Just a random oneshot I came up with when I was bored...

The pinkette looked up at the sky and sighed. A year ago... she thought, on this very day... She felt a tug on her hand and glanced down at her younger sister.

"Amu-onee-chan, why are you holding that balloon?" the little girl asked.

Amu smiled sadly at her and replied, "Well, Ami, it's because balloons are messengers. When people you love... pass on, they go up, up into the sky and live there forever and ever. So, when ever you miss them, take a balloon and put all your feelings into it, and then let it go. It'll float high into the sky and go to the person you miss."

"But... why are you sending a balloon?" questioned Ami.

"Because today is special. And it's for a special person." Closing her eyes, Amu faced the sky once again. She remembered when the accident had happened, that fateful day, exactly one year ago. Thinking back on the day, it was a blur; the only things that stood out were when she saw on the TV that his plane had gone down and when they said that there were no survivors. Amu had been a wreck for months afterwards, mourning for him, for his death.

Amu opened her eyes again. Her younger sister was still looking at her questioningly, but she only smiled unhappily and gave no answer. Glancing the sky yet again, she raised her hand and held it there, just for a moment. She let go of the thin string that had been clasped in her hand and murmured something, something too quietly to be heard. Turning back to her sister, Amu smiled, a real smile, one that was a bit wistful, and said, "Come on, Ami. Let's go back home."

The two turned away from the old amusement park they had been facing and walked back, back the way they came, the orange glow of the sunset framing their sillhouettes.

Behind them, the navy blue balloon floated up and up, until it melted into the golden dusk sky. A slight wind picked up, snatching the quiet words the pinkette had murmured. Goodbye...Ikuto the wind whispered with it's few stolen words. Goodbye.