Army Wives

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Isabella's POV

After Leighton was born, Edward and I had two more children called Christian Charlie Cullen and Zachery Carlisle Cullen. Both of the boy's middle names were named after their grandfathers. Leighton is currently eleven years old, Christian is seven and Zachery is four. Leighton is so similar to Edward it is almost funny to watch them interact with each other. Everyone calls him Edward's mini me. Christian is a mixture between Edward and I. He enjoys reading but also plans to join the army when he is older. And then there is Zachery, he is my mini me. He is the baby of the family and is extremely clumsy like myself.

Edward and I ended up deciding that Charlie and Renee should be a part of the boy's life. Two months after Leighton was born, they both flew over to see him and are currently living only ten minutes off the army base. Having both Edward's parents and my parents so close together meant that we go together for family meals quite often and had baby sitters for whenever we needed some time alone.

Rosalie and Emmett ended up having two twins girls called Chloe Isabella McCarty and Ella Lillian McCarty. They are both extremely similar to Rosalie, it sometimes gets to Emmett at times. Emmett is always coming over to spend time with the boys as he hasn't got any of his own. Don't get me wrong, he loves his daughters to pieces. But I can tell that he is secretly hoping for Rose to get pregnant again. But this time, with a boy. Chloe is seven second older than Ella and enjoys bossing her younger sister around a lot. Emmett always jokes that their daughter's relationship is exactly like their own.

Jasper and Alice never planned to have kids. But ended up having Lucas Armani Hale, five years after Leighton. Alice was excited that she would finally have someone to dress up, while Jasper seemed to be fearful for the kid. They both were great parents. Jasper was the homework helper and after school activities guy while Alice cooked, cleaned, bathed and made sure they had everything they needed for school in the mornings. They were a perfect match for each other.

The diner is booming! We started off slow, but ended up attracting both people from the base and from outside the base to the diner. Edward has never gotten to the point where he thought he would have to take himself back to rehab again, thankfully. We decided that we wouldn't tell the boys that their father had spent some time there. Which I could tell Edward was thankful for. I was just nervous because of how similar Leighton was to Edward. I continued to worry that he would get Edward's anger issues. But he luckily never showed any sign. Fingers crossed.

I felt like the happiest woman in the world. I am so happy being married to Edward and having three boys. At times, life was hard. But I knew that in the end that we would live happily ever after.

The End.