Title: All I've Ever Wanted
Author: Readingmama/Vampiremama
Beta: AcrossTheSkyInStars

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or any of its characters. No copyright infringement is intended.

Continuity: AU—Set after Breaking Dawn
Rating: M for sexual situations and violence.

A/N-Welcome to my new fic. I anticipate this one to be 5-6 chapters, just a short one. I know a lot of people aren't too keen on Fics that aren't Bella and Edward, but I hope you'll give this one a chance, it should be fun.

Thanks as always to my Beta, Tanya, who is amazing and is celebrating a birthday this week. Happy birthday girl!

Chapter 1

Rosalie was truly happy when Edward and Bella brought their little girl into the world. She never imagined that her family would ever welcome a little one and even though she felt herself or Esme more deserving of the blessing, she loved Renesmee with all her heart.

But the happiness faded away quickly and Rosalie found herself overwrought with envy. She became angry at her own inability to produce a child. Women seemed to be screwed in the vampire world just as badly as they were in the human one. Just more proof that Rosalie didn't need that God was indeed a man.

Edward and Bella never tired, as was the nature of the vampire. Between the two of them they fed, played, and tucked in the little child. Rose desired to have her own little one to rock to sleep.

Each day she watched little Renesmee grow, and while the rest of the family fretted about her advanced progress, Rosalie couldn't help thinking that seven years was still seven more than she'd ever get. She knew she was selfish but she couldn't help thinking that the others weren't appreciative of the gift they had.

But then, of course, the sun shone down on Edward and Bella once again as they discovered that their child would indeed live forever. That was the last straw for Rosalie. Angry and hurt, Rosalie stormed off into the woods, hoping that a hunt would bring her down from her proverbial cliff.

"Babe?" Emmett's voice found her not five minutes after she stormed out of the house. "Rosie?"

She groaned before answering, "Over here."

Emmett bounded up quickly to his wife and she couldn't help feeling less aggravated at the sight of him. He always calmed her down and that was one of the reasons she loved him so much. His large frame somehow seemed soft whenever he was around her, giving her a place to feel both loved and safe.

"What's wrong?" he asked, taking her into his arms as he always did to comfort her. His broad chest was like a strong board she could lean against.

"It's not fair," Rosalie spouted petulantly.

"What isn't?" Emmett inquired, gently caressing her hair. It was a side of Emmett that no one got but her and she loved having things that were just for her. What woman didn't?

"Edward and Bella. They get everything delivered to them on a silver platter. Edward didn't even want kids! It's not fair that Esme and I have to suffer while Edward lucks out on the genetic lottery."

"Rosie, Renesmee is yours too. Edward may be her father but we are all her family," Emmett replied in a comforting tone. He didn't see things the same way Rosalie did. He loved Renesmee and thought of her as his own as well. Being an Uncle was undoubtedly the most thrilling thing he had done since becoming a vampire.

"It's not enough." She pushed her bottom lip out and furrowed her brow, giving her the look of a petulant child.

"What can I do to make it better? I'll do anything," he pleaded. Emmett hated seeing his wife down. He knew that she had been through enough in her human life to last the rest of her immortal one.

The question he asked was innocent enough but it opened the Pandora's Box in Rosalie's mind. It was something that she had given a lot of thought, whenever Edward was gone. She didn't want anyone privy to her plan before she had a chance to put it in motion.

"Give me a baby," she replied calmly.

"Rosie, we can't have kids." Emmett didn't understand where she was going with her line of thought, which was pretty spectacular considering his mind could follow many different lines of thinking at once. It seemed, however, that most of those cognitive directions were now on their way to contemplating having sex with Rosalie. After all, how else do you make a baby? Well, they couldn't exactly make a baby but it didn't stop him from imagining the process.

"We can't but you can." Rosalie waited a beat to let the statement sink in, but not long enough for him to speak yet. "We could do the next best thing. We could find a blonde girl, someone that looks like me. It would be the closest thing to having our own. I know that I would love it if it was yours."

"Rosalie, I can't just knock up some human," Emmett said, appalled.

"Why not? You said you'd do anything for me."

"I didn't think you'd ask the impossible. I don't want to be with another woman, and even if I did agree, I'm not Edward. You should know better than anyone, I'm not gentle." Emmett was cringing at the thought of breaking a young girl during a vigorous coupling.

Emmett tried to hold tight to his love but she brushed free of him and took a few steps away. Her shoulders were hunched and her resolve was gone. She knew it was a desperate attempt and now that it had been kyboshed, she felt drained. Emmett looked at her and realized that he had not seen her like that since the night she had told him about Royce. It killed him to see her so broken. She was his princess and he wanted to give her everything she ever wanted. He just didn't see how it was possible.

"What would happen to the girl?" he asked, not confirming or denying his participation but she knew that he had not decided yet for she would surely get a call from Alice the moment he did.

"Well, you would use your charms to seduce her, she will be willing, Emmett, just look at you," she replied waving her hand towards her husband's strong form.

"That's not what I meant," he replied sternly.

Rosalie knew that Emmett would never agree to such a plan if he knew that it would result in a death. She wasn't sure exactly how it would end but she needed to give him reassurance.

"We will keep her in hiding until she has the baby. Then we will do what we can for her, Bella survived and we had no idea what we were doing. This time it will be a breeze."

Rosalie had never lied to Emmett before. She had told half truths and exaggerations to get her way before but never once did she flat out lie. She hoped that he couldn't see the deception in her eyes or feel it in her tone. If she was human, she would have been sweating like crazy.

"Rosie, I don't want to be with another woman," he said again, hoping to convince her to drop it, even though he knew it would never happen.

"Baby, that is the last thing I want too, but it's not like we can use a vampire sperm bank. This is the only way. Think of how wonderful it will be to finally have a family. Maybe she will be daddy's girl, or what if we have a boy? A son, Emmett; our son."

Emmett ran his hands through his hair, scrunching up his face in contemplation. Rosalie knew the moment he decided, the cell phone in her pocket started buzzing.