Title: Personal Space
Author: shasi_maopp/Antay
Theme: Weekly Perfection: "Sneak"
Genre: Romance / Humor
Rating: G
Warnings: None. It's safe.

Word Count: 300
Summary: Kagome can't resist even an innocent temptation.

"Personal Space"

Kagome's mind slowly wandered away from Inuyasha's profanity filled tirade against his older brother. Instead her train of thought drifted to the strands of windblown hair lightly dancing over the mighty taiyoukai's flawless features. Fine, white silk beckoned for her to touch them. Kagome bit her lip as she reprimanded her twitching fingers.

Sesshoumaru absently noted the nervous Miko's subtle movements away from his brother and towards him. However, he thought of her to be of no threat and continued to somewhat ignore the hanyou's spouting.

Gritting her teeth, Kagome held her breath as she slowly lifted her fingers from her side. She didn't have to wait long for another gust of wind to lift his locks and float the shimmering follicles in her direction.

Glancing down, she watched as the wind tangled the luminous threads through her fingers. Kagome marveled at its smooth texture as the strands easily slid between her slender digits.

Sesshoumaru barely managed to maintain his stoic features, hiding his surprise at the miko's audacity to touch his person. Nevertheless, he was somewhat intrigued by her boldness. She'd never attempted being so near to him and he would dare not grace her with his proximity.

Kagome was startled by the sound of his voice, "Miko, You are extremely brazen to touch this Sesshoumaru."

Her head snapped up only to see that Inuyasha had stormed off leaving her alone with Sesshoumaru.

"I…I… wasn't touching you," she stammered, cheeks burning from embarrassment.

"Hn," he responded disbelievingly.

Kagome felt a rush of relief at the sound of Inuyasha's bellows for her to come. As she turned to run off she felt an ever so light brush against the flesh of her arm. Goosebumps instantly surfaced as she looked back at Sesshoumaru, glimpsing a slight smirk before it instantly disappeared.