Well readers, I'm sorry to say that this is goodbye. At least for now. For the time being I will not be posting my stories on FFnet any longer. For those of you who haven't heard, fanfiction is being invaded by a new bot called Red Bootton, that basically scans stories for things that violate the ToS of the site and reports them. I have a problem with this for three reasons.

One: This bot isn't entirely perfect, and I've heard accounts of people's stories being wrongly reported for things such as spelling errors and grammar mistakes, as well as innocent use of words that could otherwise be considered mature (ie: the word cock meaning rooster rather than… you know).

Two: The people who created the program are a real elitists that basically believes that they should be running FFnet. I don't agree with the reasons why they created the program.

Three: Fanfiction is a work of expression. We aren't here to write research papers, or get graded on our work. We post fanfiction for our own enjoyment, because we love the fandom, we love our readers, and we love writing. Yes, I agree that some things violate the ToS and shouldn't be on the site, but I don't think a small group of people should get to decide what's good and what's bad, and I certainly don't agree with a bot going through our work and deleting it if it isn't up to these people's standards. If you don't think something should be on the site, then read through it thouroughly and report it yourself. Don't send a machine to do your dirty work.

Anyway, all my work, including some of my new stuff will be posted on the following sites, if your still interested in reading it:

Ficwad (DOT) com

Archiveofourown (DOT) org

Squidge (DOT) org / peja / cgi-bin / index (DOT) php

All my accounts will be under the name FredLyonsTheGreat, and I hope to have them all on those sites by September 10th.

Thank you all for listening to my little rant, and I hope to see my readers returning to my work.

xo - Fred