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~*~*~ "Ice Skating" ~*~*~

"Come on, Sessh!" A cheerful Kagome could be heard, followed by a series of giggles.

"Hn." A troubled Sesshomaru could be heard, followed by a series of grumbles.

"Need some help?" Kagome asked, tugging on his blue scarf.

"No." Sesshomaru replied, trying desperately to stand on his two feet but failed to do so.

"Sessh," Kagome giggled.

"Hn." Sesshomaru grunted.

After what seems 20 minutes and seeing that he doesn't make any improvements, Kagome sighed and touches his hand, smiling. Gently removing his hand from the guard rail, she tries to steady him before moving backwards to guide him moving forwards.

The daiyoukai looks nervous for a moment before he relaxed and just enjoy the sensation of sliding through the ice.

"Simple, see?" The miko giggled.

"Hn." The daiyoukai huffed.

But he got to admit, ice skating wasn't so bad. Especially if it's with his beloved miko.

Author's Note: Another fluffy one. Got the inspiration from one of Youkai Yume's "SessKag: Everyday Love". I guess it's the 3rd one. Yep. I'm hoping you enjoy this piece of fluffness and reviews would be very appreciated. Really, I ate reviews to write. REVIEW NOW!