01: Beginnings

The Doctor walked down the hall fallowing the silence he so rarely got on the TARDIS these days. His eyes traveled up and down the walls, spotting old rooms of companions and such. He passed Rose's room, fallowed by Martha's, Sarah Jane's, and even Romana's.

But he paused. This was Donna's room; he ran his hand over the frame of the door and smiled. A true friend. He heard a slight cry and moved on letting his hand fall behind.

He stood in the door way of a new room. He grinned seeing the lovely woman carrying a small bundle in her arms. She looked up at him and smiled warmly, like she did every day.

The Doctor walked over and stood in front her, she gingerly handed him the small bundle. He looked down and smiled and the baby face starring back up at him. The Doctor looked back up at her.

"Does he have a name?"

"I was thinking about naming him William." The Doctor looked down at his baby boy and smiled.

"He's got your eyes." He looked deep into her icy blue eyes and grinned. "I love you Donna Noble."

"And I you Doctor." Donna and the Doctor leaned in to kiss; Donna's hands gently took his elbows, cautious not to squish the 4 day old infant in his arm. The Doctor realized something in that moment. Every end leads to new Beginnings.