Operation New Girl

So the insipiration for writing this was after reading chapter 500. I guess when reading the flashback during the meeting between Kushina and Mikoto (Sasuke's mom), I got curious about their relationship. Apparently, a lot of people did cause I've read so many threads of people discussing their relationship and how it relates to Naruto and Sasuke haha. Anyway, I'm very interested in these two now and Minato and wanted to read fanfictions about them. Unfortunately, I couldn't find that many so why not write one? I usually do sasusaku stories, but this is a nice change.

Summary: The generation of of the Konoha 11's parents are in high school, where they experience the mayhem of teenage hormones growing up. Everything is fine and smooth flowing until one day, the new girl Uzumaki Kushina comes to the prestigious Konoha High, where she causes friendships to be broken and made. Under a dare from the boys, the popular Namikaze Minato must find a way to get into Kushina's pants before the school year ends or face losing his whole inheritance to them. This dare greatly angers his (EX) best friend Iwate Mikoto, who tries everything in her might to protect the poor new girl away from the boys and evils of high school.

FYI: This chapter is gonna be LOOONNNGG

Chapter 1

"MIKO-CHAN SAVE MEEEEEEEEE!" A familiar voice screamed through Mikoto's ear.

Chidori Mikoto, a girl with long black hair and matching eyes, was doing her normal routine like any school day. She would get dressed in her typical school uniform, consisting of a blue skirt with a sailor-like top, like any school day. She would walk to school like any school day. She would wave hi to her friends and chat them for a while before heading to her locker like any school day. She would then proceed to stuff books inside her locker and take some out like any school day. And just like any school day, she would hear her best friend Namikaze Minato scream down the hallway, escaping from whatever trouble he unfortunately gets in. (He always swears to her that they are never his faults, though Mikoto had trouble understanding that).

She sighed as she saw Minato's figure running closer to her sight. She had to admit that over the years, her dear friend had grown quite handsome. For someone who used to be a total crybaby and more girly than she was, Minato had grown well. If they never had history as best friends, she probably would have a crush on him. He had dashing good looks, thanks to his spikey blond hair and warm tan skin. He had the most brilliant blue eyes that was the main reason girls swoon over him, according to her friends. And of course, he had one of the biggest smiles Mikoto had ever known. He was always calm and cheerful, with the exception of certain time of the day. Like now.

"Ohayou, Minato-kun, I see you're-" Though trying to act as calm and jokeful with her friend as possible, Mikoto was unsuccessful when she felt him grab her shoulders. Minato proceeded to hide behind her like a scared, little baby. She had a sweatdrop when she saw what was incoming towards them.

"Chidori, what the hell are you doing with him?" Mikoto heard another familiar voice screech. This time, it was a girl. And well, Mikoto didn't really hate her. She didn't like her though. Stomping through the hallway was Inaba Aiya. She was, according to Konoha High, the most popular girl in school. She was a brunette with wavy hair and blue eyes that melted most boys until they saw what was inside. A lot of people liked her, or at least, for what she stood for. She was head cheerleader, one of the top 10 students in school, and president of the student council ("Do they ever do anything?" their friend Shikaku once wondered). She was the richest girl in school, her family owning a law firm worth millions. Aiya did not look happy. Then again, she was never happy when she saw Mikoto and Minato together. As she did to everybody (even to people she disliked), Mikoto smiled pleasantly at her.

"Ohayou, Aiya-san. I'm loving how you did your eyes today. Where did you get that color-"

"Quit it, Chidori. Surrender Minato-kun, or else," Aiya spat darkly. Mikoto always got the most dangerous glares from her, and it was obvious why. Of course, Mikoto always loved to play dumb, especially when it brought her friend to tears. Minato was practically shaking behind her with his stupid grin. Mikoto never liked confrontations with Aiya, and thanks to Minato, they were often. She would get payback, even though everybody referred to her as a nice girl.

"Oh dear, Aiya-san, tell me what he did this time. I'm sure he'll return the favor in some way, like," Mikoto glanced back at Minato with her infamous smirk. Minato gulped. "A kiss?"

"Miko-chan, don't do this to me!" Minato whispered harshly as he crouched behind her even more.

Aiya placed her hands on her hips like her typical cheerleader-self. Mikoto continued to smile, with her books pressed against her chest. Aiya cursed.

"Damn, Chidori, you can't keep up with this nice girl act. I know you like him; you're just too coward to admit it! Don't use your stupid BFF excuse to keep him away from girls!" She fired back in jealousy. Mikoto nodded more in compliance than agreement. Aiya, and her circle of friends, always had the idea that she was in love with Minato cause it was so typical in movies but really, it wasn't like that. Nonetheless, she never fought it due to the little pleasure Mikoto got when she refused to deny it in front of Aiya.

