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STORY NOTES: The pack have always lived in Mystic Falls, end of. The phasing started when Stefan and Damon returned to Mystic Falls. Bella does not exist, not many of the Cullens do but Rosalie will make an appearance. Elena sort of replaces Bella's role – Jacob was in love with her, but she was with Stefan. He pursued her until he imprinted on Bonnie. Bonnie was with Damon, but left him for Jacob. You ask why the pack hasn't destroyed Damon? Ah, good question. I have the answer – Bonnie cares for him still, therefore hurting him would hurt Bonnie, they can't hurt Bonnie because she's an imprint of a pack member. BOOM.

Leah Clearwater/Tyler Lockwood
Imprinting is supposed to be easy, but nothing is ever easy for Leah Clearwater or Tyler Lockwood. Both of them hot-heads and with hidden secrets, will they be able to bond or will they tear each other apart?

The loud smash of the expensive Volvo window was so satisfying. It sent chills down her spines and caused the corners of her mouth to twitch upwards into a smirk. Her arms relaxed down to her side, her tanned hand keeping a firm grip of the baseball bat she was holding her while another hand lifted to brush strands of brunette waves away from her face. Ever since making the decision to let her hair grow out, it was forever getting in the way. Her breathing came out somewhat laboured as she stood there, admiring her work.

Sam Uley's car lived no more – two windows were smashed in, though she'd soon see to the others. There were dents in various places and she'd let the air out of one tire, while puncturing another. And she wasn't even finished yet.

Leah Clearwater was always known for her rage blackouts and temper tantrums – ever since she was a little girl, she had never been afraid to lash out and punch someone in the arm or even the face if they pissed her off. However, ever since her first phase, which had occurred almost two months ago now, her anger had really been off the rails. She couldn't control it – she was almost as temperamental as Paul. Sometimes she managed to keep it under control. Tonight though everything had just become too much as Sam's Volvo was paying the price for it.

She was just so sick of it – she was sick of hearing Sam's thoughts twenty four seven, always telling her how perfect Emily was. Every day, she heard something new about her cousin. It was always 'Oh, Emily's skin is so soft', 'Emily's cooking is so delicious', 'I'm going to marry Emily one day'. Careful Sam, any further and you're ass while disappear up there completely. On that note, she let out a frustrated growl, swung her arms back and then thrust the bat forward, smashing the back window. Glass shattered and tumbled over her feet, scattering all over the floor. Some people would call her bitter – some people would wonder why the hell she hadn't gotten over it yet, but she didn't give a shit.

It had been hard enough finding out the truth about the imprint because it had meant that she couldn't hate Emily as much as she used to – it meant that what had happened couldn't have truly been helped. It also meant that she and Sam were never meant to be, which cut deep, it really did. But what had really flipped her switch today had been a straw too far...the last one in fact. Having Paul or Jared or Quill telling her she needs to get over Sam she could handle. Having Sam dare to shout it at her? She couldn't handle. What gave him the fucking right to tell her to move on after he had betrayed her like that? He had made so many promises to her that he'd broken. He was supposed to cherish her, show her the world, give her everything she wanted on a plate. Instead, he left her to go shag her cousin.

He could have chosen to be her friend or even a brother, but no. He decided to go for the whole 'destined to love one another' role. And then, after that decision, he still thought he could turn around and tell her to 'get the fuck over it'? Just because he was getting fed up of having to feel her pain because he could suddenly see inside of her head now? Well, maybe she was getting fed up of seeing inside his head and realising that all he ever thought about was Emily – he never even gave her a second thought anymore, as if he didn't even regret the shit he had put her through, as if she wasn't even there.

Well, once she was through with his car, he'd know for certain she was definitely fucking there and he better not fucking forget it.

Course, he'd kill her for it, but Leah wasn't the kind of girl that considered consequences.

In a fit of adrenaline and rage, the werewolf woman raised the bat once more and then slammed it down, slicing it hard across the bonnet of the car. Metal crunched and shook, denting and marking with scratches. Every blow felt so rewarding. It was almost as if it was Sam she was beating with the bat. Strands of hair fell in front of her eyes again and she didn't bother moving it this time. A faint line of perspiration was appearing on her face from all the movement, but she was getting used to feeling flustered and hot.

"Wow. Someone must have really pissed you off."

A male voice cut through the air and made Leah jump. It spoke from behind her and her body stiffened, muscles tensing and her back straightening. Her tongue ran along her lower lip in a nervous manner and she panicked for all of two seconds, before calming down. The tone of voice was cocky and arrogant, but there was no authority in it. If anything, it sounded young and as she sniffed the air, she smelt no danger. This was just a random bystander – probably a student from the local high school. Nobody she had to worry about. Nobody she couldn't handle. "You can say that again." She growled under her breath, not bothering to even glance at the person who had stumbled across her act of anger, twirling the bat around in her hand as she merely examined the damage she had created and tried to think of her next plan of attack on the car that was soon become nothing but scrap metal.

"Let me guess...ex boyfriend?" Whoever it was, they weren't going away. Well, they had balls, Leah would give them that. He wouldn't for much longer if he pissed her off though - she was not in the mood.

