Well folks here I am again now a wild guess at this crossover I got here… give up? Its Ghostbusters and Elvin Lied err should I say Real Ghostbusters. Yes folks I'm currently the only one to make a crossover fic with the two… I'm just that crazy. The story will start in 1992 (one year after Real Ghostbusters has ended) with our superheroes of the supernatural investigating a demon rampaging through the Yokohama sewer system near orphanage only to take in a new 'Buster. Setting is post Real GB and enters into EGB and finally post EGB into 2004 Yokohama. Fic rating is K+ or E10+ for swearing, crude humor, and supernatural horror. Pairing include Kylie/Eduardo, Kohta/Lucy, Egon/Janine, and finally Mayu/Nana. I own nothing so no one can sue me I'm broke anyway including songs I've put in. Oh one last thing I gave Lucy glasses and made her geeky (oh her loving fans forgive me)… so go figure but feel free to rant on and on if you want. I own nothing since Ghostbusters/Extreme Ghostbusters belongs to Sony and Elvin Lied belongs to Lynn Okomoto.

Chapter 1 – The EctoVector

-1992 Japan— Yokohama

In the seemingly peaceful suburbs of Yokohama area the appearances were deceiving the true fact was that a great battle was taking place underneath the city streets. A seemingly immovable manhole cover was blasted several feet skyward from by a burst of crimson energy. Climbing out from hole were two men dressed in what onlookers guessed as factory jumpsuits uniforms. Odd looking metal backpacks were strapped to their backs with thin cables leading to an odd looking blaster with a pointed end. The man in the blue uniform was a tall lanky blonde fellow with round red frames and baby blue eyes. The blonde was formed into a spiral curl.

The other man had brown hair with a duck curl in the front and light brown eyes and also he wore a uniform slash jumpsuit and surveyed the area looking for something while he had people staring at him and his friend.

"Blast it we lost Marlckorr. He could be anywhere in those tunnels. Peter we have to find him and meet backup with Ray and Winston there's no telling what could happen if that thing starts burrowing under the city's buildings foundations it'll be well for lack of a better term… well all hell will break loose." The tall man said to his brown haired companion who was named Peter. Odd glowing asparagus colored green ooze was splattered all over his brown suit and face. Both men's uniforms had an odd red stylized angled "no" symbol on their shoulders but as a final touch it had cartoony ghost or spirit inside.

"Slimed again dahh. Great job Egon I think ya took out most of Yokohama's sewer system with that one blast wanna try for Kyoto? Considering we lost puss whiskers back there I'm gonna have to say pack it in?" Peter Venkman said to the blonde man whose name was Egon with a hint of delight in is his voice. The two men's names showed they weren't Japanese but American. But the crowd wondered "just what the hell were they here for some convention and why sewer travel?"

Egon reached over to his belt took out an instrument resembling a high tech supped up 80's cell phone with an odd T shaped antenna on top. The device made odd bleeps and mechanical sounds. The sound got stronger as the two men moved inward down the street all the while getting looks and stares from people.

"The readings are faint very faint but seem to be emanating from that way (points northeast)." The blonde scientist said pointing northeast and began walking.

"Uh Egon people are staring at us shouldn't keep a low profile?" Peter said getting a bit worried making glances at the crowd. Some of the folks pointed, some snickered, and just some exchanged glances amongst one another.

"Ignore them Peter we have bigger specters to catch we can't be worried about civilian opinions right now. C'mon this way Peter." Egon said paying the crowds no heed pointing down the road."Science I love it oh well." Peter said to no one out loud. Grudgingly Venkman went into the northwestern direction Egon while went northeast.


Some 20 minutes later the two oddly dressed men still hadn't found their query the monstrous Marlckorr a tunneling mole-like demon. Egon was still going in his northeasterly direction and had long since lost Peter in the west. The monster had seemed to vanish and Egon was quite frankly considering packing it in like Venkman suggested. The ghost's ion trail had gone cold and the PKE meter wasn't picking anything up.

"Maybe just maybe Peter was right I'll never find this damn thing without any readings it's like trying to find needle in a haystack and Yokohama is a big place." The blue eyed man said contemplating his next move while fine tuning his PKE meter's systems.

