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Dirty Little Secret

Summary: Having affairs is usually sticky and messy and dangerous... Carlisle/Bella

Having affairs is usually sticky and messy and dangerous. The possibility of getting caught is half the thrill in the beginning, but after a while it's just a pain in the ass. But when you start sleeping with your daughter-in-law, the possibility of getting caught is almost gone. This girl is twenty-five years younger than you and she's supposed to be off-limits. Which is how you can fuck her right under their noses.

It's normal for your son and daughter-in-law to stay at your place when they're in town, so you take the opportunity to cheat on your wife and cheat on your son with your daughter-in-law in the guest room at five in the morning. But before you lay a hand on her she lights a cigarette and starts to puff away.

"I didn't know you smoked," you say as she opens the window.

"I don't."

"So you just suddenly decided that you were going to have a cigarette and delay taking off your panties?"

"Well I'm not wearing any, if that helps you Carlisle."

You try to take the cigarette from her hand. "Bella I-"

"Hold your horses," she grins devilishly, puffing on the cigarette again.

"I'm not sure I even want to kiss you with the taste of tar in your mouth."

"Well, see, it's better than what it was before. That was kind of the point."

She puts the cigarette out and hops onto the bed.

"What could possibly taste worse?"

"Your son's cum."


It seems, having an affair will always be sticky.


You've stopped by your son's house. You can't really remember the reason, but you know you had one when you left. You've conveniently forgotten that he's still in Olympia and doesn't get back until this afternoon.

She answers the door in jeans and a little t-shirt she probably got in the boys' section of Target. It pulls around her chest and leaves about two inches of bare skin between the hem of her shirt and the top of her pants exposed. She says nothing and opens the door wider to let you in.

She's still in the middle of breakfast so you agree on the kitchen. You shove her up against the counter and shove her pants down just far enough so you can enter her because you just don't have patience today. She's got her feet on the island to keep her upright and she's hanging onto the spice rack to keep from falling. When she comes she starts to bang her head against the cupboards repeatedly and you'd stop her from hurting herself but her thrashing against you only gets you off more.

When her feet are back on the ground and she's pulling up her pants she steps in a mess of cereal and milk that had been in a bowl on the island. "Well, I guess I won't be eating this any more."

"I can give you something else to eat."


You really don't mind how messy this is getting.


She knows you've always wanted her to go down on you like she goes down on him, so she surprises you when you're supposed to be driving her to work. You're having trouble keeping your foot on the accelerator as she unzips your pants.

"Maybe we should pull over."

"No no, keep driving," she insists.

"This is dangerous," you try to say. Your voice is strained as you try to keep composure while her tongue is teasing your length. "We should pull over."

"If you stop, I'll be late for work. If I stop, I'll have to go the whole day wondering how you taste."

Your foot slams onto the accelerator when you explode into her mouth.

She grins because this is how dangerous it's really supposed to be.