"Whatever makes you happy, Aiya-san. Minato-kun, if you would?"

"Huh? Wait, what are you doing-WHY MIKO-CHAN?" Minato had suddenly lost his shield, who had stepped to the side chuckling. She whipped backwards, heading to her classroom. Before disappearing from the scene, she gave her friend a soft wave.

"Treat her well, Minato-kun!" She laughed. That boy seriously needs a girlfriend if he wants to escape from others. If only I could find the perfect girl for him...

Aiya squealed in delight. "Ahh! I knew I could she was so submissive! Now then, Minato-kun, shall we?"

"MIKO-CHAN!" Minato was the only one who could see Mikoto's hidden dark side behind her smile.

"Ooohh, Inaba is pretty cute though," Chozu stated. All the boys nodded in agreement with the exception of Minato. He shivered at the thought of that girl over him. He had never felt so scared in his life. Minato had returned to the classroom just only minutes ago, a long way to go before class would even start, and told the whole story to his friends.

"Damn, Namikaze, trying to get some before school eh? Trying to be Rihanna, good girl gone bad?" Inoichi joked as he patted his friend in the back hard. Minato tried to keep as calm as always, but that was hard when it came to girls.

"Che. Inaba is annoying as hell," Shikaku complained with a toothpick in his mouth. "Always reminding everybody about the spirit days when only like five people dress up."

"Her and her little posse," The Hyuuga twins, Hiashi and Hizashi, added in sync. They did that alot, the group was always found it normal.

"Oh shut up, and what do you mean, good girl gone bad?" Minato argued, his face red from embarrassment. It was true that out of all of them, Minato was considered the most pure and unlikely to do stupid things, like get into sex, girls, drugs, and drinks. But still, a girl...

"Idiot, getting so emotional about girls," Fugaku commented in a monotone.

"So, so, gimme your secret, my fellow yellow. How did you get her alone?" Inoichi teased as he leaned in closer. Minato scowled.

"Simple, I got the help from THAT TRAITOR!" Minato cried as he pointed angrily to Mikoto, who sat a few seats away from the boys. The girls, in their own circle, looked back at them. The girls consisted of Mikoto, who was sitting at her desk, surrounded by Tsume and Yoshino. Although the girls' group was small, they were tight and closer than any girls could be. Even though Tsume and Yoshino were loud and demanding, Mikoto admired their independence and confidence they had with their loudness. They never had boyfriends, but were more than happy to stay like that. Mikoto giggled at Minato. Even when mad, he still looked like a child.

"Hey there, I was helping you out with the female field," Mikoto responded lightly with a smile.

"Yeah, by why Inaba out of all girls?" Minato argued as he immediately jumped towards the girls. The boys followed, making their group even larger.

"Why not Inaba? She could be your wife one day, Minato-kun," Mikoto joked. "Can't always be afraid."

"Yeah, cause she got him whipped," Tsume added, erupting laughter from everybody. Minato wanted to escape from his so-called friends.

"Miko-chan, I told you I don't want any girls. None of them interest me, or even that into me," He explained with a modest smile.

Yoshino let out a hard laugh. "You're kidding me, right, chica?"

"Why is everybody assuming I'm a girl-"

"Dude, you're Konoha High's Yellow Flash! You're the fastest runner this school has seen since...forever!" Chozu exclaimed.

"And you have dashingly good looks," Hizashi grinned, intentionally creeping Minato out.

"If only you joined football, we could have scored Nationals!"

Minato laughed. "Nah, football's already got you Chozu, the number one blocker."

"And the fact Minato doesn't want to dirty his luscious skin. What's on your pretty face, La Mer?" Tsume taunted with a grin. Once again, the group laughed. They could never stop making fun of Minato, even if the whole school considered him the most popular boy in Konoha High. Out of all the people he chose to be friends with...

"Hey guys, stop teasing Minato-kun like that, it'snot right," Mikoto said giggling. "When the time comes, he'll tell us."

Awww Mikoto-chan, you totally baby him! Hard to understand why all the bitches in school think you're madly in love with him," Hizashi commented.

"I know. Minato would never take care of his skin so much for girls," Mikoto chipped too gleefully, but Minato was too dense to notice.

"I know! You're the best friend ever, Miko-chan!"

"He does it for Uchiha-kun!" Mikoto exclaimed cheerfully.

