"Look Duncan, I get it, Veronica's great, but you have to get over it."

Duncan looks up from his homework, seeing his sister enter his room without knocking. His face is completely blank. Almost as if he hadn't heard her, but she knows better and glares at him one hand on her hip, her face a pure expression of exasperated impatience.

He frowns and looks down, "I am."

She tosses her hair over her shoulder and comes further into his room dropping gracefully onto his perfectly made bed. "No you're not, and everyone knows it." She tilts her head, a slightly mean smile on her face as she tells him what he should already know. "That's why no one else is asking her out."

Duncan sighs and closes his book, carefully marking the page for once Lilly left him in peace again.

She lies down on his bed, testing it out, bouncing a bit on the expensive mattress. "Well that and the other thing."

Duncan frowns, still not wanting to have this conversation, but knowing Lilly won't leave until she's made her point. He'd been avoiding this exact thing for weeks now. "What? What other thing?"

Lilly sits up in one smooth move, coming over to Duncan and flicking his forehead. "Focus Donut. You can be selfish about anything else in your life, but not Veronica. She deserves better."

Duncan pushes her away, annoyed that she had flicked him, he had specifically asked that she not do it anymore. Which was a mistake, now that she knew it truly bothered him she did it whenever she was angry at him. Or taking out her temper with someone else on him.

"I'm not doing anything Lilly." He frowns, finally tuning in to the conversation. "Someone wants to ask Veronica out? Someone that we know?" He sounds both confused and unhappy with the thought.

Lilly widens her eyes in ire and then rolls them walking to his closet and opening the doors. "God. And people say I'm selfish and self involved." She begins going through his clothes quickly, pulling out a few shirts she decides are not acceptable. "Catch a clue Donut. Logan. Your bestie."


Lilly reemerges from his closet, holding a shirt she knew Veronica had given him. She adds it to the pile. "OK, I'm going to talk slowly." Duncan stands up to retrieve the shirt from the pile, but she stands on it, keeping it on the floor. Duncan stares up at her then straightens up.

"I have to study Lilly, can we talk later?"

She ignores his request, well used to getting her way. He always gave her want she wanted, whether it was because he wanted her to be happy or just didn't care about anything enough to stand in her way. She intended to have her way again.

"Try to keep up. Logan likes Veronica. Veronica likes Logan."

The words hit Duncan hard, but Lilly imagines that she can see them bounce off his head.

"No, no way. She would never like someone like him."

Lilly frowns again, Duncan was being difficult. She issues a predatory smile, full of importance and secrets. "Wow. And I thought you two were friends."

His reply is automatic. "We are."

She scoffs, "Right. Well, whatever."

She loses the effervesce that is her shield from the world, the thing the prevents most people from seeing the real her. Lilly could be serious, and when it came to her best friend she was usually serious. Serious about getting Veronica to loosen up or making sure Veronica was happy.

"Veronica is our sister, you can't date her and you're making her miserable. She's my best friend and even if you don't care about Logan or Veronica being happy, I do."

Duncan finally gets it and sits back down in his desk chair, sinking down slowly. "You're OK with them being together?"

Lilly grins, issuing a truly happy smile and laugh. "Are you kidding? I think it's fantastic. The scandal of the decade. And imagine if people knew the real truth, that she's our sister." Lilly looks like that is a secret she can't wait to tell.

Duncan's face is filled with dread, then slowly fades to the neutral monotony that was his normal. "We don't know that Lil."

"You don't, but I do. Seems like I got all the balls in the family, except for Veronica of course. She's not the delicate pink princess you think she is Duncan."

Duncan turns back around in his chair opening his book again, determined to ignore Lilly until she left. She'd make him pay for it later, but he just couldn't have this conversation. Not now, not ever.

Lilly skips over to him and sweeps her hand across his desk throwing all the items onto the floor, including his book, laptop, light and a framed picture of Veronica.

"I had a DNA test done weeks ago. She's our sister and she knows Duncan. Why do you think she suddenly stopped coming over here? She can't stand to see you or Dad. And who can blame her? That's sick. I mean I like some good kink, but letting your son date your daughter, that's just sick."

Duncan recoils. "No…"

She sits on the desk right next to him.

"Yes." She softens, brushing her hand over his face, both in genuine emotion and looking for signs of his epilepsy. His fits could be violent, and she still had bruises from the last time he'd lost it.

"She's our sister, half our DNA is shared. You can't date her again, but if you manage to stop wearing your ass as a hat sometime soon, you might be able to be friends with her again."

Duncan won't meet her eyes. She looks sad for him and smiles sympathetically.

"She really likes Logan?"

Her compassion is short-lived as she jumps up and rolls her eyes in annoyance. "Oh. My. God. Why do I even bother with you? YES! She likes Logan. Deal with it. "

Duncan looks dejected. Lilly forces herself to calm down and be gentle with him. She walks back to him, framing his face in her hands, and forcing him to look at her.

"Duncan. I'm sorry, I really am. This is a fucked up situation. But if you really loved Veronica you should want her to be happy."

Duncan looks about ready to cry. He stares at her, then asks a question. "Did you really love Logan?"

Lilly shrugs. "I did. In my own way." She sits down in his lap, and Duncan looks uncomfortable but lets her stay. "And the best way we can love both of them now is to let them go."

"I don't know how," he says dully.

"Figure it out," she says sharply. She quickly controls her emotions again and issues her edict. "I'm tired of watching them pine over each other. It's been fun, but frankly I'm ready for the next act of this little drama."

She continues, "The only reason Logan hasn't made his move is because he's your friend, and he knows you're not over her. He's in love with her Donut. And he's not doing anything about it because of you. Because he's loyal. They both are. Not like us."

Duncan looks offended. "I'm loyal."

She huffs out a laugh, more damning than if she'd argued, listing instances of his lack of loyalty. "As if. We're both assholes, Duncan, you just hide it better." She grows serious again, and this time it is not for his benefit, but because she had never spoken the words before. "But we can't be with them, and we can't be without them. We need them."

Duncan takes a shaky breath in. "I still lover her."

"I know. I do too, that's why we have to do this."

Duncan stares up at her, trusting, finally willing to accept this. "We have to?"

"Yes. "

Duncan still looks doubtful. Lilly tosses her hair over her shoulder again and stands up. She stops at the pile of clothes she had tossed on the floor, and picks up the one she knows he will try to keep.

"If you don't do this you'll drive them both away. And if I lose my sister because you're an idiot then I will make your life a living hell."

She exits his room, taking the shirt with her.