The male watched her from behind, his eyes occasionally travelling downwards to explore the curvy ass that she showed off perfectly in baggy shorts. It wasn't every day Tyler Lockwood stumbled across a sexy woman beating the shit out of a car with a baseball bat. Most men or even women would have assumed she was mental and run, but not Tyler. Tyler was odd like that – he wasn't afraid easily, especially not after recent changes that had affected him. If anything, he found the sight rather sexy, feeling drawn towards the woman, almost drawn towards the aura of danger that clearly surrounded her. She looked like a challenge, someone that wouldn't be easy to break and Tyler did so love a challenge. The fact she had her long, tanned legs on show, revealing firm muscles and a tight ass also helped. Tyler was famous for being a regular playboy after all.

"What he do...forget your anniversary?"

"Not quite." Leah hissed through gritted teeth, rolling her eyes slightly. What was this dude's deal? He seriously thought it was cool to approach a woman who was unstable enough to fuck up a car out in the open like this? Whatever - let him get on with it, it was no skin off her nose.

"Ah...so he cheated on you, huh?" Tyler knew that there were only two reasons that made chicks go as wild as this one – forgetting important dates or cheating. He should know – he did both and many more. Thankfully, no chick had ever gone this bat shit insane on him though. "Let me guess...it was with your best friend?"

"Nope." Leah popped her lips as she said this, drawling the word out slowly as she lifted the bat. "- it was with my cousin!" On that final world, she swung the bat and smashed it against the rear view mirror. It came flying off, landing somewhere on the concrete floor of the car park.

Tyler's eyebrows shot upwards as the mirror went spiralling away, his eyes widening slightly at the aggression she was demonstrating. God, he had images of her being an animal in the bedroom – all rough and sexy and dominating. He was getting excited just thinking about it. His hands shifted into his pockets and he rolled on his feet, the corner of his mouth twitching upwards slightly. "Well then, I can see why you're so mad."

Leah frowned at this and tilted her head to the side. He could see why she was so mad? Shouldn't he be telling her that she was overreacting like everyone else did and would? This dude was weird. Her arm fell back to her side and she finally turned around. "Let me get this straight, you –"As she spoke, she was turning to look at him, but the second her eyes fell upon him, her sentence was cut short and her eyes widened. The bat slipped from her fingers in shock and tumbled to the floor with a noise that echoed around the walls, though she barely even noticed. All she could notice right now was him. She knew him. It was Tyler Lockwood – she knew him. He was always causing some kind of trouble or trying to fight someone or breaking someone's heart. He was a nightmare student at the local school and Seth had come home often whining about him being a dick to him. He'd sort of gone off the rails recently though – not in the sense of he caused up more trouble than normal, but he just kind of disappeared for two months. This was the first time Leah had seen him since becoming a shape shifter and that much was obvious by the emotions that were suddenly washing over her.

It was as if waves were suddenly washing over her – not the crashing kind that would drown you, but the calming tranquil kind that could put you into relaxation for the next five years if you just closed your eyes and listened to it – the kind that they put on tapes. Everything in her life felt as if it finally had a purpose. It was as if she had suddenly been lifted off the ground, as if she was floating in mid air and there was no gravity to pull her back down to Earth. Nothing mattered anymore apart from this beautiful male standing in front of her. Emily was welcome to Sam – in fact, Leah was struggling to remember what her alpha slash ex boyfriend even looked like right now. She barely blinked as she stared at the person before her. She'd never realised how incredible Tyler's eyes were. She'd never been that close to him. But now, she saw so much more. She saw depth, she saw mischief, she saw hidden vulnerability...she saw love. She loved him. Her heart was pounding furiously against her chest and it was beating for one reason only – for him.

He was her reason – her life was about pleasing him. She wanted to give him everything he longed for. She wanted to protect him, she wanted to comfort him, she wanted to hug him, hold him, kiss him, cherish him...She merely wanted him. It didn't matter in what way – whether it be a sister or a lover, whatever he chose, she would accept willingly and loyally. Despite never having spoken to him, he was suddenly her whole meaning to exist. She couldn't remember life without him when really, that had only been five seconds ago.

Fuck – she had imprinted on Tyler Lockwood. Fuck.

"What the fuck have you done to my car, Leah?"

Double fuck.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm kind of psyched for this story. I've got all the chapters planned (there's thirty one! THIRTY ONE!) and I am loving the ideas that my imagination has come up with. I totally adore this new pairing and I hope that this story will turn out the way I'm seeing it in my head. Now, as Leah having long hair and blah...I'm aware the actress that has been cast for her doesn't, but want to know something?
I SERIOUSLY DISLIKE THE ACTRESS THEY PICKED FOR HER. I'm sorry. It's just not the Leah I imagine. Honestly, my idea of the perfect Leah would be Michelle Rodriquez. I'm going to put a picture of her on my profile if you're interested as that's who I'll be basing her off. DON'T DISS MY CASTING CHOICE. If you want, picture Julia until your heart's content, but don't get confused when my description is different to your image.