06: Hours

Donna scoffed as the Doctor studied a piece of future technology that she didn't get. Donna leaned forward and coughed trying to get the Doctors attention, but upon receiving no response she did it again even louder this time.

"Donna you should call Martha and have her look into that cough of yours." He said never looking up from his work. Donna furrowed her brow and slapped him in the arm getting his attention.

"OW! What was that for!" The Doctor cried, slipping a hand around his throbbing forearm. Donna rolled her eyes and crossed her arms above her chest.

"Doctor you've been working on that, that thing for hours now!" She whined pointing at the object. The Doctor shook his head and brushed her off.

"Donna, this is a piece of foreign technology. Can you imagine what we could learn from this?" The Doctor trailed off.

"Blah, blah, blah. But Doctor wouldn't you much rather come to bed with me?" Donna hinted seductively, arching her eyebrow. The Doctor looked away from her and started talking again not realizing what she meant.

"Donna I have to finish the Bio-metric systematic-" he pause as realization dawned on him. He slowly turned away to look at Donna. She turned in the doorway, and faced him grinning.

The Doctor just starred at Donna wide eyed. "You mean?" He asked quickly. She nodded before turning back around and walking off to their room. The Doctor looked from Donna's slowly disappearing form to the alien technology.

"Vous voyez plus tard, la technologie." The Doctor said as he saluted the weapon before rushing off to his room. He found Donna standing by the edge of the bed next to nothing smiling at him.

The Doctor walked over and took her into his arms as he hungrily took her lips.

"Je t'aime Donna." He purred against her lips. Donna moaned lovingly against his lips as he laid her gently on the bed.

TRANSLATIONS:: French = English

Vous voyez plus tard, la technologie = See You/Ya Later Technology

Je t'aime Donna = I Love You Donna