Egon came upon an orphanage and he decided to look around here since Peter was checking the western area. He poked around trash cans, scanned various windows and getting odd glances from kids playing in the building's playground. While sweeping over a stone and rolling it over to look underneath a little girl stopped playing hopscotch walked over to him and asked him something. Her dark brown hair contrasted w/her pale creamy skin and dark chocolate eyes. Her lime green sundress went to her knees with little brown slippers on her dainty feet.

"Hey mister whatcha lookin' fer? And what's that stuff?" She asked him innocently wondering what he was doing looking up at him w/big bright eyes.

"Um hello I'm looking for a Class 7 Subterranean Phantasm have you seen one? As for my equipment this is an unlicensed nuclear accelerator utilizing a high powered proton stream." Egon asked and explained to the child politely and was given a puzzled look from her (how would you react?).

"Uh ok… bye bye mister." The girl went back to playing hopscotch shaking her head a bit.

-orphanage exterior-

While the scientist Egon looked around the building's exterior he still was getting the same readings… in this case nothing. He wasn't getting anything at all. Maybe he should pack it in and come back after a few hours no he was a scientist and a paranormal investigator slash eliminator he had a job to do. He'd keep looking until he found that ectoplasmic beast.

-orphanage classroom-

However despite how quiet and serene the building looked on the outside the old phrase "appearances can be deceiving" was showing up here true to form. Inside an empty classroom were four kids but unfortunately the four weren't playing anything remotely childish. A young girl of about 7 stood fearful of three bullies in front of her. While the boys were average looking Japanese kids the girl they were tormenting was anything but ordinary. She had bright rose pink hair, vivid ruby red eyes, and odd looking horns atop her cranium.

"No stay back leave him alone you jerks!" The girl pleaded with them but her efforts were in vain as the 3 were intent on making her suffer.

"We're gonna teach ya a lesson freak!" Said the 1st smirking menacingly and evilly. His two buddies were close behind and held her small dog hostage. The dog's coloring was primarily brown and dark brown. The leader held up a pot and the girl's eyes narrowed knowing he would try the unthinkable… beat her pup to death in front of her. That is until "it" happened…

"Hey what the… is it an earthquake? What's going on!" The 2nd boy losing his footing and falling square on his butt. Something odd was going on and the four kids saw the room's floor fracture, crack, rip open and finally collapse as a hideous monster emerged from the collapsed pit. The dog ran back into its master's arms while the three boys stood unsure as to just what the hell was happening.

The monster was dark brown in color, had two spindly looking ears which were tattered and torn. The front legs were massive and buff ending in five huge claws on each front paw. A set of eight smaller legs ran along the sides with a short stubby tail. The thing's mouth was filled with huge jagged and long teeth. On its face were six beady eyes that had snake-like pupils in their centers.

"ROAAAARRR!" The thing roared at the four kids.

"The hell is that thing?" Said the 1st bully while backing away in fear.

"Looks like a hamster on steroids!" The girl cried out.

Without missing a beat the creature leapt and lunged at the boy pinning him and gave a roar into his face showing its horridly smelly breath. The young kid squirmed underneath its heavy weight. The creature gave a mighty roar at its prey blasting it with horrid breath.

"Holy crud… that thing's breath is raw… smells like smelly sneakers, socks, rotten eggs, stinkbug juice and a touch of skunk! God it stinks!" The 1st kid said gasping for fresh air.

The pink haired child clutching her dog and the 3rd brat slowly inched toward the doorway ready to bolt outta there but the monstrous critter sensed the other two brats were attempting to escape and cornered them near a chalkboard. The creature hissed at the two ready to attack and devour them like a riceball.

"This is it oh well at least I'll finally be free and at peace. Thy father is in heaven I not covet amen." The rose haired girl said making a small prayer closing her eyes awaiting her end.

"I'm too young for this crap I'm too young to die!" Cried out the 3rd boy who started tearing up upon seeing he was going to be eaten. This is until the four kids heard a strange weapon sound on and it seemed to be charging up just when the foul beast struck the kids it was hit by a blast coming from an odd black pointed weapon being wielded by a tall blonde man with round red frames and baby blue eyes. The blonde locks were formed into a spiral curl. He wore a light blue jump suit like uniform had an odd red stylized angled "no" symbol on their shoulders but as a final touch it had cartoony ghost or spirit inside.

