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Chapter One

Ellie held her head high as she walked down the street in The Gates. She felt confident for the first time in a while, she thought she would fit in well here. After all the people here were different, something she hadn't experienced for several years. Stopping short of a dark bench she scanned the scenery ahead. The flowers looked so beautiful to her violet eyes. Something that she'd inherited from her mother, one of the reasons that they moved in the first place.

She sat on the bench leaning as far back as she could. Her shoulders were stiff from being in the car for so long. When the moving truck got there she decided she'd take a walk around the neighborhood to grow more accustomed to it. Turned out the school was only a few blocks from her house meaning she could just walk. "I think I'm going to like it here." Softly fell from her lips as she observed the people that were around her. They all looked genuinely happy. It was so different compared to the subdivision she lived in beforehand, everyone there put on a mask. Here it just seemed so…right.

"Eleanor." A woman with red hair spoke firmly a few feet away. Her arms were crossed over her chest as she tapped her foot. The green t-shirt she wore looked like it had been drenched in sweat. At least she had no shame.

"Mother." Ellie spoke curtly getting up from the bench. Brushing off the non-existent dirt from her floral sundress she went to where her mother Teresa stood.

"You ran off and didn't even bother telling your father and I where you were going. He sent me to come find you."

"Sorry about that I was just…curious about the neighborhood." She could read her mother's body language, which said frustrated and worried. Ellie always managed to forget that her parents weren't entirely comfortable with her going places alone. It was okay for Oliver to do it, but not her. Probably because she was a girl.

Rolling her eyes she began walking in the direction of their new home. "Don't roll your eyes at me Eleanor, I already have enough trouble dealing with Oliver and his rebelliousness."

"I'm not rebelling Mom, I'm just being adventurous." With that her shoulder slammed into what felt like a brick wall. It was a person though.

"Watch where you're going," he growled turning his back to her and stalking away down the sidewalk.

"I could say the same for you." She mumbled glancing ahead to where Teresa continued walking. Putting a little more pep into her step she went racing ahead so she could be caught up to her mother.

"God Elle, sometimes I think you have ADD." Oliver said pointedly grabbing a box from the truck.

"Ellie," she corrected resisting the urge to stomp on his foot. Brothers were so annoying, especially older ones. Taking one of the smaller boxes she followed him into the house. It may have looked a little smaller compared to some on the outside, but on the inside it was huge. The hardwood floors were through the entire house or at least what her eyes could see. "Dad, are you sure we can afford this?" Ellie questioned readjusting her grip on the cardboard.

Her father Brandon came out of what she assumed was the kitchen. His black hair was now messy and worn compared to when they got here and it was slicked back nicely. "Yes Ellie, I'm quite positive. Besides I've had a talk with the Gates owner anyways. Everything is fine."

"If you say so." She smiled observing him further. Pursing her lips she paused for a moment and then opened her mouth to speak when her father spoke exactly what she was going to ask. The man was practically telepathic.

"Upstairs next to Oliver's room."

Nodding she escorted herself upstairs looking closely at the house along the way. The walls were a god-awful tope color. Couldn't her parents at least choose a decent palette if they were going to be living here for a long time? Passing her brother's room she found hers. Her full sized mattress was flush with the wall and the vanity sat in the corner, otherwise all that laid in her room were boxes. The walls were white; at least they weren't adorned in that tope paint.

Sitting down the box on the mattress she went to go unload more from the truck when she stopped in front of the mirror. Her raven hair hung in long cascading waves down her back. The violet eyes she possessed seemed to be lackluster, but hopefully they would brighten as the week went on. Being in any unfamiliar place, or being stuck as the new kid always took its toll on her self-esteem. Not even her ability could make her feel more cheerful, the only person she had to get through the school day with was Oliver and he hardly had any trouble making friends. He'd always been a social butterfly unlike her.

"You gonna help finish unpacking?" The eldest Droves child asked from the door. His black hair seriously needed to get cut. He was starting to look like a homeless person with the way he kept his hair. The plaid shirt he wore was drenched in his sweat no doubt. That was always her favorite shirt if she was ever to steal one from his closet.

"I'm coming." She hustled out of the room after him.

By mid afternoon they had finished dragging all of the boxes into the house, shortly after came the furniture. For the next two days all they seemed to do was unpack and paint.

Then it was there the first day of school. Not literally the first day of course, it was just the first day in a new school. It was always the most unsettling day for Ellie new people and a new place. The place she could deal with, she just wasn't so sure about the people.

She sat in front of her vanity running a brush through her thick locks. What should she do with her hair? First impressions were sadly everything in the modern world. She didn't plan on blowing it since she would be in this community for a while. After sitting for a few minutes she decided to straighten her hair to compliment her plain t-shirt and jeans. This was the one thing she felt extremely comfortable in, so if she was comfortable therefore she was confident. It was more of win win situation in her mind, something she always found effective.

Going downstairs for breakfast she ate a piece of toast finding that her appetite was miniscule for her nerves were in slight disarray. "Are you not hungry dear?" Teresa asked looking up from her cup of coffee. Her violet eyes practically sparkled behind her glasses. She obviously hadn't put her contacts in yet.

"Not really."

Oliver came in the kitchen his hair was slicked back. He was pulling out the big guns for this school; he wanted to impress some people obviously. "Ready to go to school?" He spun the keys around on his finger and his bag was swung over his shoulder.

"Have a good day at school guys." Her smile was beaming. This move was going to be for the best. Everyone already seemed to be meshing well.

Getting into Oliver's jeep she fell silent. Today she didn't want to walk to school. She had to get a feel for it first.

Ellie secured her bag and went walking into the high school with her brother. The office was buzzing with energy and their schedules were deposited to them immediately. Her first class of the day was a science lab. The one thing she hated more then math was science.

The looks she received as she entered the classroom were miniscule. Mr. Brooks sat her in the middle of the room next to a boy named Lukas. The more she glanced at him out of the corner of her eye she recognized that he was the one that she ran into yesterday. "Is there a reason you keep looking at me?" He mumbled under his breath so that only she could hear.

She'd been ignoring the chemistry lesson for most of the class anyways, might as well throw this first day out the window. "I thought I recognized you." She spoke softly sitting her pencil on top of her notebook. The sporadic notes were unclear seeing as she jotted them down as quick as possible. This teacher moved quick, but she was pretty caught up with this before she moved so she wasn't extremely worried.

"Yeah, you're the one that ran into me yesterday. I'd recognize your awful perfume anywhere."

Her body stiffened at his words. "Excuse me?"

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