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Chapter Two

Ellie bit on her tongue to avoid snapping. It was a habit that she had inherited from her mother like she had with so many other things. Trying to keep her cool she laced her fingers together and inhaled slowly. The bell sounded off through the classroom, and she abruptly stood up blocking the exit to the isle. "Firstly you should watch where you're going. Secondly learn how to count, I didn't move here yesterday. Last, you don't know me so get a fucking clue, don't be such an asshole."

She swore she saw his eyes flash golden under the dim lighting of the classroom. She exited swiftly leaving him standing there. The bathroom was the closest thing to her as she exited. Entering she stood at the sink breathing deeply. No need to lose her cool, she just started here. A bad reputation was not exactly what she wanted her first day. Her pupils were dilated, apparently calming down wasn't going so well. Turning on the faucet to the white porcelain she gathered some water in her hands splashing a small amount on her face. Taking some paper towels from the dispenser she wiped off her face returning to the mirror. Her eyes were back to the plain violet they normally were.

The next few periods before lunch seemed to drag on to Ellie as she shuffled her way across the high school. She remained relatively unknown and kept to herself until her brother sat with her at lunch. "So what do you think of this new school Elle?"

Silence greeted him as she picked at the food on her tray. Poking at the bland peas she put a few into her mouth finally staring over to Oliver. "You like it that so much that you didn't correct me so I see."

"Yep, that much." She bared a small smile to him. "What do you think of it?"

He took a bite of the breaded chicken that she had declined in the lunch line. "It's not too bad, I hope we can stay here longer then we did the last school."

"I'm sorry I screwed up Oliver." Her voice was soft as she stared down to her lap. Her appetite had disappeared even more so since this morning.

"Look it's not your fault that douche bag left you to get caught. I thought…" he paused trying to find the right words. "I thought since Chase was my best friend he would be a good influence to you, not influence you to use your ability for the wrong things."

"Well he had the same ability, I don't know why he left me out to dry. Other then the fact that I was the one girl who told him no." Sitting down the silverware she peered to her brother who seemed to be having an inner battle at this conversation. Talking about Chase always boiled his blood, he felt guilty enough with the fact that his best friend had tried to force himself on her. She didn't blame him though. The constant questioning is why they moved. She had been the entire reason.

Nudging his shoulder she put a real smile on this time. "Seriously Oliver calm down before something we're both going to regret happens." He blinked his eyes peering over to her.

"Sorry Ellie."

"Hey Oliver, care to join us?" A girl with wild brown hair questioned sliding in next to him at the table. Her brown eyes met Ellie's almost as if she was claiming her territory. Oliver looked over questioning his sister with his eyes. They tended to know what the other was thinking a good majority of the time. Nodding she decided it was time to escort herself out of the cafeteria.

Taking her tray she dumped her almost untouched food into the trashcan. Wandering out in the hallway she made her way to the library, which had to be the biggest room in the school apart from the auditorium. Sitting in one of the large chairs she became lost in her thoughts. Maybe this move wasn't going to be as great as she thought, after all there were rules here unlike in the other communities she had lived in. She never had to withstand doing things within a certain perimeter besides school.

"Can I take a run?" Ellie asked putting a few bites of dinner into her mouth. She stared pointedly at her parents. For the rest of the day she had been quiet. Her thoughts were beginning to overwhelm her; she couldn't take sitting around much more.

Teresa and Brandon stared at their youngest apparently startled by her question. "Only if your brother goes." Brandon said cutting the silence that fell over the dinner table.

Oliver stared to his sister then to their father. "Why do I have to go?"

"You know why."

So in other wards they don't trust me to go running by myself. Ellie thought pushing her plate away from herself. "Forget it Oliver."

Getting up from the table she went to her room shutting the door behind herself. The window loomed next to her. Tapping her fingers across her furniture she bit her lip. Pacing back and forth she finally turned to the window throwing it open. "I know I shouldn't do this," she whispered looking at the sunset in the distance. Twirling a key card in her hand she put it into the pocket of her shorts.

Sitting on the windowsill she placed a foot delicately on one of the thick branches of the tree. Working her way to the core she climbed down it stealthily. Briskly she walked down the sidewalk anxious that her parents would catch her in the act of disobeying them. This is the first time she'd done such a thing in a long time.

Exiting one of the several side gates entrances she found herself staring at the woods. Balancing her weight between her feet she hesitantly began running. She ripped out the ponytail that was secured in her hair feeling tears well in her eyes. She stopped, deciding she would disobey her parents fully. Pulling off her clothes she concentrated on what exactly she wanted to be in that moment.

The woods shifted around her their colors blurring to black and white through her eyes. She began to run, as fast as the legs she stole from an animal would take her.

Running always freed Ellie's mind, and tonight was no exception. She had shifted into a deer, which wasn't one of her usual forms, but a cat just didn't sound appealing tonight. When her keen ears picked up the sound of pursuit she sped her pace, she wasn't about ready to get shot or eaten. She should have went running with Oliver, he would have made sure she was safe. Well actually he would have kept her company more then protected her. She had the ability to protect herself regardless.

The paws scurried even faster behind her. Trying to keep herself from panicking in any form she looked for her exit. She waited until she saw her opportunity to jump, taken deer can jump, but she was looking for the opportunity to change. A low branch presented itself to her and she leapt into the air changing into her sleek cat form.

The wolf growled at her, and she let a hiss slip through her pointed teeth. Stupid thing. Whispered across her mind as she walked across the branch feeling the wolf's eyes on her. A bird landed on the next branch over. Seeing the abnormally colored eyes on it she immediately knew it was Oliver. Ellie eyed him knowing she'd been caught; hopefully it was just her brother that knew she wasn't home. She would be in deep trouble if her parents found out.

Finding that the wolf had left her alone she returned to her clothing quickly getting dressed. Oliver landed on her shoulder. "I see you came straight from home." She said letting her eyes adjust to the dark night where the even darker trees loomed over her. She knew he couldn't respond so she continued speaking. "Thanks for seeing if I was alright. I know I've been weird all day, I don't even know why I have been. Shouldn't I be happy about this move? Well I mean I am happy about this move, but I feel like Mom and Dad don't trust me anymore. They make me feel like a child. I'm almost eighteen when will they start acting like I am that age?" Reaching the edge of the wood she retrieved the key from her pocket swiping it to permit access. "Oliver, do you think they'll ever forgive me for my screw up?"

Ellie knew an answer wouldn't be returned to her until they were back at the house. She could only hope that sometime in the near future they would forgive her.

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