"So Marlckorr you like picking on kids huh here have some of this as Peter says "Suck proton juice" and be a happy phantom!" The man said using the energy beam to hold the creature and slowly moving over and away from the four kids. Once the man had the monster where he wanted he threw a box-like device with a long cable leading to a rounded trigger under his boot. The box's top section had slanted alternating yellow and black lines. Hitting the trigger the box opened giving off a large bright white light show while the man gave an order.

"Kids keep your eyes off the trap!" The man moved the creature closer to "trap's" light show and strangely the beast was sucked into the box. The trap steamed a bit as blue bits of energy crackled over it surface. The man kicked it slightly to be sure the thing was in there.

"Humph that was easy easier than I thought though. Marlckorr your days of terror are over no buildings are collapsing today because of you." The man said patting the box-like trap.

"Are the four of you alright I imagine seeing a Class 7 Subterranean Phantasm trying to devour you would be quite frightening." The man said trying to explain what attacked them but apparently they couldn't understand his science talk. "Now the four of you run along I've got business to do at the receptionist office." The man added at the last moment.

The three boys wasted no time running outta there as if the hounds of hell were after them. But oddly the girl and her small pup stayed put… the girl kept staring at the floor downtrodden. The man stooped down and asked her what was wrong.

"My name is Dr. Egon Spengler and if I may ask what's wrong young lady?" Dr. Spengler asked young girl what was bothering her.

"I'm… my name is Lucy they call me Lucy. Nobody wants me… I'm ugly I'm a monster… no one will ever want to adopt me what did I do wrong god must be punishing me in a past life. The kids hate me they make fun of me, trip me, steal my clothes, put bugs in my bookbag, anything, what did I do to deserve this! (starts tearing up) I'm a (sniffle) good girl right? Why does everybody hate me! WAHHHHH!" The girl just simply bawled her frustration and sadness in a fit of tears. Though Egon was never one to express emotion very well this young girl pulled a heartstring in the scientist. This girl was miserable and it seemed to get worse every day and every passing week.

"Alright Lucy follow me… please?" Egon looked into her garnet eyes with concern slash worry something no one ever expressed to and with her so reluctantly she saw no reason not to go with him.

-receptionist's office—

The orphanage receptionist's office was a cluttered, rust and corrosion ridden place, and by far the worst organized place in the building. The receptionist herself was a lanky and tall brunette and freckled which she despised with a passion. She hated this place the pay was low, she dealt w/the brats constantly shouting at each other, fighting, whining about the TV schedule, a basically shitty work place for a person of her skills. Her computer was a big pile of obsolete junk-ware… it was so out of date and the software in the tower's insides was even older. In short she hated the job and hated it with a passion. She was currently trying to get her documents to print but the piece of junk wouldn't respond to her commands.

"Worthless piece o' junk! Dargh! (slams her right fist on the printer)" The frustrated lady said getting worked up.

Lucy fearful hid behind Egon's back afraid of the angry receptionist w/her dog sitting quietly beside Egon's other boot and Egon sensed it. The duo heard some other voices… three other men wearing jump suits (each a different color) like Egon walked into the receptionist office. The 2nd man in a brown suit/uniform had brown hair with a duck curl in the front and light brown eyes. The 3rd man had dark brown (she had heard they were called black people lots of them lived in the US) and a short buzz cut hair style while wearing a lighter blue suit even lighter than Egon. The 4th guy was a bright redhead (having pale blue eyes) with a bit of a chubby waist wearing a tan suit. The three men together had the same equipment used for catching monsters with the odd red stylized angled "no" symbol on their shoulders.

"Egon you kidder you got that critter all by yerself lucky dog." The brown haired man said to Egon putting him into a playful headlock.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow Peter stop it I'm getting a dermal abrasion stop it!" Egon pleaded more from being annoyed than in pain at the man called Peter's antics. Lucy figured they must be friends or co-workers or something.

"Ray Winston you're late to the festivities I managed to get Marlckorr myself." Egon said with a slight bit of being smug.

