Okay so some people asked for a series to be made, here's what I have so far. Honestly, I have no idea how often I'll be able to update. I've got like five stories that I still need to finish so this one'll probably just be in the air. I'll update when I can. I don't own Doctor Who or anything associated with it, I only own Krysten Pond.

Please read Long Lost Father first because if you don't absolutely none of this shall make sense.

I am silent as my father stares at me, mouth slight agape. "Why don't you take a picture? Might last longer…" I say smartly, wishing that he would stop staring at me so observantly. Sure I could never say any of the mean thoughts that I had harbored over the last four years but I sure as hell could be sarcastic to him. I can tell he is nervous, he's fidgeting, constantly rocking back and forth to the balls of his feet then back to his heels.

"Krysten," mum slightly scolds but I can tell that it is an empty threat. I've never seen her so happy before, her eyes were practically glowing. This was the man she loved…not Rory.

"You play football then," my apparent father says pointing to my kit.

"Yeah, striker." I look past him, the mysterious blue police box. I shake my head, he wasn't going to get my approval that easy… "So what about dad then? Are we just gonna forget him?" Sure Rory Williams might not be the most interesting human being on the Earth but he did take care of me. What was his fate in all of this?

"No one could forget Rory," the Doctor says almost sarcastically.

I poke him hard in the chest, glaring at him darkly. He didn't even look old enough to be out of school yet alone a sixteen-year-olds father! This bow tie wearing idiot in his tweed jacket was nothing compared to Rory. "You listen here, never ever say anything about Rory! He took care of me, where the hell were you?"

The Doctor looked at me blankly until finally he looked down at the ground shamefully, "I'm sorry," he said honestly.

I turn to mum, "So now what are we going to do?"

The Doctor stepped forward, a smile on his face. "Well Amy…I mean your mum and I were going to take you with us. T'Klainal has the…" I cut him off.

"What if I don't want to go?" What if I don't want you?" I say harshly, my ice cold tone almost frightening to my own ears. "D'you honestly think that you can just swoop in here after sixteen years and reconnect with me like nothing happened?" I shrug of my football boots, they silently clatter against the dirt. "Well you're wrong," and then I was off, running as fast as my lanky legs will go.

"Wait Krysten!" I hear my mum call after me but I don't care, I just need to get away.

I run to the top of Schindler Hill, the tallest hill in Leadworth that looked over the entire town. A tall Oak tree sat on top of the hill shading the entire top of the hill. I collapse against the base, my back against the tree's trunk. Tears were streaming down my cheeks, my legs pulled to my chest.

"I'm sorry…"

I look at the Doctor, my face angered. I turn away, "Leave me alone." However instead of him leaving, the Doctor sat down next to me. I scoot away, "I said leave me alone!"

He put a hand on mine, a feeling of completion ran through me. It angered me that being around this stranger made me feel as if I were finally complete. He looked at me, his hazel eyes ancient. "I was afraid." I look at him confused and the Doctor continues, "I was afraid of Amy after she kissed me. She made me feel…strange. That's why I ran." I look at him, there is so much about the man that no one could ever piece together.

"So why'd you come back?" I ask, unable to meet the Doctor's eyes.

"I missed her," he replied honestly. "I missed her so much, my hearts ached…" So, he had two hearts too… "I had to see her but I got the time coordinates jumbled so instead of being the exact moment I left, it was sixteen years later."

I stood up, my kit bellowing in the wind. I stare down at the sleepy town known as Leadworth, my thoughts reeling violently around my head. Was I suppose to let this strange man known only as the Doctor be my father? Was I suppose to just forget all of the things that Rory did for me? Was I suppose to forgive the man whom I had hated for four years? Could I?