Title: It's All a Game
Author: shasi_maopp/Antay
Theme: Please
Genre: Humor
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 100
Summary: Parker Brothers doesn't know everything but Sesshoumaru does.

Sesshoumaru sat unmoving and undeterred across from the fuming miko. He was quite pleased with the irritated reaction he'd invoked from her.

Kagome had had enough. She'd bickered with the stubborn Taiyoukai for well over a half an hour about his answer.

"What makes you so sure their answer is wrong, Mr. Smarty Hakamas?"

Sesshoumaru raised an indignant brow at her latest nickname before answering, "Because this Sesshoumaru is unceasingly right."

Kagome huffed as she rose from the game table throwing the trivial pursuit card back onto the board as she went.

"Oh, please…"

"Hn." He smiled. "Score, one…this Sesshoumaru."