Minato squeaked. Fugaku sent a death glare to Mikoto. The whole group was laughing. God, they took in great joy of teasing their most popular friend. Their laughter was the loudest thing in the classroom right now, gaining attention from the rest of their classmates. Laughter was a common thing in that room everyday from the same group. They were one of the tightest group of friends ever. Nobody ever departed or taken in ever since the circle formed.

The noises lowered as the door opened.

"Now, now, kids, settle down. Gotta enjoy every minute of Statistics here," A feminine voice spoke. The group dispersed to their different seats. Minato decided to take a seat behind his friend, much to Mikoto's dismay. Every time he sat behind her, he always took the opportunity to throw spitballs at her, poke her with his pencil, or tease her about possible crushes. She couldn't do anything to him back in fear she would get in trouble. Tsunade-sensei had just entered the classroom followed by an unknown figure. It was a girl. Probably a new student. She had the longest red hair anybody had seen and bright violet eyes. She seem short and wore the school uniform. Her eyes could not stay still, darting back and forth. The whole class were in awe, mainly the boys. Some were wolf-whistling or whispering among themselves about the new girl. Mikoto smiled.

Such a pretty girl. Obviously the boys will love her. It must be embarrassing for her right now, She thought to herself.

"Ohayou, everybody," The new girl said with a big smile. Her knees were still buckled together, obviously. It was only her first day. She was probably nervous.

"Class, let me introduce you to Uzumaki Kushina. She's from the Whirlpool District and this is her first day here," Tsunade explained.

"No kidding!" Inoichi said in glee.

"Shut up, Yamanaka! Do you want detention again?" Tsunade barked. Inoichi scowled before he slouched back against his chair. Small chuckles spread across the class.

"Anyway, I want you guys to give your utmost respect and warm welcome to Uzumaki, right? And I mean it, boys," Tsunade demanded as she glared at all the boys across the room. Mikoto understood why. Boys at Konoha tend to be, well, immature and competitive when it came to females.

"Now for your seat..." Tsunade placed a questioning finger up the room, trying to decide where to put her. All the boys got excited.

"Over here, babe!"

"No way, you don't want her nearby that Uchiha ice cube!"

"You want to die, Hyuuga?"

"Kushina-chan, you know blondes have all the fun!"

"Cause they're too stupid to do anything like Yamanaka."


Mikoto chuckled. She turned around to her friend. "Man, all the boys are so rowdy. Why can't you be like them Minato-Eh?"

Minato was not paying attention to a single world she was saying. Rather, he seem to be frozen. His eyes did not blink, as if in a trance. He was paralyzed. She wavered her hands around his face. No response. How new of him, Mikoto thought. She glanced back at the new girl, who was nervously looking at the ground in embarrassment. Mikoto's eyes sparkled.

Aha...Crushing on the new girl already...

"Over there, by Namikaze!" Tsunade announced. Boys filled up the room with moans. Girls filled it up with rage.


"Oh I'm sure he'll Yellow Flash her!"

"That's such a lame joke, Yamanaka."

"That new girl better not do anything with him!"

"This is so troublesome."

"You bitches better not mess with the new girl!" Mikoto heard Tsume threaten. Despite her mean demeanour, Tsume was always about girl power and defending each other.

Minato's reaction to the news was quite slow. His shock came in only when Kushina took a seat next to him. He panicked, facing away from her. Kushina gave him an odd look. Mikoto was not pleased.

"Hey, snap out of it, you big baby! It's just a girl! Say hi!" Mikoto whispered her demand. Minato shook his head weakly.

"H-h-hey. Namikaze Minato," Minato introduced himself nervously. His hand was shaking. Kushina took in willingly. She had a huge smile.

"Nice to meet you, Namikaze-san."

"Oh no! Just Minato is fine! Or any nickname! In fact, whatever makes you happy or fits you or, yeah." Minato was so screwing this up. Mikoto had never seen him so nervous before. She was enjoying this.

Kushina was about to let go but still felt Minato's tight hold around her. A blush crept to her face and she couldn't bare to look at Minato. Minato was confused. Then he saw his hand and panicked. He immediately let go and soon, the two had matching red faces.

"I'm s-sorry! I didn't mean to hold on that long, not that it was horrible, it actually felt nice, and well, don't take it wrong! I don't hate your hand, it was actually soft-"

"HANDJOB!" Inochi screamed. The class resumed to its rowdy self. Tsunade slammed a fist on her desk.


Yamanaka pouted. Mikoto was indeedly enjoying today. Maybe Minato could finally find a girlfriend in the new girl...She seem very sweet...

And then lunch came.

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