filled with Niou's grunts of pleasure as his movements rubbed his erection against the front of his pants, the friction along with his lover's stimulated sounds of pleasure almost blew him over the edge too.

His gaze lingered at the banana sliding sensually in and out of Marui's mouth. Blew him over the edge…that's funny.

"Here's number three now Bunta…"

The redhead was lifted to his knees and his chest was pressed against the mattress. Marui's currently uncoordinated hands supported the banana rubbing against his groin while the second simply lay on the mattress.

He felt Niou's hands grip his hips, firmly, yet softly and he felt the warm tip begin to enter his hole—

That wasn't a banana.

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Okay fine.

The next day when the team decided to eat lunch together, everyone seemed to have a mutral understanding as to why almost half the team arrived limping and why the practice was cancelled that day.

But when Jakal questioned them and took a bite out of his banana (the fruit, mind you) he failed to realize the tension that had fallen over his team.