"Ahh a Class 7 Subterranean Phantasm with every trimming and the traps still hot too. Egon just how soon did you get this guy?" Ray asked excitedly giving off a pleasant face.

"Um… about 7 to 8 minutes ago in a classroom across the hall." Egon started nervously sweating a bit as the three stared him down knowing he got a very powerful ghost without help something he almost never did… the man always valued teamwork with his fellow workers. Ray decided to let Egon off the hook and get to business.

"Well that's that ma'am we boxed that ghost now that'll be 4000 for catching it and 5000 for transportation back to New York." The dark skinned man called Winston said handing over the company's personal checks for the day's work to an obviously flustered receptionist.

"Ma'am the city asked us to catch it but since it went onto this building's property company policy says you have to pay since it was caught on this vicinity and property." Ray said to the busy woman.

The woman couldn't believe her ears and couldn't decide what was more stupid the idea of a ghost being caught by these a-holes nutcases or the fact they were sticking her with the blasted bill. As if her day wasn't bad enough already this took the cake.

"Fine fine I'll pay it (writes down check info) there 9000 I hope ya choke." The sassy lady said turning back to her large paper load to finish. The Ghostbusters with the exception of Egon turned around started to leave. Lucy tugged at Egon's pant leg begging him not to leave her here.

"Don't leave me here… please?" Lucy gave Egon a sad pleading look w/her ruby eyes which Janine called "the sad puppy face". "Please…." Lucy may have said very few words but her eyes told the rest.

"Um… ma'am I'd like to have few words with you for a moment it seems the other children have been making fun of her for while tormenting her. According to her they stole her bookbag, but bugs in it, trip her during lunch, and untold numbers of cruel things."

"Look pal I got piles of papers to go through every day I can't just drop what I'm doing because kids are being kids. Kids make fun of kids at this age that's the way things are get used to it. No one here likes her plus no kid wants to share a room with her but frankly I don't care I forgot the bit where's it supposed to be my problem." The woman glaring at Egon said getting back to her workload being very snide with her response.

It was at this point Egon lost it… something he rarely ever did. He blasted the receptionist with a barrage of names littered with insults making her jump back in surprise not to mention his fellow 'busters. They as in Winston, Ray, and Peter have never seen him get this worked up over something or loud either.

"You stupid woman if you weren't so busy being a busy pencil-neck you would've realized some viscous brats were tormenting this girl and her puppy you call that "boys being boys". You're ignorant and for the record boys aren't supposed to torment ladies like this!" Egon shouted at the stubborn woman.

"Who do you think you are talkin' to me like this I ain't yer wife pal get outta my face!" The reception spat back. Egon's fellow 'buster the redheaded Ray Stantz grabbed a hold of him keeping him from tearing the smart mouthed pencil-neck apart.

"Egon take it easy leave the poor woman alone." Ray trying to restrain Egon but instead proceeded to blast Ray.

"Don't tell me to stop Ray! I've never said this to anyone but when I was young I was tormented a lot in school that and the Boogie Man scaring me every night I had only one option my little friend Kuwagata. He was a mail order Stag Beetle I raised from a small grub. He lived to be seven 2 years longer than most of his species and I was depressed for weeks I cannot and will not leave this here in this gutter understand me! That bug was my only friend for a long time! Peter would you want someone to torment Oscar like this?" Egon fumed at Peter about his old girlfriend's young son which really hit a nerve with him since the evil tyrant Vigo the Carpathian wanted to possess him and rule the world in true blue super villain fashion.

"Uh Egon when ya put it that way… I have one response hell no!" Peter said agreeing.

"Then she can come with us face it woman no one will take her the kids don't like her it's a win win situation for both of us." Egon said using his head instead of his temper like he should.

The receptionist spun around in her chair while giving a pouting face and finally the witchy woman spoke up. "Fine fine you can take her but don't comin' cryin' back to me when kids bully her and call her a freak in school ya damn jackass!" The nasty receptionist said giving one last insult to the blonde scientist.

-building exterior-

The four men and Lucy with her pup had finally gotten outside Lucy noticed an old white ambulance slash hearse… Lucy had heard dead people are carried away in them inside coffins to graveyards and cemeteries for burial. The vehicle had various odd instruments attached to its roof and red sirens. The side doors had the same no ghost symbol while walked up to it investigating the strange car from various angles. It looked like some car from a sci-fi movie.

