My Dear Love

...who has left me bleeding here; hurting here.

The skin... It burned. An unstoppable fire trapped her. The flames licked at her skin, tore away her flesh. She screamed until her throat locked, clawed at the walls until her fingers bled, and cried until her eyes ran dry. She coughed and hacked and felt her breath shorten; she could hear herself wheezing and gasping for fresh air.

She was, however, trapped...

Trapped in this hell forsaken battlefield. A foolish war it had been from the start. She was apart of the Anbu squad of Konohagakure. Five year's worth of rigorous training and nonstop fighting. She was to be new Anbu leader in another year. She was fit for the job and ready for the responsibilities that would surely follow suit with her new position. It was what she had been training for, and she deserved it more than anyone else.

I guess karma decided to kick her ass to the curb, or literally burn her alive. She could feel herself starting to melt away as the fire engulfed her. What a horrible way to die, but a fitting way for a villain to be punished. She pushed herself up against the wall and stood on shaking legs. Searching with her one good arm, the warrior unveiled an explosive and tossed it towards the far end of the chamber. The bomb blew up and tore down one quarter of the room. Rubble and debris flew everywhere, but now there was an escape route. The bloody girl wobbled and limped towards the exit, and as soon as she reached the outside she carried on a few more meters before falling to her knees.

The sounds of heavy footsteps filled the air and made her ears ring painfully. Before she had a chance to turn and look around she felt the aching stab of a katana rip through her chest. The defeated warrior froze and glanced down with sad eyes at the tip of the bloodied blade. Red liquid quickly filled her mouth and spilled over her lips like a rushing waterfall.

Seconds before she lost consciousness and fell on her side she heard the familiar voice of a girl screaming at her: "Traitor!" And so the pink haired and green eyed warrior accepted defeat bitterly and gave into death easily.

She flew up from bed, her heart raising, her eyes full of tears. As the pain settled in she deeply regretted awaking so startled from her dream. Wait, was this a dream? She heard the sound of footsteps and searched around blindly in the dark. "Sakura-chan, don't move." She felt the man's hands close around her shoulders, easing her back into a lying position. "Sakura..." she breathed slowly, trying out the sound of the name. He nodded slowly, "Yes, that's your name."

"Where— where am I?" she asked with confusion. Her body still hurt, every inch of her ached with newfound pain. "Please... Oh God, kill me now..." she moaned in obvious discomfort. "Dear Sakura-chan, you've already died once." Her eyes shot open and her heart raced. "Wha— what?"

She could see the glare coming from the rims of his glasses, and could almost make out the sinister smile that he now possessed. "You were framed and in retaliation the village of Konohagakure exiled you. Despite your banishment the elders thought that a more fitting punishment was death. They sent out every squad of ninja to eliminate you in any means necessary, and now here you are."

She felt him take a seat at the edge of the bed by her feet. He removed his glasses and wiped them clean with his shirt, and returned them to their original spot. "You're so hated and despised because you murdered the Hokage, Tsunade-sama." Sakura sucked in a quick breath of air and listened on to the man's words of wisdom. "And you want to know who killed you in the end?" he mused lightly. The girl gulped and shook with anticipation, but also fear. "Your best friend, Yamanaka Ino."

He chuckled, "None of them would believe your plead of innocence, not even your friends. Not even Naruto." In a second flat Sakura attacked the anonymous male, but he blocked the kick aimed for his face with a tight grip. "Despite your injuries your instincts command you to kill. That is what Konohagakure made you. A killer, Sakura-chan." She breathed heavily and even though her body was throbbing with pain she held her stance. "You don't remember much of your previous life, do you?" Sakura shook her head, no. "Then let me refresh your memory, dear."

"You were born Haruno Sakura in the village of Konohagakure. You were weak as a child, but slowly grew into a powerful ninja and then became apart of the anbu squad. You were trained under the hokage's wing, Tsunade-sama, and you became her apprentice. You protected the village and in return the villagers hailed you, but then a day came when Uchiha Sasuke killed the hokage and framed you for his wrongdoing. All occupants of the village turned on you and you became an outcast."

"Uchiha Sasuke." the girl breathed out. "I'll kill him." the man with the glasses watched as hate filled the girl's heart and soul, he fed her the sparks that ignited the spiteful fire inside of her. He would make this girl a killing machine once again and use her as a pawn in a much larger plan.

"Sakura-chan, do you know what you must do?" he asked. She looked up at him with her bitter, green eyes. "I will kill him. I will kill Uchiha Sasuke for what he did." He laughed, "You must destroy Konohagakure for their betrayal. Kill them all, Sakura-chan. Kill."

"How am I here now? I died, right?" she questioned. The male chuckled again, "My dear Sakura-chan, don't make me out to be such an amateur. I am a highly praised medic as well as a skilled ninja. I reanimated you, but you are not a corpse. You're fully alive, and living and breathing." Sakura sighed and ran her hand through her matted locks of hair. "For now—" he started, "rest and regain your full strength, and then in the future you will conquer Konohagakure and get your deserved revenge."

Before the man left her sight Sakura stopped him with a simple question. "Who are you?" he turned to look at her and grinned, "Kabuto. That's all you need to know. Sleep now, Sakura-chan." And so she did as she was told.

Sakura drifted off into a world of dreams where she feared nothing and felt no hate or pain. For the night the girl removed herself from reality and allowed for her mind to wander in absolute fantasy.

"Orochimaru-sama, the plan is underway. Sakura-chan will destroy Konohagakure and you will be resurrected as this world's ruler." Kabuto explained with a devilish smile. There on the far side of the room lay a variety of mangled corpses all grouped together into one big clump. In the middle of the entire gory mess was the head of Orochimaru. His body had been destroyed in a battle years ago, Kabuto was only able to retrieve the head and managed to resurrect Satan himself. The head smiled too in a sinister manner and chuckled. "I applaud you Kabuto. You will get your just reward once this plan is near its completion. You may leave now."

The medic took his leave and retired to his own chamber. Now Orochimaru was one step closer to total domination over the ninja world, and boy were they in for a hell of a time. This was going to be something they've never set eyes upon, it will be enough to make the greatest ninja shake in their spot as Orochimaru destroys everything and takes everything he wishes.

As the moon rose into the dark skies Kabuto couldn't help but laugh. He laughed like a sicko and continued to do so until his eyes grew weary and he feel into a deep slumber. And even as he slept he still looked like the devil, with a smile so bitter and acrid. Just like the power hungry ones before him and the power hungry ones that would follow.

Just like Sasuke.

Words from : This story is going to be sick. It's going to be disgusting at times and sometimes even unbelievable. It is a tragedy as well as a romance but not mushy like the ones I've written in my previous days. This story is going to have twists and will most likely leave a bitter taste in your mouth. If it leaves you wanting more then I will keep writing. If not then I will write for my own enjoyment but this story will stay alive, and will not fall prey to my previous false promises about updating my other stories. On another note this story will have erotic scenes (lemon) in later chapters, but for now I am focusing on setting up the character development and getting the plot moving at a steady pace. The romance will be the ever cliché 'love triangle' between Sasuke, Sakura, and Itachi, but who she ends up with will be a surprise despite the couple I listed in the story info. I thank anyone who took time to read the first chapter of this story. I hope it is as huge of a success of some of the other stories written by me. You can attempt to try and guess who I was previously known as stated on my profile; you can guess in your reviews if you'd like. If someone guesses who I am correctly I will come out and share with all of you who I am and why I decided upon this new image and change. I will give you a hint now: my old account name changed three different times, and my old account is still up just not acknowledged as well as I published forty one stories.

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