"Kid that's the Ecto-1 our personal transport vehicle only cost us 4,800 to buy." Peter joked a bit inciting a small shy smile from Lucy however Ray said something to her stopping her train of thought.

"Nasty woman isn't she Luce? Real people person I'll bet." Ray said shaking his head sadly.

Lucy had seen strange things in her life but these men were the strangest not mention that nasty monster Egon caught with that trap thing. Just who were they and why did they catch that monster for? Lucy wanted answers and wanted them quickly.

"Not to be mean or anything but just who're you guys?" Lucy asked Egon with big eyes full of intrigue.

"Kid we're the Ghostbusters we catch the ghosts that don't stay dead. Our business tagline is "We're ready to believe you" and frankly Egon arrived in the nick of time another few seconds the four of you would've been demon mole chow." Winston explained.

After getting her answers Lucy sat herself down and let out a sigh of sweet relief at being out of that orphanage at long last she was free. But her peace of mind was broken by a noise and something green.

"Hi guys!" The green thing said in a high toned voice slash mumble.

"AHH!" Lucy screamed curling into a ball cowering behind Egon afraid of the strange green glob.

"Hey, hey, easy Lucy this is Slimer. Slimer this is Lucy." Ray explained to the rosette haired lass.

"Hi." The green glob of a ghost greeted her despite it's somewhat revolting appearance the goblin seemed friendly unlike the thing called Marlckorr. Slimer gave Lucy a big lick leaving a gooey green ooze on her cheek.

"But if you're all Ghostbusters why do you have a ghost tagging along w/you that makes no sense." Lucy pointed out confused.

"Some might call us eccentric, weird, odd, bizarre, freakish, and even sick there are a few very good reasons important ones too as to why he's here… You see it all started after our biggest case back in '84…" Peter half rambled on but quickly getting to the point and explained why the Ghostbusters had a ghost inhabiting their headquarters. Peter explained the situation on the ride to the Yokohama airport.


After Venkman explained why Slimer "lived" at their firehouse headquarters they had arrived at Yokohama Airport and at the terminal a bright redheaded woman, wearing blue high heeled shoes with triangular green glasses with a simple cream orange dress going to her mid thighs.

"Uh… Lucy this is Janine Melnitz our secretary for our business." Ray explained.

"Well if I must I must but all things considered I'd rather be Madonna." The bespectacled woman joked giving a smile. Upon a 2nd look she saw a girl hiding behind Egon with a mixed breed pup standing at her ankles. The weird thing about her were her scarlet eyes, rose pink colored locks, and the odd looking cat-ear like horns on her head.

"Uh… Egon who's this girl?" Janine pointed to the girl who cowered even more behind Egon.

"Janine this is Lucy while we were hunting Marlckorr the beast attacked an orphanage… I caught him only to find out she has been tormented by the other children there which according to her has been going since she was off dropped there." Egon explained to Janine who was brokenhearted at how cruel and mean the kids were to her and oddly a deep maternal protecting instinct took over her mind.

"Nobody likes me because I'm ugly because of my hideous horns." Lucy said depressed.

"Now don't say that you're not ugly… now who could be mean to you honey you're adorable!" Janine said putting Lucy in a crushing hug while the rosy haired girl gave the guys a pleading look that read "help me". (yes folks Janine gives Lucy a bear hug for comedic effect;)

"Uh you might want to let go of her she needs oxygen." Ray pointed out to the secretary.

"I'm sorry honey I was just being a bit protective." Janine smiled a bit looking embarrassed. "Well boys and girls shall we get back to New York?" Janine asked already knowing the answer.

"To New York!" The 'Busters exclaimed together in unison.


And so the 4 Ghostbusters, their secretary Janine, the mascot ghost Slimer, and newly inducted Lucy took the plane back to New York. It was this point onward this strange horned girl named Lucy would be schooled in paranormal investigations and eliminations by the quoted superheroes of the supernatural… The Real Ghostbusters. What she would learn over the next four years would prepare her for a supernatural battle of epic proportions involving her homeland. Little did she realize that she would be key to a young man's future and his family plus the world's safety.

-to be continued

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